Bob Dylan in the “Judas” years

Photographs by Barry Feinstein
6 October - 24 November, 2012
11.00 till 18:00
Bob Dylan in Liverpool, May 1966. Copyright Estate of Barry Feinstein
Bob Dylan in Liverpool, May 1966. Copyright Estate of Barry Feinstein
Venue: Library Basement Gallery

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Age Group: Universal

In 1965 Bob Dylan was a celebrated folk musician much loved by those who treasured the tradition of a music which was primarily acoustic in form. On May 17, 1966 in Manchester’s Free Trade Hall that tradition was challenged head-on by Dylan by the simple act of electrifying his instruments for the second half of his set. Famously one fan stood up and shouted “Judas” at the musician performing on the stage. Dylan shouted back: “You’re a liar!” and led his band into a rocking rendition of “Like A Rolling Stone” and the world of folk music was splintered into two very vocal differences of opinion.

Barry Feinstein was an established celebrity photographer in the 1960s having worked in Hollywood and with other rockstars – often documenting their lives on the road. Feinstien decided to follow Dylan around Britain (and parts of Europe) for his contentious 1966 tour and captured the folk artist cum (suddenly) rocker as the poet-singer sat in cars between gigs, met audience members, signed autographs and relaxed before the concerts which caused such turmoil amongst his fans.

Summerhall will be showing twelve of Feinstein’s vintage images of Dylan in our Basement Gallery – including one image of Dylan in Edinburgh’s Princes Street striding along the pavement surrounded by adoring fans and autograph hunters.