Guide To The Poles: Beats of Freedom

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
14 August, 2012
19.30 (73 mins)
Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
Ticket Price: £3.00 / £2.00
Age Group: Universal

In Beats of Freedom journalist Chris Salewicz explores the passionate pursuit of rock music during the Communist era.Salewicz embarks on a journey across 3 decades of Polish rock, meeting the defining musicians of the time and exploring the impact of legendary concerts (such as The Rolling Stones’ visit to Warsaw in 1967) and the creative enclave of the Jarocin music festival.

Beats of Freedom is part of Guide to the Poles, a series of documentaries commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute which looks at how the Polish people found freedom and creativity in unexpected places during the Communist era.

Directed by Leszek Gnoiński, Wojciech Słota, 2011