Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel

Ryan Van Winkle & Ragland
4 - 24 August, 2012
14.00 & 17.00 (20 mins)
Venue: Red Room
Ticket Price: £5.00
Age Group: 16+

An intimate poetry performance from Ryan Van Winkle. An audio voyage featuring ambient melodies from Ragland. An installation with paintings, photographs and ephemera from a host of artists. Joy, memory and loss condensed into fifteen minutes. A red room to lay down in. A cup of tea, a snifter of port, and space to listen.

Ryan Van Winkle – is Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries. His collection, ‘Tomorrow, We Will Live Here’, is published by Salt. In 2012 Ryan was awarded the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship.

Ragland – is an island of musical adventures where musical adventurist Gareth Warner has found himself shipwrecked