Square Peg Contemporary Circus
3 - 15 August, 2012
12.00 & 17.30 (60 mins)
Venue: The Dissection Room
"Coleridges's famous poem is intriguingly explored"
This is Cabaret
"beauty and wonder.... you guys rock"
Emma Rice, Artistic Director, Kneehigh Theatre
Ticket Price: £14.00 / £12.00
Age Group: Universal
Preview 3 August - £10.00

A circus show based on Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: combining theatre, dance and group acrobatics to tell this haunting tale.

Square Peg are associate artists at the Roundhouse and Jacksons Lane. Rime is co-commissioned by the National Theatre and produced by Cirquit Productions, with generous support from Arts Council England, Ideas Tap through the Ideas Fund Edinburgh, Hangar Arts Trust, Aircraft Circus, University of East Anglia, Kilnco and Throughline. ‘effortless precision…