Strange Hungers

Fish and Game
18 - 19 August, 2012
16.00 (60 mins)
Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
"Hilarious... unique and bizarre"
Diva Magazine
"Fish & Game are “excellent” "
The Guardian
"as mad as snakes"
The Scotsman
Ticket Price: £10.00 / £6.00
Age Group: 16+

Obscene inverts! Sexless termites! Hermaphroditic spinsters! Just some of the things we’ve been called while touring the world with our timeless lavender cabaret (read as: grubby lesbo freakshow). Now you lucky Fringe goers can bask in the squalid sapphistry of your filthy hosts, Claude and Maud, as we root around history’s icons and dykons. Let us edutain you with shocking tales of cross- dressing, boarding school crushes, Boston Marriages and “romantic friendships”. Part queer Powerpoint lecture, part titty-show, come indulge your Strange Hungers.