Wolf Vostell

Wolf Vostell
3 August - 27 September, 2012
11.00 (All day)
Venue: Deans Office
Ticket Price: Free
Age Group: Universal

The German artist Wolf Vostell was a key figure in the international avant garde. Firstly involving himself in the ‘decollage’ movement of Villegre, Hains and Dufrene which publicly (and illegally) tore commercial wall posters to expose in part the previously pasted posters beneath to create abstract and pop works that many consider to be the original street art movement long before Banksy. Later Vostell became involved in the destruction in art movement (DIA) initiated by Gustav Metzger and mutated his continuing commitment to his art by renaming his works as ‘De/collage’ and founding a journal of the same name: both now stressing the violence inherent in his staged car crashes, train wrecks and encapsulated objects which suddenly found themselves covered in concrete and their function negated. Taken from the Heart Fine Art collection at Summerhall this exhibition considers the entire career of the artist with a particular emphasis on his anti-war ethos and opposition to the Vietnam war and American imperialism of the 70s.