ANATOMY #6 – Ruin Machines: The Fall

28 Saturday September
19.45 (3 hours 15 mins)
Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Ticket Price: £6
Age Group: 16+

From the sewers, the skies and the sea they come! Made of metal and flesh, bone, rock and wing, they crawl! Clanking contraptions puffing black smoke and swallowing worlds! Absorbing cathedrals and factories along a trail of rot! These are the desolation engines! These are the RUIN MACHINES. And this, the ruin they’ve wrought, is THE FALL.

ANATOMY takes the music hall variety show to strange futures. It’s a brave new stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics from artists, dancers, music makers and destroyers, puppeteers, film-makers, clowns, poets, mimes, installations, weirdos and burlesques.