85A Collective
Fri 6 Dec 2013
Film: 20.00-21.20 Renegade Maskerrade Party: 21.30-01.00 (4h)
Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
Press & Reviews:
Ticket Price: Chernozem film £5, Renegade Maskerrade Party £10
Age Group: 16+

Please note, if you would like to attend both the screening of Chernozem and the Renegade Maskerrade you will need to purchase both parts of the ticket at the booking stage.

Soon to be unleashed within the corridors and chambers of Summerhall, the Edinburgh première of Judd Brucke’s industrial-horror film: ‘CHERNOZEM’. Unfurling its black wings over the Eastern coast…casting a cinematic shadow as trenchant and visceral as they come!

Culminating in the provocative ‘Renegade Maskerrade’, this is no less than an explosive barrage of highly charged live performances, knee-dropping music and blood pulsing DJs…featuring: ‘Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers’ – a hypnotic Doom-wop band of towering rhythm + stentorian sound.

Herein lies a savage world – of dying Industrial Gods; civilizations in ruins; plastic-souled humans; slaves, freaks and mutoids… and the colossal, mighty metropolis of ‘Grand Guignol’ itself.
Within this disparate realm, masked denizens cluster together in abandoned pockets of the city to forego their grim existence… and bear witness to the in-numerous Renegade Maskerrades that spring forth from the shadows!
Here, one may expect: Sultry, faceless/leathery creatures and their lascivious floor crawling rites; ancient, sensuous Geishas and their other-worldly ceremonies; mad hybrids of man and fowl; throbbing dance tracks; militia men; monsters, sacrifices, flesh, beasts and Immortals!


Come, come dear citizens, bedecked in your own extravagant masks and hyper-costumes, come witness the carnal delights and dystopic rapture that can only await you… in ‘THE RENEGADE MASKERRADE’!!


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*Note: Tickets for the Chernozem film are £5 and tickets for the Renegade Maskerrade Party are £10. You must purchase tickets for both events to attend the full evening.