I Could Eat A Horse: Films About Food

A Moment's Peace Theatre Company
Fri 22 Nov 2013
18.00 - 20.00 (2 hours)
Venue: Cairns Lecture Theatre
Ticket Price: Free, SOLD OUT
Age Group: 12+
Food is a universal subject, and something that we all interact with everyday. It differentiates between the poorest and wealthiest and dictates the potential of all human life. It is for these reasons A Moment’s Peace made the decision to begin researching the human stories behind its significance and the meaning it has within our everyday lives.So, this autumn A Moment’s Peace are working with local groups across Edinburgh, to explore the diverse relationships individuals and communities have with food. We’re asking people to dig deep into the how, why and where questions; from personal choices about consumption, to examining who is in control of our access to food.The outcome is three unique short films that focus upon human narratives, but shed light upon, and ask questions of an industry that is increasingly globalised.It is with pleasure that we invite you to share in this film banquet and join us afterwards for a discussion on what our connections to food can tell us about Scotland today.I Could Eat A Horse is a national project, aiming to inspire individuals and communities to reflect upon their daily rituals and consider how these sit within a broader context. As well as working in Edinburgh, we have been working in Glasgow, Dumfries & Galloway and Aberdeenshire. In 2014 we will bring all the films together, presenting twelve different perspectives, aiming to ignite a national debate.This project has been made possible with funding from Esmee Fairbairn, Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life.