Kika Nicolela and Thomas Israël

Experimental film and moving image works curated for Summerhall by Richard Ashrowan
Fri 18 Oct 2013
18.00 - 19.30 (1.5 hours)
Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
Ticket Price: £4/£3
Age Group: PG


Kika Nicolela’s work questions the nature of performance on film through an often bold and sensuous engagement with filmed space. Her works have been widely screened at festivals, galleries and museums in over 40 countries. With a strong and imagistic visual aesthetic, her films exhibit a fluidity of movement within both the film form itself and the performative space of its actions. The screening will be followed by ‘Skinstrap’, a live performance by Brussels based artist Thomas Israel, in which the silent body of the artist becomes a screen for the projection. Trained in theatre and contemporary dance, Thomas Israël now explores the world of contemporary art in its digital and interactive forms.