Venue Technical Specification –

Detailed below are the specifications for our main venues. If you require further technical information please get in touch using We can also offer competitive equipment and staff hires – again please get in touch at the address above.

For events enquiries please contact in the first instance.

Main Hall

Main HallSummerhall is uniquely situated in a purpose-built, one hundred year-old veterinary school. We have spaces with a municipal feel, spaces with a post-industrial or medical feel, and spaces with a grand period feel. Our Main Hall is of the final type, an elegant early 20th- century ceremonial hall.

For the Festival, the Main Hall seats an audience of 150 in traditional end-on format on raked seating, and makes for a smart and flexible studio theatre. For the rest of the year, this flat floor space leaves lots of flexibility in layout and use and is greatly popular for Ceilidh’s and private events.

Main Hall Tech Spec

Max capacity (Dependant on Configuration)

  • 150 seating
  • 200 standing

Room Dimensions

  • Length & Width: 16.9m x 8.5m = 143.65 m2
  • Height: 7.1m

Dissection Room

The name might be a little gruesome but Summerhall’s
Dissection Room makes for a truly spectacular, completely
original venue.
Huge windows make up one side of the room and a small decorative
balcony adds
another level of interest uniqueness. Lined with attractive wooden display cabinets, flexibility is key here, particularly with the bonus of being able to use three adjoining annex rooms as spill out space.

Our “Nothing Ever Happens Here” setup makes this room one of the best medium sized live music venues in Edinburgh – it also makes the perfect stage for conferences, presentations, parties and other corporate events!

Dissection Room NEHH Tech Spec

Dissection Room House Kit (All Non “Nothing Ever Happens Here” Shows)

Max capacity (“Nothing Ever Happens Here” Setup)

  • 180 seated
  • 450 standing

Room Dimensions:

  • Length & Width: 15.8m x 9.2m Height: 7.2m
  • Length & Width: 11.7m x 9.5m Height: 5.6m
  • Total = 256.5 m2

Nothing Ever Happens Here Tech Advances

Please contact to arrange these. (NEHH tech only).

Please contact for other enquiries in this space.

Red Lecture Theatre

Red Lecture TheatreA cosy ‘70s lecture theatre complete with red lacquer tables and flip down seats. This space can double up as a cinema and is also the perfect room for more intimate talks and panel discussions. There is a small projection/sound booth at the back and the room is fitted with a screen and projector.

Red Lecture Theatre Tech Spec

Max capacity

  • 84 seated on a raked seating bank

Room Dimensions

  • Length & Width: 8.5m x 7.0m = 59.5 m2 Height: 3.5m
  • Stage: 8.0m x 3.3 m
  • This is a fully blacked out theatre space with no natural light

Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Anatomy Lecture TheatreA truly memorable space – the Anatomy Lecture Theatre is an intimate room with a raised wooden horseshoe seating area. As well as offering a special atmosphere to performances with any themes related to education, to science, or to the past (or any other connection you can think of!) the Anatomy Lecture Theatre is also a very functional performance space, not least for the immediacy brought about by the height of the rake: actors tend to be at eye level with the front row.

Anatomy Lecture Theatre Tech Spec

Max capacity

  • 56 seated on semi-circular wooden tiers

Room Dimension

  • Length & Width: 8.45m x 8.45m = 71.4 m2
  • Stage: 8.30m x 2m stage with 3.4m x 3m thrust
  • Height: 4.4m

Demonstration Room

Demonstration RoomSimilar seating to the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, but with a completely different atmosphere: the Demonstration Room is a stark and uniquely atmospheric space that gives audiences a powerful experience before the work even starts.

Demonstration Room Tech Spec

Max capacity

  • 58 seated in fixed semi-circular wooden tiers

Room Dimension

  • Length & Width: 7.8m x 9.0m = 70.2m2
  • Height: 6.0m
  • Stage: 7.8m x 3.7m with 5.3m x 2.3m thrust

Cairns Lecture Theatre

Cairns Lecture TheatreThis space is unequipped outside of the Fringe season – but offers a great blank canvas for meetings and rehearsals.

Cairns Lecture Theatre Tech Spec

Max capacity

  • 100 fixed seats in gently raked rows of 10

Room Dimension

  • Length & Width: 6.25m x 13.7m = 85.6 m2
  • Height: 4.40m
  • Stage: 6.25m x 3.43m or 6.25m x 4.40m

Additional Spaces

Summerhall also has a number of other spaces available for performance and installation. Information about these is available on request. We like a challenge, so send through your wildest proposals and we will look forward to helping you make them a reality.

Please note – all specifications are subject to change at any time. Please confirm any requirements in advance.