Modern Edinburgh Film School: Zoë Fothergill, Anne McGuire, Lucy Skaer, Katrina Vallé, Amy Pickles, Mairi Lafferty, Anna Lucas, Allison Gibbs, Jenny Brady and Bobby Niven
4th June - 15th July 2015

MOTHS is a partial or pretend narrative between public and private spaces alluding to their multiple occupancy and historical functions, presented across artists’ images, films, readings, performances and sculptures.

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Two Discs and a Zed

Henry Coombes
4th June - 15th July 2015

The film presents two main sets: the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh and a mountainous landscape somewhere in the Highlands. The first serves as the stage for the wanderings of a wolf while the second hosts a caveman sculptor played by Coombes and a cavewoman who entombs his body in plaster. In both scenarios things seem out of place: a savage creature in a museum; a self-conscious artist in the Iron Age.

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David Faithfull
4th June 2015 - 15th July 2015
11:00 - 18:00

For Leviathan
Faithfull spent time on the Isle, investigating and documenting both the whalebones and the family relics, eventually succumbing to the island itself, engulfed by its anthropomorphic or zoomorphic forms.

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Not Man The Less, But Nature More

Cendrine Rovini, El Gato Chimney, Erika Nordqvist, Esther Pearl Watson, Fred Stonehouse, Rithika Merchant, Solange Knopf and Zeki Agacan
4th June - 15th July 2015
11:00 - 18:00

This exhibition focuses on the dichotomy of exploring others’ worlds, revealing what the artists have always had around them, but what perhaps we have never seen.


Strange Attractor

Craig Thomson
4th June - 15th July 2015

New work for Summerhall’s public areas take inspiration from the rural landscape of his home county, exploring the importance of the ill-defined, liminal spaces that cluster around our towns and villages; the thin borderlands where anonymous traces of pasts both distant and not-so-distant intermingle indiscriminately in the undergrowth.



27th June
20:00 - 01:00 (5 hours)

DGM (DJ set) Tex Royale (Live) Cru Servers (Live) + other artists TBC DGM is a glam-rejectamentalist Environment, materialising gross, multimedia regurgitations of sludgecore dynamics that are extracted from everyday grindz and fetid club-life. Probing at the crud, it’s first …