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The Beer & Spirits FestivALE

Fri 6th (18:00 - 00:00), Sat 07 (12:30 - 18:30) & Sat 7th (19:30 - 00:00) November 2015

We welcome back Williams Bros, The Rum Bar, Summerhall’s Bizarre Bottle Bar – our own experimentally curated selection of only the most extraordinary flavours – and of course, the home grown strengths of Pickering’s Gin and Barney’s Beer.


The Edinburgh Sound Collective

Mon 5th Oct 2015-Mon 7th Oct 2015
1930-2100 (1 hour 30 mins)

The Collective welcomes ALL instrument types and singers of mixed abilities to join and enjoy learning new music together.


Dive and Luminate present the Queerest Cabaret in Town

Fri 9th Oct, 2015
19:30-21:00 (1.5 hours)

Dive team up with Luminate – Scotland’s creative ageing festival – to present a timeless queer cabaret for all ages and persuasions. Join Dive Hostess and EmCee MISS ANNABEL SINGS as we celebrate the history of queer culture in Edinburgh, …

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Faber Social and Book Week Scotland presents ‘For the Record’

Book Week Scotland
27th November 2015
19:30 - 23:30

Faber Social and Book Weeks Scotland presents ‘For the Record’, a night of storytelling, performance and the secrets of the Scottish music scene with Fence Records and Fife’s finest, James Yorkston, music journalist and radio DJ, Vic Galloway and Richard …

The Silence of the Flies

The Silence of the Flies (El Silencio De Las Moscas)

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival
12th October 2015
19:00 - 21:00 (film 92 mins + discussion)

Since the 1990s, a mysterious suicide epidemic has been spreading in rural communities across the Venezuelan Andes. Having lost their daughters to suicide, Marcelina and Mercedes are two women who share a tragic fate with many others in the region. …


Romanian Film Season by Mark Cousins: Stone Wedding

Romanian Cultural Institute
15th October 2015
19:00 - 21:00 (2 hours )

With characteristic idiosyncratic flair, acclaimed director and author Mark Cousins curates a series of Romanian film, revisiting 100 years of cinematic haunting eeriness, delicious sarcasm and groundbreaking miserabilism, which have been amassed some of the highest distinctions of the seventh …


The Last Freakshow 2015

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
16 October, 2015
18:00 - 19:00 (1 hour)

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company present The Last Freakshow 2015 Directed by Robert Gale and Garry Robson Text by Mike Kenny and The Company Music by Mat Fraser, Sally Clay and The Company A delightfully sticky pudding of fear, fun, …

romanian evening

Vampirology: An Evening With Teeth

Romanian Cultural Institute
16th October
20:00 - 01:00

A quest of immortality in a thematic extravaganza of music, dance and palatal discoveries, inspired by the famous nocturnal Transylvanian entertainment. Fake teeth and flaunting capes welcomed. Featuring DJs brought to you by Balkanarama Kolektiv. Samples of Romanian food and …

Son Lux

Nothing Ever Happens Here: Son Lux

Nothing Ever Happens Here
22 October 2015
20:00 - 01:00

Founded by producer-composer Ryan Lott in 2007, Son Lux “works at the nexus of several rarely-overlapping Venn Diagrams” (Pitchfork). With the recent additions to the band of guitarist-composer Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang, Son Lux is now a ferocious …


Africa in Motion Opening and Birthday Party

Africa in Motion
Fri 23 Oct 2015
20:00 - 01:00 (5 hours)

Following the opening screening of Hyenas (Filmhouse) everyone is warmly invited to celebrate AiM’s 10th birthday in style at Edinburgh’s number one arts venue, Summerhall. Join us for an evening filled with African beats, dancing, circus acts and African cocktails …


NEHH presents…East India Youth + PIXX

28th Oct, 2015
20:00 - late

East India Youth When William Doyle first performed live as East India Youth in November 2012 to a dozen people in a tiny Dalston basement venue, it was remarkable that he made it through the entire 25 minute gig without …

The Moonlit Road

The Moonlit Road and other ghostly tales

Peapod Productions
28th - 31st October
20:00-21:00 (1 hour)

A young man crouches in a darkened room late one night and waits. He waits. He waits, for something terrible to come for him. This unfortunate family has witnessed many a strange tale. Disturbing events, skeletons in closets, things half …


Africa in Motion: WAZI?FM

Africa in Motion
Thurs 29 Oct 2015
20:15 - 21:20 (1 hour 5mins)

MoMo is a Somali urban refugee living in Eastleigh, Nairobi where he runs the community radio station Wazi?FM with his Kenyan friend Kevo. Everything is going well until one day the team stumble upon a dark secret in their community and MoMo suddenly vanishes.


Africa in Motion: Hope

Africa in Motion
Fri 30 Oct 2015
18:00 - 20:20 (1 hour 20mins)

A young man from Cameroon and a Nigerian woman find themselves in the harsh landscape of the Sahara desert along with hundreds of others making the desperate and dangerous journey across Northern Africa.


Africa in Motion: A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake

Africa in Motion
Fri 30 Oct 2015
20:45 - 22:30 (1 hour 45 mins)

South Africa’s transition from oppressive white minority rule to inclusive democracy in 1994 is often spoken about as having been miraculously peaceful. A crucial aspect of this was the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in which the victims and perpetrators of violence faced each other in a series of hearings in pursuit of healing.


Africa in Motion: Incorruptible

Africa in Motion
Sat 31 Oct 2015
18:00 - 20:20 (2 hours 20mins)

E. Chai Vasarhelyi | Senegal/US 2015 | 1h30m | French with English subtitles | Documentary | 15 When President Abdoulaye Wade changed the Senegalese constitution in 2011 to allow for a third term, the country’s young people responded loudly and …

locked in edinburgh

Locked In Edinburgh

Locked In Edinburgh

‘Locked In Edinburgh’ opens at Summerhall, making it the fifth escape game in the city – but this one is unique! It’s the only one themed and built around a real room. Discover for yourself the secrets hidden within the …


The Ceilidh Club at Summerhall

The Edinburgh Ceilidh Club
Every Tuesday at Summerhall
20.00 - 23.00 (3 hours)

Every Tuesday evening we have the best of Scottish ceilidh bands.