Puppet Animation Scotland and the Federation of Scottish Theatre Seminar,

19 November 2012 - 20 November 2012

We’re delighted to announce booking is open for Puppet Animation Scotland and the Federation of Scottish Theatre’s two day seminar, during which the choreographer, performer, writer, educator and speaker Liz Lerman, and delegates, will talk in depth about her Critical Review Process.

Pain Thing

Robert Kuśmirowski
3 August - 24 November 2012

Pain Thing is a powerful yet playful installation relating directly to the existing fabric of the former veterinary hospital at Summerhall. Witness an unsuccessful experiment, as it starts to live its own life.

Summerhall Festival Club – FREE

22 August, 2012
22.00 (5 hours)

Festival Club is hosting late night international music and theatre for three nights in a row this week; 21, 22 & 23 August. All free events, all non-ticketed. Wednesday 22 August WOVOKA A soulful ensemble that pays tribute to the …

Summerhall Festival Club – FREE

21 August, 2012
22.00 (5 hours)

Festival Club is hosting late night international music and theatre for three nights in a row this week; 21, 22 & 23 August. All free events, all non-ticketed. Tuesday 21 August ALTE ZAHEN Alte Zahen is a new project from …

Borcher Runway Show

19 August, 2012
20.00 (5 hours (including after- show party))

Imagined as a dark fairy tale, this dramatic runway show by celebrated young Danish fashion brand, Borcher will showcase the most striking pieces from their recent collections. Christina Borcher is a young designer based in Denmark.  Her creative process is …

Fresh Cuts 2012 Runway Show

19 August, 2012
15.00 (2 hours)

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is proud to present  ‘Fresh Cuts’, our selection of the nine most exciting fashion graduates from Edinburgh’s Heriot Watt University and the Edinburgh College of Art. Presented together, this show celebrates the freshest new talent from …

Cher Potter Talk

19 August, 2012
13.30 (1 hour )

Cher Potter is a design and fashion forecaster leading Creative Direction at WGSN where she analyses changing tendencies in arts, design, architecture and new media in relation to fashion. She is a Research Fellow at the V&A museum on Design …

Matthew Clark (United Visual Artists)

19 August, 2012
12.00 (1 hour )

UVA’s work has been exhibited at institutions including the V&A, the Royal Academy of Art, the South Bank Centre, the Wellcome Collection, Opera North Leeds, Durham Cathedral and The British Library. Their artworks have also toured internationally to cities including …

Pam Hogg Runway Show

18 August, 2012
20.00 (5 hours)

Scottish born Pam Hogg is fashion royalty, an iconoclast and ‘one of the most original, inventive, creative designers in Britain’. Her thrilling collections over the years have gained plaudits and awards, each collection eagerly awaited. Hogg has moved freely between the …

Fash/On Film (British Fashion Council)

18 August, 2012
15.00 (1 hour )

A screening and panel discussion organised by the British Fashion Council Fash/On Film panel, with guest speakers: Alyn Horton  Marketing Director, TEST and TEST Presents Kathryn Ferguson Film Maker and Curator of the BFI’s Birds Eye View Film Festival’s ‘Fashion Loves …

Panel Talk: The Fragility of Ideas

Jackie McGlone with Aimee McWilliams, Zoe Bedeaux, Porky Hefer, Sissel Tolaas and Katie Nicoll
18 August, 2012

This panel discussion, moderated by highly respected Scottish journalist Jackie McGlone, will look at the genesis of the creative idea and ask the question; how can we protect the best ideas, manifest them and communicate them to the audience? With …

Aimee Williams Runway Show

17 August, 2012
21.00 (4 hours (includes after-show party))

For the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, luxury designer, consultant and creative director Aimee McWilliams presents a diverse archive showcase that embodies the multiple facets of her past work, from designs for couture houses in Paris to one-off pieces commissioned by private …

Amanda Harlech Talk

17 August, 2012
18.00 (1 hour )

“The dust of a Spanish street in a stray breeze, spiraling like a flamenco dancer in the wavering midday heat, the sound of the bullfight on a black and white TV high on a shelf in a dark shuttered bar …


Hamilton & Inches

17 August, 2012
12.00 (1 hour )

Join some of Hamilton & Inches’ award-winning team of silversmiths and become familiar with the finer details of the art.  Show them how it’s done – all will be revealed at the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, 2012. Hamilton & Inches, Scotland’s leading …

Bebaroque Runway Show

DJ: Hobbes
16 August, 2012
20.00 (2 hours)

Espousing a broad music policy that’s simply ‘future-retro’, Hobbes knows exactly how to rock the party and always recognises a good groove when he hears one, no matter what musical pigeon-hole people are stuffing it into this week. Promoter of …

Sissel Tolaas Talk

16 August, 2012
15.00 (1 hour )

Sissel Tolaas was born and raised between Norway and Iceland and has degrees from Scandinavia, Poland and Russia in sciences, chemistry and fine arts; Tolaas is a leading expert on everything related to scents, odours, and smells. She is a …

Endless_Lessend No.01

16 August 2012 - 27 September
11.00 (all day)

Witness a fascinating collaboration between celebrated fashion designer, Kostas Murkudis and leading expert smell researcher/artist, Sissel Tolaas. ‘The Endless Dress  – The Endless Smell’ A collaborative artwork commissioned specifically for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, this exhibition is the result …

Fashion Revolution China

curated by Athony Bednall
1 August 2012 - 31 August 2012
11.00 (all day)

This stunning exhibition of garments, images and objects examines the changes in Chinese Fashion during three distinct periods of the 20th Century.  Many of the exhibits were archived by the curator over a ten year period when he lived and …

Bucket of Tongues

Neu! Reekie!
17 August, 2012
20.00 (120 mins)

Neu! Reekie! host a one-off, no holds barred, literary shoot out between Irvine Welsh’s Team Chicago and Kevin Williamson’s Team Alba. Featuring Irvine Welsh, Kevin Williamson, Alan Bissett, Jenni Fagan, Gordon Legge, Bill Hillman, Enid Maldonado, Brian Murphy and John …


Balkanarama Productions
10 & 24, August, 2012
22.00 (til late)

Balkanarama gives its audience an opportunity to properly indulge in the tastes and sounds of the Balkans: dance, jump, sing, cry, scream, laugh, drink, sigh – party proper Balkin style! All accompanied by exquisite Gypsy dancing, live visuals and home-made …


Special Guest Hosts: CLAUDE AND MAUD
14, August 2012
22.00 (til late)

Obscene inverts! Sexless termites! Hermaphroditic spinsters! Some of the things they’ve been called while touring the world with their timeless lavender cabaret (read: grubby lesbo freakshow).

You lucky Fringe goers can bask in the squalid sapphistry of your filthy hosts, Claude and Maud, presiding over a cabaret of the weird and the wonderful, all for free, ‘til the wee small hours in Summerhall’s incredible Dissection Room

Summerhall Festival Club – FREE

A night of spoken word and musical marvels!
9 August, 2012
22.00 (til late)

As part of their 2012 Minifest, Inky Fingers brings a showcase of the best in UK spoken word to the Festival Club. With top poets and performers alongside fantastic musical acts, it’s a night of words and wonders.

Summerhall Festival Club – Free

A night of spoken word and musical marvels!
8 August, 2012
22.00 (til late)

As part of their 2012 Minifest, Inky Fingers brings a showcase of the best in UK spoken word to the Festival Club. With top poets and performers alongside fantastic musical acts, it’s a night of words and wonders.

The Making of Figure Studies: An illustrated talk by David Michalek

4 August, 2012
13.00 (1 hour )

Celebrated American artist David Michalek pairs his exhibtion ‘Figure Studies’ with a special and very comprehensive discussion about the genesis of the concept, the research and development of the methodology, the casting process and production of the work which pays homage to the cinematic …

Stella Tennant by Juergen Teller in Vivienne Westwood AW/12 for Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 2012"

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

16 - 19 August, 2012

The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival presents a diverse program that includes catwalk shows, salon shows, exhibitions, talks, screenings, concerts, gala parties and workshops. This overdue addition to Edinburgh’s International Festivals will be a stimulating environment for some of the most respected …

True North – A Night with Award-Winning Canadian Poets

Ian Burgham
14 August, 2012
18.00 (1 hour 30 mins)

Four of Canada’s finest award-winning poets will read from their widely acclaimed work and discuss the nature of Scottish and European sensibilities on Canadian writing and the crucial role poetry plays in the world. Through short readings of poems that …

Brand New Ancients: Scratch

Kate Tempest
11 August, 2012
23.00 (1 hour)

A BAC and Kate Tempest co production, co-commissioned by the Albany. ‘The gods are in the betting shops, the gods are in the café, the gods are watching telly in their flats… the gods are at the doctors, getting something …

LOLfest with Josie Long and Friends

Shelter Scotland
10 August, 2012
23.00 (1 hour )

Following the success of last year’s sold out show, LOLfest returns with another special, one-off night of comedy and music. Josie Long heads a top cast of some of the UK’s brightest stars in entertainment to raise money for the …

Only Wolves And Lions

Unfinished Business
24 & 25 August, 2012
22.00 (3 hours)

A meal. A conversation. A performance provocation. Mixing cooking, performance and a good chat, Only Wolves And Lions takes a fresh look at human behaviour in the pursuit of happiness. Drawing on research surrounding community, isolation and the meaning of the word crisis, Leo Kay …

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Aurora Nova Productions
18, 20 & 22 August, 2012
20.30 (1 hour)

I was born on Azar 19th, 1360 in Tehran. That’s Tehran, December 10th, 1981 in Christian years … ’ Imagine being 29 and forbidden to leave your country. Nassim Soleimanpour dissects the experience of a whole generation in a wild, utterly original play …

Archie Shepp in Concert

Presented by Summerhall as part of 7x7
1 August, 2012

Summerhall is thrilled to be able to launch its 2012 Festival programme with a unique performance by a very special artist. Archie Shepp – jazz saxophonist, writer, radical – will be performing a rare intimate set in the Dissection Room, accompanied by the exciting …

Sounding Out

The PALM Ensemble
6 & 8 August, 2012
17.30 (1 hour)

Teresa Brayshaw and friends perform extracts of experimental writing and sound works by artists including Samuel Beckett, Peter Handke, Kurt Schwitters, Gregory Whitehead, Charles Amirkhanian, Gavin Bryars, and Laurie Anderson. We promise word play at its very best – you …

A Multimedia Thing

Dir: Karina Piwowarska, Written by: Boguslaw Schaeffer, Music by: Boguslaw Schaeffer
16 - 18 August, 2012
14.30 (1 hour 30 mins)

A Multimedia Thing premiered in 2007, at Teatre Bajka in Warsaw. Three actors—two males, Wal (played by Waldemar Obłoza) and Mar (played by Marek Frąckowiak), and Agn, a woman (Agnieszka Wielgosz)—are trying to hold a rehearsal for a play, while …

Scottish Independent Music Fair

4 August, 2012
12.00 (16.00)

The Scottish Independent Music Fair returns to Summerhall for a second year, with the country’s finest purveyors of independent and exciting music will be setting up their stalls and selling their wares. With live music from the label artists and DJs throughout the …

A Gift for Richard (Demarco)

The PALM Ensemble
6 & 8 August, 2012
14.15 (1 hour)

Teresa Brayshaw and friends perform material for RICHARD DEMARCO, which will use some of his own writings, his favourite authors and friends – there could be letters, diary entries, diatribes… It is a tribute to an amazing man and entrepreneur …

An Evening with Richard Demarco, CBE

Festival University & Demarco European Art Foundation
5, 7 & 9 August, 2012
17.30 (90 mins)

Enjoy an evening with Richard Demarco, CBE. Demarco has attended, or been extensively involved with, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since its inception in 1947. He was a co-founder of the Traverse Theatre and over the years he has put on …

Acrostudio: Acrobatics Workshop with Tim Lenkiewicz

Artistic Director of Square Peg Contemporary Circus
18 - 20 August, 2012
9.00 (90 mins)

This workshop is offered to professionals. Tim’s teaching experience is extensive, he has taught on the degree and youth programmes at Circus Space, and spent a year as head Equilibristics (balancing disciplines) teacher at Chapito, the Portuguese National Circus School in …

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Financial Crisis but Was Afraid to Ask

Speaker: Robert McDowell
10, 15 & 23 August, 2012
19.30 (2 hours)

Is our economic crisis caused by stupidity, greed, political muppetry, ideological conflict, institutional failure, or merely inevitable within Capitalism? Are Euro Zone governments prevented by bankers and others from restoring jobs and economic growth? Is the crisis destroying the EU? It excites every political bandwagon …

William Blake – Ghost Dancer

Ian Smith
4 & 25 August, 2012
15.00 (1 hour)

William Blake was a visionary poet, painter and printmaker who envisaged a place of universal love and peace – a New Jerusalem. Originally, he sought that in ‘England’s green and pleasant land’ but having recently heard rumours of intense optimism, …

Theatre Jukebox

Stand & Stare
14 - 18 August, 2012
11.00 (7 hours)

Theatre Jukebox is an arcade-style cabinet that plays stories instead of records and allows you to choose the chapters you want. Take a seat at the jukebox, slip on some headphones, choose a photograph and delve into a treasure trove of memory.

Literary Ball/ Le Bal Littéraire

La Cooperative d'Ecriture
22 August, 2012
10.30pm (90 mins)

Five playwrights (three French, two Scottish) meet to tell a story – a story with songs, songs we all know, songs we can dance along to. Over two days (20 and 21 August), the playwrights will write this story and …


Edinburgh International Fashion Festival
16 August - 6 September, 2012
11:00 (All day)

A sensory feast, this exhibition presents fashion as art and is a vital element of the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, also taking place at Summerhall, 16th – 19th August. The exhibition features work by Juergen Teller, video installations by Hussein …

The nabokov Arts Club

11 August, 2012
21.00 (5 hours)

An extravaganza of live theatre, music, cabaret, comedy, poetry and visual art wrapped up in a big fat party, the Arts Club, previously featured in The Guardian, Time Out’s Hot Picks and Critics’ Choice, and The Independent’s ‘Best Nights Out’, showcases the best new work, first, from the most exciting emerging artists alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

Macbeth on Inchcolm Island

University of St Andrews, Hands in the Air & the Demarco European Art Foundation
10, 11, 16, 17, 19 August, 2012
18.30 at Summerhall or 19.00 at Hawes Pier

Meet us at Summerhall and journey with us by coach and boat to the stunning island of Inchcolm, in the Firth of Forth, for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Inspired by Richard Demarco’s 1989 production and taking Inchcolm’s twelfth century abbey for its stage, this promenade performance is Macbeth as you’ve never seen it before.

Kapitalism: Our Improved Formula

Dir: Alexandru Solomon
22 August, 2012
21.30 (76 mins)

What would Communist leader Ceausescu make of Romania today? Twenty years after he was executed Romania looks, on the surface, to be a democratic, capitalist country but on closer inspection it is characterised by mass poverty with wealth concentrated in the hands of a few corrupt elite.

Lost in the City: Chain & London

17 August, 2012
19.30, 21.30 (99mins, 85mins )

A journey into the modern day city, a place of alienation and disharmony, awkwardly navigated by its inhabitants. A double bill about the strange entity that is the contemporary city.


Writing Masterclass with Mike McCormack (prose) and Jean Bleakney (poetry)

Part of Disassociated States; writing from the North and South of Ireland. Five of Ireland's leading writers come to Summerhall.
25 August, 2012
14.00 (3 hours)

An intensive workshop with two of Ireland’s foremost writers. Places should be booked in advance with the Education Officer at Summerhall (email: education@summerhall.co.uk ). Open to all. Writing samples (for discussion during the workshop) should be sent to the Education …

Wanderlust: Vagabond & Morvern Callar

8 August, 2012
19.00, 21.15 (105mins, 97mins)

Two women attracted to the open road and a life of drift. A double bill of films about wandering and the quietly rebellious act of leading a life free from constraints.

Borderlands & ID:000

21 August, 2012
21:30 (28mins & 18mins)

Two short films from Jordan concerned with ideas of identity. Borderlands (2007) by Sawsan Darwaza considers the relationship between contemporary artists and images of the MIddle East, while ID:000 (Widad Shafakoj, 2010) is a short documentary about the life of orphans and the problems they face once they become adults.

I Was Born, But…

in association with Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema
4 August, 2012
16.00 (100 mins)

A special film and music event chosen by our friends at The Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema. From the great Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story) comes a beautiful and funny tale of 2 mischievous brothers on a mission to …

Little Black Riding Hood & other surreal stories

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
9, 16 August, 2012
23.15 (81 mins)

Late night animation embracing the surreal and unexpected. In this selection of stories you’ll discover lost characters in labyrinthian landscapes, cannibalistic clams attacking dinner party guests and a version of Little Red Riding Hood that has to be seen to …

Reels From Life Two or How We Learned To Love Postmodernism

Screen Bandita
5 August
19.30 (90 mins)

Screen Bandita is a collective that strives to create an environment where previously abandoned film and visual ephemera can be given a new lease of life. They will present the second installment of their exploration of previously abandoned Super 8 …

Song of The Goat Theatre : Workshop by Grzegorz Bral

Songs of The Goat Theatre
15 - 17 August, 2012
9.00 (2 hours)

Led by the artistic director of Teatr Piesn Kozla, Grzegorz Bral, this workshop will give you practical experience of co-ordination – the fundamental training method of Teatr Piesn Kozla. Co-ordination consists of the organic linking together and integration of voice, …

Damascus with Love

Dir: Mohammed Abdulaiz, 2010
21 August, 2012
19.30 (95 mins)

A journey into multi-cultural Damascus through the story of Rima, a Syrian-Jewish Girl. About to emigrate from the country, her father reveals a secret which causes her to cancel her plans and instead investigate her past. A film that explores ideas of memory, place and identity in contemporary Syria.

Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician

Dir: Tamer Ezzat, Ayten Amin and Amr Salama with the participation of Ahmad Abdalla, 2011
20 August, 2012
19.30 (90 mins)

When Egyptians woke up on January 25th 2011, they never expected the one day demonstration planned for that public holiday to evolve into a full out revolution aimed at overthrowing the regime’s 30 year long grip on power.

Granito: How to Nail a Dictator

Dir: Pamela Yates, 2011
20 August, 2012
21.30 (103 mins)

The story of how a documentary film from 1982 helped bring justice to a Guatemalan military dictator. Filmmaker Pamela Yates’s When the Mountains Tremble featured the only known footage of the Guatemalan army’s horrific genocide against the Mayan people in the early eighties.

G(host) City

Virtual Festival
03 - 26 August, 2012
09.00 (All day)

Launched in 2011, (g)Host City is a new ‘virtual festival’ for Edinburgh. There are no tickets and no performers (other than you) – instead the festival operates entirely from its website, www.virtualfestival.org, where you can access an exciting and eclectic …


Molly and Me
7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17-24 August, 2012
13 & 14 (22.30), 17-19 (midnight), 20-23 (22.30), 24 (midnight) (40 mins)

A Dadaist music and fitness show combining a series of songs, awkward choreographies and stories. Molly and Me (UK/DK) humorously tackle everyday situations of friendship, consumerism, love and animals with satirical undertones supported on ukulele, xylophone and percussion.

Boro in the Box & Borowczyk’s Short Animations

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
16 August, 2012
21.15 (90 mins)

Walerian Borowczyk was one of Poland most famous, and controversial, film directors. He began his career making animation before moving to France where he began creating live action films. After initially impressing critics with films including Goto, Island of Love …


If You See a Cat & Other Animal Tales

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
12 & 19 August, 2012
10.30 (50 mins)

Creatures great and small, real and imaginary feature in this selection of 6 animated short films from Poland. Join us for tales of a lonely elephant looking for its soulmate, cheeky dwarfs wreaking havoc in the woods and cowboys helped …

Guide To The Poles: Beats of Freedom

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
14 August, 2012
19.30 (73 mins)

In Beats of Freedom journalist Chris Salewicz, explores the passionate pursuit of rock music during the Communist era.Salewicz embarks on a journey across 3 decades of Polish rock, meeting the defining musicians of the time and exploring the impact of legendary concerts.

Guide To The Poles: Art of Freedom

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
15 August, 2012
19.30 (71 mins)

At the height of Socialist power in Poland a small number of dedicated climbers succeeded in scaling the highest peaks of the Himalayas. How was such an incredible feat achieved at a time of heavily restricted international travel?

Guide To The Poles: Political Dress

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
16 August, 2012
19.30 (61 mins)

Political Dress looks at fashion as a subversive art during Communist era Poland. At a time when shops sold little more than uniforms, many individuals found liberty through bright colours and personal tailoring. The film considers the country’s style odyssey …

Mardi Gras: The Order of Myths & Easy Rider

12 August, 2012
19.00 & 21.00 (97 mins for The Order of Myths, 95 mins for Easy Rider)

Carnival season: when the shackles of everyday life can be shaken loose for a moment of liberation and freedom of expression. Or perhaps not.

From the Body to the Text

Tang Shu-Wing
6, 7 & 8 August, 2012
14.30 (2 hours)

A Masterclass in Theatre Described as the ‘alchemist of minimalist theatre’, Tang Shu Wing, director of the Tang Shu Wing Theatre Studio presents a 3 day workshop based on the Chinese aesthetics of Yin and Yang, starting from the exploration …

Searching For The Unimagined Conscience of My Race

Denis Buckley
10 August, 2012
22.00 (All evening)

In 2011 the artist and the Wicklow Art Centre in Ireland engaged visitors on perceptions of identity following the loss the previous year of fiscal sovereignty. The process culminated by showing a 20min film work, SEARCHING FOR THE UNIMAGINED CONSCIENCE OF MY RACE.

Puellae (The truth about chips and other things)

3 - 26 August (not 6 & 16-18 August)
12.00 (3 - 15 August), 20.45 (19 - 26 August) (1 hour)

Tess and Neve – 29 years old, privately educated and successful – are worlds away from their gawky schoolgirl selves… or are they? It’s the girls’ annual Edinburgh Festival reunion and fuelled by a bottle of Pinot Grigio and 15 years of secrets, the chips are about to hit the fan.

Legs 11

Tom Marshman
19 - 26 August, 2012
17.30 (1 hour)

A newly found confidence encouraged Tom to delve into a world of stockings, photoshoots, beauty pageants and gender misadventures. In this intimate performance, Tom conveys a brave story of misfits and transformation, hospital visits and rejuvenation.


The Berlin Review of Books @ Summerhall: Prince Consort – Kaiser – Hero? – Mythmaking and Emperor Frederick III

Speaker: Frank Lorenz Muller
10 August, 2012
19.00 (90 mins)

Had Frederick III (1831-1888), the famous German Emperor and Anglophile, lived into his eighties, rather than dying prematurely at age 57, would 20th-century European history have taken a different, more benign, turn? This lecture explores the divergent popular images of Frederick III and his proper place in the history books.

Rhythmic Transport

Speaker: Christopher Fynsk Chaired by: Simon Frith
26 August, 2012
15.00 (90mins)

What is the role of rhythm in everyday experience? How does it affect our choices and actions? This talk raises questions about the relations between art and the negotiation of everyday life from an existential account of the experience of rhythm.

Festival Club

Adam Mickiewicz Institute / Summerhall
8, 9, 14, 21, 22, 23, 25 August, 2012
10pm (Late)

A late night cabaret in Summerhall’s unique Dissection Room, featuring a mix of international music, performance and spoken word talent (and anything else that takes our fancy). A gathering place for artists and reprobates, phoney intellectuals and wise fools, to …

Dr. Quimpugh’s Compendium of Peculiar Afflictions

Petersham Playhouse
3 - 26 August, 2012 (not 7, 14, 21 August)
17.00 (60 mins)

A brilliantly witty new chamber opera from composer Martin Ward (Royal Opera, ENB) and librettist Phil Porter (Royal Opera, RSC) performed by a first-class team of singers and musicians.

The Pain of Desire

Temper Temper
3 - 18 August, 2012
21.45 (60 mins)

Temper Temper’s original epic sound fuses muscular jazz and glittering blues with a richly textured visual landscape, led by Wendy Bevan’s hauntingly beautiful voice. Her otherworldly performance as a statuesque, ghostly femme fatale echoes the Pain of Desire.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

The Arches
23 August, 2012
22.25 (90 mins)

A stellar line-up of Scottish musicians including Withered Hand, Eugene Kelly, Wounded Knee, Conquering Animal Sound and more feature in this beautiful collection of stories told in song, shot during the night in locations which have inspired them across the country.


Square Peg Contemporary Circus
3 - 15 August, 2012
12.00 & 17.30 (60 mins)

A circus show based on Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: combining theatre, dance and group acrobatics to tell this haunting tale.

Say Something

h2Dance/Escalator East to Edinburgh
7 - 26 August, 2012 (not 10, 13, 16 - 20, 24 August)
14.00, 16.00 & 19.00 (60 mins)

An exhilarating mix of Contemporary dance and live vocal/electronic score, putting audience and performers centre stage. This unique show explores group behavior, conformism and freedom of expression.

Puppet. The Book of Splendour

3 - 13 August, 2012
21.00 (80 mins)

Last year’s Herald’s Angel and Total Theatre Award winners, neTTheatre return with a project inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s works, with zones of the dead in unexpected neighbourhoods of childhood.


Song of the Goat Theatre
9 - 11 August, 2012
19.15 (60 mins)

Shakespeare’s tragic tale of madness and murder is retold in a powerful production by award-winning Polish Song of the Goat Theatre company. Blending text, movement and polyphonic song, the international ensemble explores the musicality…


Mouth to Mouth Republic
15 - 24 August, 2012
21.30 (80 mins)

The performance is a lottery-show, similar to the Wheel Of Fortune, where you can win the main prize. The rules are simple – everyone who buys a ticket and takes part in the lottery has a chance to win the Cadillac.

The Stranger

Galharufa Productions
3 - 25 August, 2012 (not 8, 22 & 23)
3 - 9 August, 15.00 & 10 - 25 August, 11.00 (60 mins)

The Stranger, one of the most famous novels of the twentieth century, written by Albert Camus, is brought to life for the theatre in an acclaimed adaptation by Morten Kirkskov, interpreted by award-winning actor Guilherme Leme.

We Are Chechens!

National Film School in Lodz
3, 6 - 13 August
19.15 (60 mins)

We explore the behavior of human beings that find themselves in the midst of a gruesome war with the struggle to make life or death decisions. Should I stay and fight for my country? Should I run away, leaving the ones that I love behind?

The Softening of MAO-A

The Mechanical Animal Corporation
11 - 26 August, 2012
15.30 (60 mins)

What if art influences you genetically? The Mechanical Animal Corporation presents The Softening of MAO-A, a bio-theatre experiment. The MAO-A is a gene scientifically proven to influence impulsive violence in humans and macaques.

The List

Stellar Quines
3 - 25 August, 2012 (not 6, 12, 13, 20 August)
14.00 (60 mins)

I keep a tight list. Very detailed. I stick to it. Even more so since she died. But I’m having trouble. Set in Québec, The List is an award winning story of a woman struggling to adjust to rural life.

The Dead Memory House

Theatre Corsair
3 - 26 August, 2012
15.00 & 18.00 (60 mins)

Bea, Anne and Sylvia are your sisters, girlfriends, aunties, mothers and wives. They are your friends, and perhaps your enemies. The Dead Memory House is a collision of their lives and your experiences. Pop round and share the memories!

Strange Hungers

Fish and Game
18 - 19 August, 2012
16.00 (60 mins)

Obscene inverts! Sexless termites! Hermaphroditic spinsters! Just some of the things we’ve been called while touring the world with our timeless lavender cabaret (read as: grubby lesbo freakshow).

Songs of Lear

Song of the Goat Theatre
12 - 24 August, 2012
19.15 (60 mins)

Songs of Lear is a non-linear dramatic event that shows the world of subtle energies and rhythms that govern Shakespeare’s tragedy. The ensemble members have chosen crucial scenes from King Lear to weave a story out of gestures, words and music.

Small Narration

Wojtek Ziemilski
3 - 4, 13 - 19, 21 - 23 August
19.15 (60 mins)

Small Narration operates somewhere between a performance and video art, between a personal confession and an academic lecture. “When in 2006 we discovered that my grandfather was a long-time collaborator of the communist Security Services, I had moved away from Big Narrations.


Scotia Teatro
11 - 18 August, 2012
12.15 (60 mins)

War-time New York. In the early 1940s two journalists approach a destitute woman on the streets in search of a story. Pushed into the past, the reluctant down and out unfolds a story of Scottish emigration, of the American dream turned sour…

Script in Hand

Piece of Work
6 - 18 August
17.30 (50 mins)

1933: the Nazis force Paul Renner, typographer and creator of Futura font, into internal exile. 2012: a theatre company, who shall not be named, do the same to actor Toby Williams.

Remember Me

Teatro Sineglossa
3 - 6 & 21 - 26 August, 2012
15.00 , 15.30 & 19.00, 19.30 (4 shows) (20 mins each)

A romantic and provocative performance where masculine and feminine identities melt away. An unexpected mirage happens right in front of the audience’s eyes, whilst a voice sings a rock version of…

Pages from the Book of…

50Letters Theatre Company
10 - 24 August, 2012
15.00 (90 mins)

Witness a fragile, dramatic but humorous relationship between a father and a son. A variety of absurd characters take you on a journey through life and death in a reserved time.

Mother Tongue

Jillian Lauren
4 - 15 August, 2012
16.00 (60 mins)

Mother Tongue is a multi-character, autobiographical performance piece written and performed by actor and bestselling author, Jillian Lauren. Revolving around the themes of adoption, blood, tribe and identity, Mother Tongue…

The Shit / La Merda: The Disgust Decalogue #1

Silvia Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli
3 - 16, 19 - 26 August 2012
21.15 (50 mins)

A “young” and “ugly” and naked woman reveals her bulimic, revolting and public secrets as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and apathy for her own celebrity breakthrough in the society of thighs and liberty. An actress of untamed talent, Silvia …

We Are Not Here

11 - 16 August, 2012
17.15 (60 mins)

An ironic and grotesque exploration of modern alienation and the incapacity to live in the present. Taking off where Waiting for Godot left us, Italy’s Babygang explore the desperation of life in a world without meaning with black humour and intellectual bravery.

How a Man Crumbled

Clout Theatre
3 - 26 August, 2012 (not 17 & 18 August)
15.30 (60 mins)

‘Art is a cupboard! We are not cakes!’ Lecoq trained Clout Theatre is a head first dive into the absurd world of the Russian poet, iconoclast and false moustache wearer Daniil Kharms. 

The Guild of Cheesemakers

Stand + Stare with Emma Callander
14 - 18 August, 2012
22.00 (90 mins)

The Guild of Cheesemakers would like to invite you to their annual tasting. Guest cheese producers and wine experts will introduce you to a selection of artisan cheeses, wines and breads until the mystery of a supernatural cheese is uncovered.

Future Tales (Sierakowski)

15 - 26 August, 2012
20.45 (60 mins)

A fictitious future biography of Sławomir Sierakowski, the influential Polish left-wing intellectual and activist. A debate about the attitude of the New Left’s leaders, their methods of activity and choices of presenting ideology in art.


Jenna Watt
3 - 26 August, 2012 (not 17 & 18 August)
14.00 (60 mins)

Flâneurs is a new work by Edinburgh based Live Artist and director Jenna Watt. Flâneurs explores the nature of violence in public spaces, from a pedestrian subway in Edinburgh to London’s Overground.


Theatre of the Impossible/RJ Thomson
9, 16 & 20 August, 2012
16.00 (60 mins)

Last year RJ Thomson presented the most expensive, large-scale theatre production ever (Singapore, 2011). This year, this Scottish-Englishman turns his attention to his home city. ‘Edinburgh’ is a meditation on drama and place…


Shu-wing Theatre Studio
3 - 26 August 2012 (not 6, 13, 20 August)
13.00 (65 mins)

Detention, a non-verbal comedy combined with powered acrobatics, off the wall clowning and throbbing percussion, is about 3 naughty high school boys chasing around a beautiful female classmate in a detention class, but because their short-tempered teacher frequently checks in on them…

Caesarian Section – Essays on Suicide

Teatr Zar
9 - 20 August 2012 (not 14 August)
19.00 (60 mins)

A performance about suicidal compulsion and the involuntary force that pulls us back from the brink. The musical structure was developed from a base of polyphonic Corsican songs, into which Bulgarian, Romanian, Icelandic and Chechen songs have been woven…


4 - 5 August, 2012
17.15 (180 mins)

//BUZZCUT// creates a new space for riotous and wild work to exist within an adventure taken on by artists and producers alike. Born out of the necessity for raw, new work in a culture of cuts and austerity, we took it on ourselves, with no funding, to do something that needed to happen.


SKaGeN/Valentijn Dhaenens
19 - 26 August, 2012
12.00 (85 mins)

Valentijn Dhaenens pays a tribute to 2500 years of oration. Using fragments of well-known and lesser-known speeches, he shows that the tricks of the trade hardly changed. He who picks his words well, can turn the weakest argument into the strongest.


Sleepwalk Collective
11 - 26 August, 2012
17.45 (60 mins)

Returning from their acclaimed sell-out show, Fringe 2011, Total Theatre Award nominees Sleepwalk Collective present their new work, Amusements. Like some backroom carnival ride / lo-fi sci-fi pleasure machine / psychedelic Hispan-ploitation micro-epic / end-of-the-pier minimalist live-art spectacular…

30 Days to Edinburgh

Bootworks Theatre
26 August, 2012
19.30 (60 mins)

James, Andy & Rob (A Spaceman, Cowboy & Disco-Dancer) are going to walk to Edinburgh. We will walk from our home in Chichester to the Graceland, the Mecca if you will, of theatre: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Waclaw Miklaszewski/Szwalnia Theatre
22 & 25 August, 2012
06.00 (24 hours)

24 hours, non-stop. From 6am to 6am next day. The play tells the twenty-four life stories in one slow-going, lazy day, suspended in time. With no hope for change. Most of the time filled by a cappella music, to break free, to get away from what appears to be, and what has been named.