Mischief La-Bas and Summerhall Present Festival of Death – PRESS RELEASE

Mischief La-Bas and Summerhall Present

Festival of Death

28 October – 27 November 2016

Opening events and ALL performance programme 28 – 30 October

With an opening weekend over Hallowe’en and Mexico’s Day of the Dead, the Festival of Ian Smith: A Celebration of Death (full title) will take place this autumn at Summerhall. Following the Southside arts venue’s award-winning 2016 Fringe, this new special festival will celebrate and challenge how we live with death. The festival is supported by Luminate, SMHAFF, The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care and Final Fling. Funded by Creative Scotland.

The festival will include all strands of Summerhall programming with live music as part of Nothing Ever Happens Here…, visual arts exhibitions and new theatre being shown for the first time at the festival alongside returning work. The event was first held over three days at Glasgow’s CCA in 2015 on the anniversary of Ian Smith’s death. Ian Smith was co-founder and Artistic Director of Mischief La-Bas and company co-founder Angie Dight explains the very personal significance of the festival:

“My own personal journey with death began in 2014 when, after a severe battle with depression, my husband Ian Smith took his own life. The illness had reduced him to a shadow of his former self; after his death, beginning with the funeral, we were able to restore him in our memories, back to his full glory.

“Our Festival celebrates death, loved ones, art and life in the hope that it will encourage discussion, interaction and challenge any fears we may have about being open about death”

New work in development from performance artist Victoria Melody, Ugly Chief, explores the British funeral industry and tells the story of Victoria planning her father’s funeral. For this piece Victoria trained to be a funeral director; explored her fractious relationship with her dad all whilst planning a now unnecessary funeral – the exploration of the subject starting with her father’s misdiagnosis with a terminal illness.

Pauline Goldsmiths’ resurrects Bright Colours Only a decade after its creation, the world-touring show which recreates an Irish Wake returns for two performances only; F.M.I.N’s new work, first conceived at The Arches, Privates, is a one-on-one performance that celebrates the profound impact other people have on our lives. Andrew Tibbles Immortal, also a one-on-one piece, creates an opportunity to say what you’d like to be heard – when you can no longer say it. All of the contributions created during performances of Immortal will feed into a cacophonous echo like art-work which will be exhibited for the rest of the festival.

Exhibitions include a replica of Ian Smith’s studio as well as documentation and archival film footage including performance, music and TV work; Glasgow painter Graeme Wilcox will exhibit work including collaborations with Ian and Mischief La-Bas and Good Grief – Part II is a reworking of Ian’s Good Grief installation, originally made for the National Review of Live Art with tributes by Angie Dight. Attendees will be invited to leave their own tributes to loved ones passed.

The Visual arts programme also includes photography from Colin Gray’s It Takes a Village looking into the amount of support and togetherness required when people’s health deteriorates, and Ross Fraser McLean’s exploration of the way culture processes death with Mexico’s relationship with death and dying as a vibrant and celebratory starting point. CEIBA pairs Ross’ photography with installation and sculpture to explore and question the Mexican viewpoint – that death is an equalizer.

Summerhall Programme Manager Verity Leigh:

“Death is something we will all experience but something that society finds difficult to talk about. We’re interested in exploring how art and artists might be able to help with that.  The festival brings together the different elements of Summerhall’s programmes with an eclectic mix of art, music, performance and installation – all investigating, challenging, confronting or celebrating death.”

Festival exhibitions run for a month from the opening weekend 28 October with an opening Day of the Dead Party on Friday 28. Over that weekend Final Fling will open the Death Café and there is also a chance to craft an Ofrenda, a shrine or offering, also derived from Mexican tradition.

The opening weekend 28 – 30 October, features all theatre performances and Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents and opening Day of the Dead party with Our Ladies of Sorrow (Friday 28 October) and performance interventions by Mischief La-Bas.


For the full programme please head to

Programme updates will be posted on Instagram @summerhallery twitter @summerhalllery

For further information or interview requests please contact Miriam

Please contact with any programme enquires.

Notes to Editors

Mischief La-Bas

Mischief La-Bas is a performance and street theatre company with a mission to gently warp the underlay of the fabric of society. Working across a variety of settings from parks and streets to festivals and the stage, the company embodies a positive attitude of irreverence and generosity in all it undertakes. Work includes walkabout street theatre to large scale promenade pieces and most recently festival curation. Mischief La-Bas is a charity and receives Regular Funding from Creative Scotland.


Luminate is an annual festival that takes place across the length and breadth of Scotland each October, offering the chance to celebrate creativity, share stories and to explore what ageing means to all of us.



Now celebrating its tenth year, the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival is one of Scotland’s most diverse cultural events, covering everything from music, film and visual art to theatre, dance, and literature. The annual festival takes place in venues across Scotland from 10 – 31 October, aiming to support the arts and challenge preconceived ideas about mental health.


The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPPC)

The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care is an umbrella and representative organisation which, through a collaborative approach, supports and contributes to the development and strategic direction of palliative care
in Scotland.


Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief is an alliance of individuals and organisations working to make Scotland a place where people can be open about death, dying and bereavement. Their annual To Absent Friends festival will take place across Scotland from 1 – 7 November 2016. The organisation is a subsidiary of SPPC.




Summerhall Festival 2016: The Curtain Falls on an Amazing Fringe

Summerhall Festival 2016

Summerhall Festival 2016

Summerhall celebrates its most successful festival fringe to date – five years after the year-round Edinburgh venue opened.  The festival programme this year boasted 132 shows in a programme that took 10 Fringe Firsts, four Total Theatre awards, the Holden Street Theatre Award which will see Scorch head to Adelaide Fringe in Australia, an Amnesty International High Commendation for Counting Sheep, the site specific immersive play about the 2014 Ukrainian Maidan uprising, and the Asian Arts Award for 4D Cinema.

Sam Gough, Summerhall’s General Manager commented:

“We are absolutely delighted that so many of the wonderful shows here at Summerhall have received so much recognition. We’re proud of ALL the shows which have engaged and delighted new and existing audiences at our beautiful, idiosyncratic venue. This year we have brought together an incredible collection of companies and artists, and whilst some will ask how many, how big, or how much more… we want to focus on celebrating the quality of the work.  We’ll also remember the incredible collaborations and friendships that have been made in a space that is relatively new – but now feels so established at the heart of the biggest arts festival in the world.”

2016’s programme explored issues across the board: the housing crisis under the microscope from Cuncrete (Rachael Clerke) and  Letters to Windsor House (Sh!t Theatre); the end of the world in Heads Up (Kieran Hurley) and World Without Us (Ontroerend Goed); political V personal in Faslane (Jenna Watt), On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hilary Clinton Taking Me as her Young Lover (Arthur Meek) and E15 (LUNG); gender politics in Two Man Show (RashDash) and Scorch (Prime Cut); terrorism in the ‘impossible-to-get-a-ticket-for’ Us/Them (BRONKS), incarceration in Doubting Thomas (Grassmarket Project); The Road to Huntsville (Stephanie Ridings) and A Man Standing (Theatre de L’Ancre); site-specific works (I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow (FK Alexander), Counting Sheep (Lemon Bucket Orkestra) and A Hundred Homes (Yinka Kuitenbrouwer); all alongside sell-out returns for Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons and Every Brilliant Thing both in the Paines Plough Roundabout.

This year Summerhall built on its existing partnerships with Northern Stage, Paines Plough Roundabout, Big in Belgium, Aurora NovaShow & Tell the Taiwan Season, and also welcoming work from Made In Scotland. 2016 also saw the start of an exciting new partnership with Made In Adelaide. 

The visual arts programme spurred debate, with displays of an incredible wealth of material from the influential Artists Placement Group, alongside a new installation from Mark Fell, the UK premiere of work from Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost, and Tamsyn Challenger’s Hyper Bowl answering to the hyperbolic language and star ratings that pop up across the festival fringe in August. All the displays are open to September.

The venue looks forward to the autumn with all the festival exhibitions open until September, a continuing programme of Nothing Ever Happens Here… the live music programme that during the festival welcomed GrandaddyEska and Kathryn Joseph amongst many more bastions of popular music, to the building.

From 28 October running all the way through November Summerhall announces Festival of Ian Smith: A Celebration of Death. An eclectic mix of art, music, performance and installation – all investigating, challenging, confronting or celebrating death. A collaboration between Summerhall and Mischief La Bas, the project is a development of the Festival of Ian Smith curated by Angie Dight of Mischief La Bas and held at CCA in Glasgow in August 2015.  Ian Smith, Artistic Director of Mischief La Bas, took his own life in 2014 after a severe battle with depression.

For Summerhall this is a great way to bring together three strands – performance, visual art and live music.  In presenting challenging, brave and engaging work on this important subject, celebrating life by celebrating death, we hope to bring some of the August festival spirit of openness, surprise and experimentation to Edinburgh in the autumn.

Summerhall Festival 2016: Summerhall scoops an unprecedented 10 out 19 Fringe Firsts

Shows at Summerhall have won ten Fringe Firsts out of a possible 19.

This week judges from the Scotsman newspaper handed out the prize for new writing at the Fringe to Scorch, Growth, One Hundred Homes and Letters to Windsor House.

In the first two weeks of the Fringe, Kieran Hurley’s Heads Up, Ontrorend Goed’s World Without Us and Lemon Bucket Orkestra’s Counting Sheep.

The award, long established, is one of the premier gongs for any Fringe show. Summerhall’s ten is unprecedented.

At the final awards ceremony of the Fringe, in a packed out Spiegeltent in St Andrew’s Square, Scorch also won the Holden Street Theatres award.

I’m Doing This For You, and We Are Bronte were among the nominations for the Brighton Fringe award.

Counting Sheep and Letters to Windsor House were shortlisted for the prestigious Carol Tambor award.

The day before Summerhall shows had won four of the Total Theatre awards, with FK Alexander’s (I Could Go On Singing) Over The Rainbow, Mauro Paccagnella and Alessandro Bernardeschi’s Happy Hour and Big in Belgium’s One Hundred Homes and Bildraum.

Counting Sheep had also been highly commended in the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression award.

Earlier in the week 4D Cinema’s Mamoru Iriguchi won an Asian Arts Award for his direction.

Scotsman chief critic and chairman of the judging panel Joyce McMillan told The Stage: “We have checked hundreds of shows everywhere, we have just worn ourselves out. But basically the Summerhall ones are much better and getting much higher scores from everyone.”

She continued: “It is astonishing to think that a venue which didn’t exist eight years ago is now the venue on the fringe at the moment.”

McMillan added: “The Summerhall operation this year is almost more of a federation than a venue. If you look at the number of people involved there – Paines Plough with Roundabout, Aurora Nova, Northern Stage – a lot of people have come in under the Summerhall umbrella. It is just such a rambling physical place, apart from anything else, that they can find places to set up shop,” she said.


Summerhall Festival 2016: Record Ticket Sales at Summerhall

Summerhall Director Robert McDowell - photo credit Dima Nechepurenko

Summerhall Director Robert McDowell – picture by Dima Nechepurenko

Summerhall’s Director Robert McDowell has paid tribute to the artists and shows who have put his venue at the centre of the Fringe thanks to record ticket sales and multiple award wins.

Attendances are up 30 per cent on 2015, with more tickets bought in the first two weeks than in the whole of last year’s Festival.

Staff in the building are preparing for another busy week after shows in the programme won six Fringe Firsts and received ten nominations in the Total Theatre awards, three times as many as any other venue. Many shows have already sold out all tickets for the rest of their run.

Mr McDowell said: “Despite some atrocious weather and the television draw of the Olympics, by the end of week two Summerhall’s festival attendances exceeded the total for 2015.

“Our programme is enjoying unprecedented critical acclaim with an average star rating by critics of over 3.8, plus six fringe first awards and a slew of other prizes and award nominations. There have been sell-out shows every day including in some of our biggest venues.”

This year Summerhall hosts 147 shows, with 1771 performances involving an estimated 276 performers.

Alongside the award-winning theatre and spoken word, the contemporary music programme, Nothing Ever Happens Here has seen Summerhall become the only place on the Fringe for music fans, filling the void left by the end of the Edge festival.

Rooms in the building have also been given to over to eight exhibitions and installations from award-winning artists, including former Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost, attracting thousands of visitors.

Mr McDowell added that the success of the venue had been noticed by Scottish Government: “In her address at the BBC reception, Fiona Hyslop, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, said that Summerhall represents the arts and festival of the twenty-first century, emphasising our quality
and internationalism.”

Ukrainian flag flying over Summerhall - picture by Dima Nechepurenko

Ukrainian flag flying over Summerhall – picture by Dima Nechepurenko

That internationalism was highlighted earlier in the week when Mr McDowell raised the Ukrainian flag, in tribute to the Fringe First winning Counting Sheep, the immersive show that turns Edinburgh’s King’s Hall into Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev’s central square during the country’s 2014 Revolution of Dignity.

Created in Toronto by Canadian-Ukrainian theatre artists Mark and Marichka Marczyk, Counting Sheep is one of 40 international shows in the Summerhall programme.

Mr McDowell continued: “Six years ago Summerhall felt like the fringe of the Fringe, but this year it feels very much more central.

“So far we have received over 350 critics’ star-rated reviews and several hundred top picks and recommendations.”

Summerhall Festival 2016: A Day of French New Writing


The Best of French New Writing

The Best of French New Writing

Summerhall is pleased to announce that tomorrow, the 22nd of August, for one day only, we will premiere three new French plays that have been translated into English as part of Cross Channel Theatre Initiative.

Led by the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, supported by the SACD, and in collaboration with IPR ltd, Cross-Channel Theatre aims to promote new French writing in the UK.

The three plays are:

14:35 Going Through, by Estelle Savasta. Translated by Kirsten Hazel Smith, directed by Omar Elerian. PG

16:15 It’s Christmas so deal with it, by Pierre Notte. Translated by Simon Scardifield, directed by Simon Scardifield. 12+

20:45 Country, by Pedro Kadivar. Translated by Simon Scardifield, directed by Mark Maughan. 18+

Summerhall Festival 2016: Three more Fringe Firsts for Summerhall

Another three Summerhall shows have been awarded Fringe Firsts.

Jenna Watt’s Faslane, Two Man Show by Rash Dash and Us/Them by Bronks were all awarded The Scotsman’s prize for new writing in the second week of the Fringe.

The paper’s chief critic Joyce McMillan told The Stage, the award winners were  “a really interesting mix of completely new people to the list, with established Fringe First winners who have come back with terrific work again“.

Earlier in the week 10 Summerhall shows were nominated for Total Theatre awards: (I could go on singing) over the rainbow, One Hundred Homes, Bildraum, Only Bones, Counting Sheep, Eurohouse, Letters To Windsor House, Two Man Show, Us/Them, and Happy Hour.

The winners of that award will be announced at a ceremony on August 25.

Last week judges at The Scotsman awarded Fringe Firsts to Heads Up, Counting Sheep and World Without Us.


Tamsyn Challenger in her Hyperbowl - ©Peter Dibdin

Tamsyn Challenger in her Hyperbowl – ©Peter Dibdin










*when artist dies
**may not be a part of the actual bowl
***Competition may well be repeated
****event will consist of handover of artwork by a Summerhall employee

NEHH Presents…WHITE + Bossy Love – TONIGHT!



Nothing Ever Happens Here continues this evening with a brilliant set from Glasgow five-piece, WHITE; who were described as “Scotland’s most exciting new band right now”. Their debut song, ‘Living Fiction’, impressed NME so much, that they called it, “the kind of full-blown space wig-out Bowie would be proud of”.

The band will be supported by Bossy Love, the Glasgow-based Duo, who turned heads in 2014 with the release of their Holidates mixtape, which showcased their unique blend of “RnB-inflected pop”, so expect an inescapable sound explosion of wild guitars, synth pop and Bowie-inspired tunes.

Doors open at 7pm, and you can buy tickets here.

NEHH Presents…Orkestra Del Sol – Tonight!

Orkestra Del Sol

Orkestra Del Sol

We’re really pleased to have our friends, Orkestra Del Sol playing in The Dissection Room tonight as part of Nothing Ever Happens Here.

Formed ten years ago, and showing no signs of slowing down, their particular brand of ‘honkstep’ has been heard and celebrated on dance floors across the world.

If you like big, sexy brassy street music, that sounds like it came from New Orleans via a Latin Carnival before crashlanding in the UK, then a night with Orkestra Del Sol is for you.

Summerhall Festival 2016: Fringe First Awards Announced

Fringe First Winners

Fringe First Winners

Summerhall are delighted to announce that three of our shows at this year’s festival have been awarded Fringe Firsts by the critics of the Scotsman.

The prize for new writing was presented to Counting Sheep by the Lemon Bucket Orchestra, Heads Up by Kieran Hurley and World Without Us by Ontroerend Goed.

Summerhall’s Director, Robert McDowell, said:

“We are delighted for our artists and our programme to have won three Fringe Firsts in only week one.

“Heads Up from Scotland, World Without Us from Belgium and Counting Sheep from the Ukraine via Canada are three highly memorable shows.

“These are exceptional shows in what is a very international programme.

“Edinburgh’s festivals are together the largest arts event in the world, and they are about international understanding.

“And every year we must rededicate ourselves fully to the role of culture in building lasting internationalism when economics and politics seem to fail.

“That is why we at Summerhall are still flying the EU flag.”

Summerhall Festival 2016: A Quick Review Roundup

Summerhall Press Coverage 2016

Summerhall Press Coverage 2016

The stars have come out and it’s only the first week of the Fringe! We’ve been really happy with the reviews we’ve had come in so far, and below is a quick roundup of just some of the press coverage that we’ve received so far.

An early favourite with the critics, was the school hostage drama, Us/Them, which details the circumstances of the 2004 Beslan siege, through the eyes of two children, and received five star reviews from The Guardian and The Stage and a great write up in Total Theatre.

Elsewhere, Kieran Hurley ponders a world on the brink of catastrophe in his new piece, Heads Up, which was praised by What’s on Stage for its “sharp staging” and its ability to offer hope to the audience.

Another one-man show, Sam Rowe’s Denton and Me, weaves the story of a unnamed man with the work of the writer, Denton Welsh, which received four stars in The Times. While Will Pickvance, and his “better half” – otherwise known as his trusty piano impressed Fest with his “whimsical, timeless tales.”

Described by Exeunt as “furious loud and aggressive”, Rachael Clerke’s Cuncrete explores gender, politics and bankers, as Welsh, as her drag king alter ego, Archibald Tactful, and his band, The Great White Males tear up toxic notions of masculinity with their trademark wit and power.

Death and our attitudes towards it form the basis of Liz Rothchild’s Talking Outside the Box – A Live Show About Death, earned praise for her engaging style, while It Folds explores grief through stories of lost and missing children, which Total Theatre praised for its “surreal exploration” of death.

The body has also been a popular theme at Summerhall this festival, with Hannah Nicklin exploring her physical and emotional journey as she trained for the Ironman the year she turned 30, which The Stage described as “unexpectedly moving”. Meanwhile, Growth, Luke Norris’ comedy about testicular cancer, was praised for making “light work of testicular cancer” by The Stage.

And finally, Paines Plough’s Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons was highly recommended by The Guardian!

What have you been to see? What would you recommend?

Summerhall is looking for a duty manager

Job Position: Summerhall Duty Manager (events and operations).

Summerhall is looking for an Operational Duty Manager for a minimum of 25 hours per week as standard with additional hours determined on a monthly basis.

This role is primarily for evenings and weekends. Candidates who cannot meet this criteria will not be considered for the role.
This positions main focus is the delivery of Summerhall’s varied events programme whilst also being responsible for the wider building and public within Summerhall which requires crossover into various departments within the company.
Summerhall plays host to regular social events, conferences, theatre, major festivals, weddings, private parties and much more. Ideally the chosen candidate will have experience in a number of these fields.

In charge of a small team of staff during events, the chosen candidate must be able to manage and delegate whilst carrying out instructions from the events team in order to deliver events that have been handed over to them.

Job overview:

-Safeguarding visitors, guests and event attendees

-Being responsible for the site, liaising with security and when necessary First Aid and Blue Light Services

-Providing on going training and support to the casual events team

-Managing and motivating front of house and box office teams in order to provide high quality services for clients

-Delivering event briefings to the front of house and security team

-Liaising with suppliers and clients to a high standard

-Delivering events as you have been instructed to by the events team

-Making decisions independently to ensure events are delivered successfully and determining when higher management need to be contacted

-Handling guest complaints confidently and professionally

-Providing event reports including all client charges/extras and incident reports

-Ensuring public areas and venue spaces are clean safe environments at all times

-Ensuring staff timesheets and administration are completed accurately

-Responsible for the safekeeping of spaces and their equipment and handing over to the overnight team

-Attend any meetings/training as requested

We are seeking someone with the following skills and attributes:
• Good time management and organisation skills
• Prioritisation
• Flexibility
• Problem solver
• Forward thinker
• Attention to detail
• Self-motivating

This is a hands on role which includes building responsibility and staff management whilst also involving customer service and care.

1 years’ experience of similar roles, working with the public-  problem solving is vital.

Event delivery and management as well as a valid First Aid certificate is desirable.

Competitive wage depending on experience.

Application is by CV with covering lettering to

Closing Date is 12:00 Friday 26th August 2016.

Start date: ASAP

Please note unfortunately unsuccessful applicants may not be contacted due to high level of interest.

Summerhall Festival 2016: The Previews Have Begun

All Summerhall shows on the 3rd of August 2016After all of our behind-the-scenes preparation, and days of transforming Summerhall, our crews have downed their tools, put on their new Summerhall uniforms and flung open the doors to a new audience for this year.

While the Fringe doesn’t officially start until the 5th, a number of the shows on our Festival programme actually started today, which gave staff and the public the chance to see a mixture of artists revisiting established work and performing new work before everyone else!

Our first show began at 10:00 this morning, and our final show will start at 22:40 tonight. It’s been an extremely busy day, but we are so pleased to be able to show off the work that we’ve programmed for 2016, and we want as many people as possible to come along and see it.

As soon as we opened this morning, people came in to have a look around, see what’s on offer, and also book shows, with the assistance of our new FOH Team. Behind the scenes, our crew was still hard at work on our spaces and continuing preparation for the first official day of the Fringe.

So, if you have some free time, before the 5th, pop along and see what we’re up to.

Summerhall Festival 2016: That Fringe Friday Feeling

Cheese on Toast, Summerhall style

Cheese on Toast, Summerhall style

It’s Fringe time, along with all of our excellent shows and exhibitions, we’ve welcomed some local, and if we do say so ourselves, excellent, food vendors, including Rost and The Cheesy Toast Shack, and a selection of Australian wines are also available.

We’re so pleased with our Festival programme this year, and we’re even happier to have had some of our shows featured in publications like The Stage, The Guardian, Exeunt, The Herald and TVBomb. You can keep up to date with our press coverage here.

Nothing Ever Happens Here kicks off tonight with Cosmic Disco Nights, and continues tomorrow with a set by Kathryn Joseph, and – this just in – support from indie folk singer, Siobhan Wilson.

Elsewhere in the building, Haroon Mirza and Laure Prouvost’s exhibitions continue to attract visitors while the IDST (If Destroyed Still True) is always looking for video submissions.

The first weekend of the Fringe is about to begin, what’s on your cultural radar?

Summerhall Festival 2016 – It’s Time for the Get In

Summerhall sign, one of many

Summerhall sign, one of many

It’s the first of August, and all through Summerhall, construction, as the sign says, is everywhere.

The old vet school is filled with the sound of furious hammering, eager sawing and the smell of fresh paint as we get ready for the official start of this year’s festival in just two days away,

On top of our existing spaces, such as the Red Lecture Theatre and the Main Hall, the Summerhall team have been hard at work adding something a little different. Just like last year, Paines Plough’s Roundabout have pitched their tent in the courtyard, and will be home to theatre productions, children’s shows and more.

The Courtyard will also be home to the Summerhall shop, a number of pop-up street food vendors, such as the new Cheesy Toast Shack, which will serve gourmet grilled cheese, and Róst who are set to return with their signature selection of local Scottish produce.

There’s also the Beer Moretti Bar, which will be open all day everyday, alongside the the Royal Dick Bar, which offers, amongst other things, Pickering’s Gin on tap and Barney’s Beer, both of which are brewed (in the case of Barney’s Beer) and distilled (Pickering’s Gin) on site.

While we finalise our preparations over the next few days, visitors are more than welcome to come to Summerhall and get an idea of what’s going on, buy tickets for shows, and even head to our café, which opens at 8am, for some pre-Fringe coffee and cake.

Demarco News from Poland

Honorowy doktorat ASP dla Richarda Demarco
Szkocki malarz, rysownik, właściciel słynnej The Richard Demarco Gallery i jeden z twórców festiwalu teatralnego w Edynburgu, zostanie w środę doktorem honoris causa wrocławskiej ASP

Czytaj więcej


Archiwum Richarda Demarco jako Gesamtkunstwerk (totalne dzieło sztuki)

Część I konferencji ma na celu przedstawienie postaci Richarda Demarco jako kuratora i artysty, twórcy archiwum będącego totalnym dziełem sztuki, jego wkładu w przełamanie podziału politycznego Europy na Europę Zachodnią i Wschodnią poprzez nawiązywanie kontaktów pomiędzy artystami po dwóch stronach Żelaznej Kurtyny, zaprezentowanie znaczenia festiwalu w Edynburgu i roli jaką odegrał tam Demarco w dziedzinie sztuk wizualnych, związków Richarda Demarco z Tadeuszem Kantorem i Cricot 2, wpływu Richarda Demarco na drogi, którymi podążała szkocka i europejska awangarda.

Uczestnicy konferencji: Richard Demarco, Klara Kemp-Welch, Noel Witt, Mischa Twitchin, Faynia Williams, Richard Crane, Andrew Spira, Sonya Rolak, Nesta Jones, Giles Sutherland, Dorota Grubba, Zbigniew Benedyktowicz, Józef Robakowski, Wiesław Borowski, Zbigniew Makarewicz, Natalia LL, Koji Kamoji, Wanda Czełkowska, Zbigniew Warpechowski, i inni.

Czytaj więcej


Narodowe Centrum Kultury oraz Fundacja Sztuki Współczesnej In Situmają zaszczyt zaprosić na konferencję poświęconą Richardowi Demarco, artyście i kuratorowi wybitnie zasłużonemu dla promocji kultury polskiej na zachodzie w czasie, kiedy Europę dzieliła żelazna kurtyna. W konferencji weźmie udział Marek Mutor, Dyrektor Narodowego Centrum Kultury.

Co roku Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki Efemerycznej KONTEKSTY honoruje wybitnego twórcę. Tym razem jest to Richard Demarco – wybitny kurator, twórca galerii i artysta, przez dziesięciolecia odpowiedzialny za sztuki wizualne festiwalu w Edynburgu.

Czytaj więcej

Vacancy: Chef for The Royal Dick Bar & Restaurant

We are looking for a Chef for The Royal Dick Bar & Restaurant, situated at Summerhall Arts complex in central Edinburgh. This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic chef, to come on board to create a bistro/gastropub style of menu of tasty food for our customers utilising local suppliers, seasonal produce and great ingredients. We have just undergone a recent refurbishment of the bar, which has included the installation of a brand new kitchen, with brand new equipment.

This is a great opportunity to join the young team, create an exciting new menu, establish a reputation and begin to build the brand.

Please send a CV outlining your experience and a covering letter explaining in which direction your cooking passions lie and the type of chef you are and want to be.

Applications are to be sent to

Experience essential and immediate start available
Salary will be based on experience.

Robert McDowell, in response to the Brexit vote…

Robert McDowell, director of Summerhall said that in response to the Brexit vote, Summerhall, over which the EU flag flies at half mast mourning the death of UK membership, we very much welcome and dedicate our support to Janet Archer’s statement for Creative Scotland confirming Creative Scotland’s commitment to internationalism in the arts, to bringing people together across all borders, and to linking firmly with our partners across Europe and do all we can to project our creativity and engage even more with Europe.

Where politics and economics fail, culture must step in to hold us all together. The National Galleries with two world-class exhibitions of Surrealism and Impressionism remind us we are all culturally Europeans first and not just Scottish, British, Irish, Welsh, or English.

Some commentators have said this is the most serious UK crisis since World War II. That war inspired the necessity of founding the Edinburgh Festival to heal the wounds of war through the languages of the arts. The festival became the world’s biggest and most international arts festival in the world because the arts are not about mere entertainment but about building international understanding between divided peoples. We have to rededicate ourselves to healing wounds and especially the new wounds that have sadly opened up in Europe only one generation after the end of the Cold War that had most painfully divided Europe profoundly so for half a century.

Note to editors: Summerhall is Europe’s biggest private arts centre, staging 800 shows and events annually by hundreds of artists in all art forms, from more than 30 countries, and receiving over half a million annual visitors.

Summerhall Festival 2016 – family shows

With our spacious and accessible café, bright courtyard area and Zoom Club events throughout the week, Summerhall is already a destination venue for families across the local area.  As ever, our Fringe programme will include plenty of shows for children and young people that are equally enjoyable for grown-ups.

Sure to be as talked-about as our offerings for adults, is Us/Them (ages 9+) by Bronks, the leading Belgian theatre company making work for young audiences. Taking the 2004 school siege in Beslan, Russia as its starting point, it doesn’t offer a straightforward account of this terrible drama, but instead looks at the entirely individual way children cope with extreme situations using humour and a matter-of-fact approach.

Also for older audiences is Mikey and Addie (ages 9+), created by Scots theatremaker Andy Manley (White, Huff), which tells of a sunny young boy called Mikey, who’s blind to the secret his mother is hiding, and his new friend Addie, a girl who always tells the truth. Part of this year’s Made in Scotland programme, it’s a tale which delicately tells of the moment when we learn about facing up to reality. Snakes and Giants (ages 12+) is the new show from the Flanagan Collective (creators of last year’s Fable and York Theatre Royal’s all-female version of Romeo & Juliet) with Joanne Hartstone, a fusion of spoken word, dance and a heavy, soulful soundtrack.

Recommended for all ages are the entirely wordless Squirrel Stole My Underpants by American company the Gottabees, which follows a girl called Sylvie as she enters a magical world of puppetry and physical theatre in an attempt to get her underpants back from the squirrel who stole them from the washing line, and the Taiwanese The Adventure of Puppets. Using everyday objects like a mop, a hammer and a homemade ship, the latter’s aim is to conjure a DIY universe of the imagination.

The Paines Plough Roundabout venue includes a brand new play for families from award-winning writer Katie Douglas, I Got Superpowers for my Birthday (PG). Northern Stage bring People of the Eye (12+) by the Deaf and Hearing Ensemble, a story about a family finding their way through the Deaf world, told using British Sign Language, spoken English and creative captioning.

Finally, Alice Mary Cooper’s solo show Waves (PG) tells a compelling story of lifelong determination which may or may not be true, that of young Australian woman Elizabeth Moncello, the unofficial ‘inventor’ of the butterfly stroke in the 1930s, and the inspiration she took from the animal kingdom in doing so.

All Summerhall Festival 2016 shows are on sale now at  and most of the shows listed above have special ticket offers for families (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children).

Summerhall, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Nothing Ever Happens Here Present…

Summerhall and Nothing Ever Happens Here are proud to be collaborating for the first time with the Edinburgh International Film Festival to present ‘Sound & Vision,’ the inaugural two day al fresco live music and film screening events – all in the magical courtyard at Summerhall in the heart of the city.

As part of the Films In The City programme we are proud and excited to be presenting two very different, but very special nights.

Sound + Vision: Lost in France

Friday 17 June, 2016 (17:30)

In the late 1990s, a collection of musicians from Chemikal Underground Records hired a bus and headed off on a road trip to a town in rural France to play a one-off gig. Now they are headed back to relive the experience. From Mogwai to Franz Ferdinand, The Delagados to RM Hubbart, Chemikal Underground defines the independent record scene in Scotland from the mid 90s until present day. Lost in France, in exploring a small moment in its history, defines what has made the label and its acts so adored by fans around the world.

Sound + Vision: About a Boy

Saturday 18 June, 2016 (15:30)

NEHH, Summerhall and EIFF over the moon to welcome  Badly Drawn Boy to the venue, to perform live the soundtrack to the film About a Boy. This will be followed by a outdoor screening of the Oscar nominated blockbuster.

They say everyman is an an Island…’ well ours is the courtyard and its the middle of our wonderful site. Bring a blanket, see Badly Drawn Boy LIVE then watch a classic British film! This is a unique night to be part of three amazing Edinburgh institutions – and we expect tickets to fly so get in quick.

Do bear in mind that it is an outdoor event, it is Edinburgh – in June – be prepared, bring a mac!

There are limited, VIP picnic bench tickets for sale where up to 6 of you have your very own seats, blankets, popcorn, table service and a great view.

There will be bars food stalls, pop corn, ice cream and the odd rendition of Killing Me softly…

You can only book VIP benches through the Summerhall box office – ALL courtyard tickets will be sold through both Summerhall and EIFF websites.

Summerhall NEHH Festival 2016

Summerhall’s Nothing Ever Happens Here series is a year-round showcase of diverse and boundary-pushing contemporary music from across the world, and this year it will once again be one of the essential platforms for live music in Edinburgh during the festival month of August. Today we’re very pleased to reveal new additions to our line-up of national and international live concerts, club nights and showcase events, with titans of the American scene Grandaddy joining the bill.

Most acclaimed for their second and third records The Sophtware Slump (2000) and Sumday (2003), the Modesto, California quintet split following their to-date final album Just Like the Fambly Cat in 2006. Since they reunited in 2012, however, rumours have become ever more concerted that a fifth album of eagerly-awaited new material is imminent. Also added to our August bill is 28-year-old Texan singer-songwriter and former member of Woods and The Babies Kevin Morby, whose off-beam alternative pop invites comparison in part to The National and Sonic Youth.

Other essential artists appearing with their own headline shows include acclaimed Newcastle folk troubadour Richard Dawson, Warp-signed post-dubstep duo Mount Kimbie with a DJ set, London’s eclectic, Mercury-nominated singer and songwriter of soulful pop Eska, and mysterious Chicago alt.blues man Willis Earl Beal.

A distinctly well-chosen roster of local artists with wider international recognition includes Glasgow’s dynamic, NME-praised post-punk quintet White, Falkirk pianist and Teenage Fanclub collaborator Bill Wells’ mellifluous indie troupe the (misleadingly titled) National Jazz Trio of Scotland, and anthemic Summerhall regulars Broken Records, an Edinburgh group whose superficial resemblance to Arcade Fire belies the fact they’ve been ploughing their own sound for a decade this year.

There’s also vivid and articulate indie-pop songwriting from Withered Hand, while the work of Rachel Sermanni boasts a more grippingly rootsy tone. Soul Foundation offer a live club set of Northern Soul and disco classics with live four-part harmonies and dancing, and the Mediterraneo Festival Edition 2016 brings together a huge, multi-instrumental project combining Italian Pizzica, Zimbabwean jit-jive, afrobeat and Cuban salsa, fronted by The Badwills and Rise Kagona, ex of the Bhundu Boys.

Finally, our selection of late-night club parties offers a refreshingly different take on a festival night out. Dates confirmed include the out-there celebration of German kosmische sounds (with added Italo and disco on the side) Cosmic Disco Nights, in association with Braw Gigs; a cross-genre selection of indie, soul, rock ‘n’ roll and punk with GrownUps; and the return once more of our popular conceptual art party Rhythm Machine.

Summerhall Made in Scotland 2016

MADE-IN-SCOTLAND-transFollowing the announcement of the Made in Scotland 2016 programme for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Summerhall is once more pleased to welcome a number of the shows in the strand to our venue throughout August.

A partnership between the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Creative Scotland, the Federation of Scottish Theatre and the Scottish Music Centre, and funded through the Scottish Government’s Expo Fund, Made in Scotland’s mission is to showcase the wealth of world class performance created in Scotland through the year to a festival audience. Presented by Kieran Hurley (Beats, Chalk Farm, Hitch) and Show and Tell, Heads Up is a new piece from award-winning theatremaker and performer Hurley alongside composer Michael John McCarthy, an investigation into the end of the world from the perspective of disparate characters including a priest who has lost his faith and a city finance worker. From performer Sam Rowe alongside Stirling’s Macrobert Arts Centre and Showroom, Denton and Me fuses Rowe’s own life with the story of early 20th century queer literary icon Denton Welch, a favourite of and influence upon Alan Bennett, William S Burroughs and John Waters.

Music Highlights

Musically, some of the highlights of the Made in Scotland programme are at Summerhall. Virtuoso guitarist Simon Thacker is working alongside cellist Justyna Jablonska and singer and violinist Masha Natanson to create Karmana, Songs of the Roma, a Romani musical which borrows from the Indian, Balkan and Spanish Gypsy traditions. Composer and guitarist Graeme Stephen, meanwhile, presents a new score for Fritz Lang’s ground-breaking 1927 science fiction film Metropolis alongside Dutch string quartet ZAPP 4 and drummer Tom Bancroft. This is Stephen’s seventh film score; the others include FW Murnau’s Sunrise, which won the Innovation Award at the Scottish Jazz Awards.

Last year’s instrumentalist of the year at the Scots Trad Music awards Mairi Campbell presents Pulse, which premiered at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections festival in January and enjoyed great reviews. Combining viola, voice, movement, animation and storytelling, this Kath Burlison-directed piece of musical autobiography from Greengold Projects and Authentic Artists Collective details Campbell’s desire to ‘come home’ to Scotland via travels in London, Mexico and Cape Breton.

Aimed mainly at children aged 9 to 12 years of age, writers Andy Manley (also the director) and Rob Evans’ Mikey and Addie is a two-handed piece of visual storytelling which deals in compelling fashion with the idea of confronting reality as you grow up. Presented by Red Bridge Arts, it tells of a boy named Mikey who believes his father is working on a secret mission up in space for NASA, until he meets a straight-talking new friend called Addie who leads him to question his beliefs.

For full details of the 2016 Made in Scotland programme visit

Book now via and via from Saturday 4 June.



Once again, Summerhall is proud to present its annual Autopsy Award to two outstanding and thought-provoking pieces of new performance. Established in 2013 as part of Arches Live at Glasgow’s much-missed multi-arts venue the Arches, the award saw two Arches Live productions restaged the following year on Summerhall stages as part of our festival programme. With the sad and unexpected closure of the Arches in early 2015, we’re honoured to continue a small part of its work in supporting ground-breaking new theatrical talent. This year’s awards were chosen with the assistance of Jill Smith and Kathryn Boyle of Feral Arts, and formerly of the producing team at the Arches.

Glasgow-based performance artist FK Alexander obliquely describes her work as being founded upon “aggressive healing // radical wellness // public vulnerability // noise music // 12 step recovery.” Presented in conjunction with noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association, (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow sees Alexander and the band play and sing along with Judy Garland’s last ever public performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’, four months before her premature death at the age of 47 from a barbiturate overdose. Described by the Guardian’s Lyn Gardner as ‘desperate, moving, distressing and beautiful too,’ the show tracks, through the medium of performance and the reaction of others in the audience around us, the power of song to define both performer and observer.

Originally a zoologist, then a theatre designer and now a performance artist, Mamoru Iriguchi is based between Edinburgh and London. His 4D Cinema project sees the performer turn himself into a human cinema, wearing a screen upon his head with which he interacts with the filmed performers, first to tell the life story of Marlene Dietrich in 3D and then to, as he describes it, ‘time travel in reverse at a speed of 60 minutes per hour’ in 4D. Mary Brennan of the Herald described it as ‘a work about time as well as perception… a really cunning, witty work that makes the brain cells spark with delight.’

Summerhall Festival 2016

Summerhall, Edinburgh’s most daring and respected year-round multi-arts venue, is proud to announce its 2016 Festival Programme.

Now into its sixth year, and with a reputation for presenting diverse work from a host of the world’s most innovative theatremakers, musicians and visual artists, the venue has become the go-to destination of the Edinburgh Festival for audiences who expect to find their senses and preconceptions challenged. Once again, we feel we’ve risen to that reputation with a programme which is striking in its breadth of creative responses to the world.

Across nearly 120 separate shows, concerts, talks and special events, the range of subjects covered includes the housing crisis, the problem with contemporary masculinity, the effect of long-term incarceration, Britain’s nuclear deterrent, a child’s reaction to the horror of the Beslan siege, a first-hand account of the Ukrainian revolution and the end of the human race. Amongst the companies and organisations who have trusted us with their productions in 2016 are Aurora Nova, Big in Belgium, Northern Stage, Paines Plough, Ontroerend Goed, Sh!t Theatre, Inspector Sands, Junk Ensemble & Brokentalkers and Blind Summit & Hijinx among many others.

Alongside our strong international selection of theatre and dance, music plays an increasingly large role this year, both as an integral part of much of the stage work and in our Nothing Ever Happens Here programme of exciting live concerts. A popular year-round fixture at Summerhall, the breadth and quality of NEHH means that Summerhall is one of the essential venues for contemporary music of all genres during the Edinburgh Festival.

Our theatre programme includes the return of Tim Crouch’s 2014 play Adler & Gibb, first seen at the Royal Court, a convention-breaking piece about the titular 20th century New York contemporary artists, and a very personal view on the UK’s nuclear deterrent Trident from Fringe First winner Jenna Watt. Raised near the base at Faslane, Watt explores its personal and political space in Scottish life, drawing on her knowledge of people who work on the base and who protest against its existence at the gates.

Sh!t Theatre offer ‘songs, politics, dodgy landlords, detective work and opening other people’s mail’ in Letters to Windsor House; Scots theatremaker Kieran Hurley and musician Michael John McCarthy present Heads Up, a glimpse of a familiar world on the day of its destruction; Inspector Sands’ The Lounge takes apart the ageing process and our response to it; acclaimed comedian Robert Newman returns with The Brain Show, a typically cerebral piece which examines what the brain does when it’s in love; and Arthur Meek and Show Pony’s piece On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me As Her Young Lover attempt to deliver on that title’s promise.

Hosted by 2014 Ideas Tap Underbelly winner Rachael Clerke as Archibald Tactful, Cuncrete is a noisy gig-based treatise on masculinity and the built environment backed by a drag king punk band, while Nick Cassenbaum’s Bubble Schmeisis sees the creator explore his Jewish identity. In 4D Cinema, Mamoru Iriguchi wears a screen on his face, turning himself into a mobile cinema, while Sam Rowe’s Denton and Me fuses Rowe’s own life with the story of queer literary icon Denton Welch, a favourite of and influence upon Alan Bennett, William S Burroughs and John Waters.

Described by its artistic director Lorne Campbell as ‘diverse, political, contemporary and hugely ambitious,’ Northern Stage returns with a typically uncompromising selection of work from across the north of England, this year housed in our TechCube0 venue. Amongst the highlights are Lung’s E15, a documentary piece about the 29 single mothers of London’s Focus E15 Group, who fought against being forced from their homes by spiralling rents; Unfolding Theatre’s part-gig, part-theatre work about people’s relationship with music Putting the Band Back Together, featuring Ross Millard of Sunderland indie-rockers the Futureheads; and all-female double Fringe First winners RashDash’s song-and-dance meditation on patriarchy and masculinity Two Man Show.

Once more, Paines Plough will be back in their Roundabout venue, with shows including playwright Alan Harris’ offbeat romantic comedy Love, Lies & Taxidermy, Prime Cut’s piece about a gender-curious teen Scorch, which won Best New Play at the 2015 Irish Theatre Awards, and Dave Malloy’s song cycle about love, death and whisky Ghost Quartet. Earlier/Later is another highlight, a series of late night and early morning readings, talks, debates and exclusive performances.

The Aurora Nova programme includes Blank, acclaimed Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour’s experimental piece of live writing, in which the blanks left in the script are filled by a new performer for each show and members of the audience. In Counting Sheep, Toronto-based Balkan gypsy-punks’15-piece Lemon Bucket Orchestra document their experiences during the 2014 Ukrainian uprising in immersive style, while Under Ice is a new version of German playwright Falk Richter’s meditation on corporate life by the Lithuanian director Arturas Areima.

This year’s Big in Belgium showcase, backed by Theatre Royal Plymouth, Richard Jordan Productions and Summerhall, includes the multiple award-winning Ontroerend Goed’s World Without Us, a solo show performed by Valentijn Dhaenens and Karolien De Bleser, each performing the solo show for half of their festival run, about the end of the world and what comes after. Dood Paard’s Macbain brings the stories of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth together with the grunge legend of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in an unforgettable piece of theatre, Yinka Kuitenbrouwer’s One Hundred Homes is a performance staged in a wooden cabin on the theme of ‘home’, which is informed by ongoing conversations with the people of Edinburgh, and BRONKS’ Us/Them, which, with reference to the Beslan school siege, investigates how children respond to extreme situations.

Musically, virtuoso guitarist Simon Thacker returns alongside Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska for the Balkan-influenced musical journey Karmana, Songs of the Roma, composer Graeme Stephen performs his new live soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s sci-fi classic Metropolis, and Vic Llewellyn and lo-fi musician Kid Carpet tell the story of an inmate in a Norwegian psychiatric institute who built a castle on a remote headland over five years in The Castle Builder.

This year Nothing Ever Happens Here is excited to present another typically esoteric Fringe programme of cutting-edge music. Amongst the more widely-recognised names appearing are the Mercury Prize-nominated London vocalist and songwriter Eska, acclaimed Newcastle alternative folk troubadour Richard Dawson, essential post-dubstep duo Mount Kimbie, and the enigmatic, experimental American singer-songwriter Willis Earl Beal.

Scotland’s diverse and exciting scene is also well-represented. Acclaimed Caledonian artists appearing include the thrillingly arch synth-pop group White, willowy Aberdeen singer and 2015 Scottish Album of the Year Award winner Kathryn Joseph and celebrated Falkirk composer, musician and sometime Teenage Fanclub collaborator Bill Wells with his National Jazz Trio of Scotland, a pristine indie-pop group despite the name. Our atmospheric Dissection Room venue will also host club nights throughout August, including the kosmische futurism of Cosmic Disco Nights and our regular cross-genre indie blow-out Grownups.

This year’s visual arts programme draws parallels between historically influential artists and contemporary artists. Exhibitions include:

An overview of the work of Joseph Beuys highlighting his strong links with Scotland, initiated by Richard  Demarco and his gallery the Demarco Gallery. The extensive exhibition celebrates the 50th year of the Demarco Gallery and the 25th year of the Summerhall-based Demarco European Art Foundation. It features photographs, multiples, facsimiles, films and research material and will run alongside similar exhibitions on Beuys at the Tate and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.

In Context is Half the Work. A Partial History of the Artist Placement Group Summerhall collaborates with curators Ulrike Jordan and Naomi Hennig to stage the first Scottish exhibition of the seminal Artist Placement Group (APG). Artists include Ian Breakwell, Roger Coward, Garth Evans, David Hall, John Latham, George Levantis and Barbara Steveni. The exhibition focuses on the APG projects that took place in Scotland, exploring the influence of the group and its artists, raising questions still relevant for present day context-based artistic practices.

Our free visual arts programme will span Summerhall’s galleries throughout the length of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, extending till the 5 Oct 2016. The full programme will be announced on the 3 June.

For further information, images and interview requests please contact:

Miriam Attwood: 07825 642225 Andrew Learmonth: 07403 176249

Book via from Thu 12 May and via from Saturday 4 June.

All Shows:

(I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow FK Alexander with Okishima Island Tourist Association
4D Cinema Mamoru Iriguchi
A Man Standing Theatre de l’Ancre with Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre-Danse
Adler & Gibb Tim Crouch, co-directed by Andy Smith and Karl James
All In Atresbandes
Beyond Price Jack Klaff
Bildraum Atelier Bildraum/Big in Belgium
Blank Nassim Soleimanpour with Aurora Nova
Borderlines – Asylum Monologues Beyond Borders with Ice and Fire Theatre
Bubble Schmeisis Nick Cassenbaum
Camille Kamila Klamut (Theatr Zar)
Counting Sheep Lemon Bucket Orkestra in association with Aurora Nova
Cuncrete Rachael Clerke and the Great White Males
Denton & Me Sam Rowe and Macrobert Arts Centre in association with Showroom
Dive: CU Next Tuesday Dive
Don’t Panic! It’s Challenge Anneka on the button
Doubting Thomas Grassmarket Projects
Emballage Leeds Beckett University, Richard Demarco Archive and Aletia Upstairs
Faslane Jenna Watt in association with Showroom
French Authors at the Fringe Cross-Channel Theatre
Graeme Stephen’s Metropolis Graeme Stephen with Zapp 4 and Tom Bancroft
Happy Hour Mauro Paccagnella & Alessandro Bernardeschi
How (not) to live in Suburbia Annie Siddons
I Used to Hear Footsteps Jack A. G. Britton
If there’s not dancing at the revolution, I’m not coming Julia Croft
I’m Doing This For You Never Mind the Noise / Haley McGee
It Folds Brokentalkers & Junk Ensemble
Karmana: Songs of Roma Simon Thacker and Justyna Jablonska
Kieran Hurley: Heads Up Kieran Hurley with Show And Tell
Last Call Het nieuwstedelijk/Big in Belgium
Letters to Windsor House Sh!t Theatre with Show and Tell
Lost in Blue Debs Newbold and Nimble Fish
Macbain Dood Paard/Big in Belgium
Mairi Campbell: Pulse Mairi Campbell
Meet Fred Hijinx Theatre in association with Blind Summit
Mikey & Addie Andy Manley and Red Bridge
Mungo Park – Travels in the Interior of Africa Dogstar Theatre Company/Mungo Park Arts Centre
Of, Or At A Fairly Low Temperature Lewys Holt
On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton taking me as her Young Lover Arthur Meek
One Hundred Homes Yinka Kuitenbrouwer/Big in Belgium
Only Bones Kallo Collective in association with Aurora Nova
Outside the Box Liz Rothschild
Party Trap Ross Sutherland with Show And Tell
Pianomorphosis Will Pickvance
Remember to Breathe Figure 8 Productions / Scary Biscuits Promotions
Searching Shadows Emily Orley
Snakes and Giants The Flanagan Collective and Joanne Hartstone
Squirrel Stole my Underpants The Gottabees
Stories to Tell in the Middle of The Night Francesca Millican-Slater
Tell Me Anything On The Run with Show And Tell
The Adventure of Puppets Puppet Beings Theatre: Taiwan Season
The Brain Show Robert Newman with Phil McIntyre Entertainments
The Castle Builder Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet
The Dwelling Place Jamie and Lewis Wardrop
The End of the End of History Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca with Fellswoop
The Lady Vanishes Dudendance Theatre
The Lounge Inspector Sands
The Road to Huntsville Stephanie Ridings
Ubu on the Table Théâtre de la Pire Espèce
Under Ice Arturo Areimos teatras
Us/Them Bronks/Big in Belgium
Voices in Your Head Radio Summerhall
Waves Alice Mary Cooper
World Without Us Ontroerend Goed/Big in Belgium

Nothing Ever Happens Here:

Cosmic Disco Nights
Mediterraneo Festival Edition 2016
Broken Records & Adam Stafford
Kathryn Joseph & The Anchoress
Mount Kimble (DJ Set) & Hi + Saberhagen
NJTOS – feat. Bill Wells
Orkestra Del Sol
Rachel Sermanni with Matt Norris & The Moon
Rhythm Machine
Richard Dawson & Nev Clay
Sunns & Support
The Soul Foundation
White & Bossy Love
Willis Earl Beal
Withered Hand & Guests

Northern Stage at Summerhall

600 People Third Angel
Equations for a Moving Body Hannah Nicklin
People of the Eye The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble and Erin Siobhan Hutching
Putting the Band Back Together Unfolding Theatre
Sacré Blue Zöe Murtagh and Tory Copeland
Two Man Show RashDash
Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? Scott Turnbull


Roundabout at Summerhall

All the Things I Lied About Katie Bonna and Paul Jellis in association with Soho Theatre
Every Brilliant Thing Paines Plough
Ghost Quartet Ghost Quartet
Growth Paines Plough
I Got Superpowers For My Birthday Paines Plough and Half Moon
Jonny & the Baptists: Eat The Poor Jonny & the Baptists
Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Walrus
Love, Lies and Taxidermy Paines Plough, Sherman Cymru and Theatr Clwyd
Scorch Prime Cut Productions


Summerhall Residents

A Pickering’s Gin Jolly Pickering’s Gin
Locked In the Distillery Locked In Edinburgh

We are hiring a Production Co-ordinator!

Summerhall is recruiting within its Technical Team. We are looking for a Production Co-ordinator. Job description below. Immediate start available, interviews will be held next week and we will close the application as soon as the right person has been found.

Please apply with CV and covering letter to with the job title in the subject

Hours – 25 per week, based on flexi time. Remuneration – Based on Experience

Job Description

Responsible to the General Manager for coordinating and advancing setup, operation, derigging and maintenance of technical equipment for Summerhall events and performances, in association with the events managers and technician. The position is multi skilled and requires a pro-active, positive and flexible approach to fulfilling our clients’ needs and expectations.

Key responsibilities

  • Working with the events managers to coordinate and deliver all aspects of lighting, sound, av and rigging for incoming events.
  • Work with ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ (NEHH) booker to advance and deliver all NEHH concerts.
  • Meeting and communicating with clients to deliver their technical requirements.
  • Promoting high technical and interpersonal standards and a professional attitude in all work.
  • Allocating staff and equipment to events, booking additional equipment and freelance staff where necessary.
  • Acting as main point of contact with external suppliers, working with the general manager to ensure invoices are paid on time and paperwork is kept up to date.
  • Helping all Summerhall Staff (including casual or freelance staff) ensure the highest standards of Health and Safety are met at all times.
  • Work with the technician to undertake departmental development including policies and procedures, training, maintenance and procurement and facility development.
  • Working with the general manager and technician to ensure that hours are managed appropriately throughout the year.

Specific Duties 

  • Act as ‘Duty Technician’ where necessary on incoming events, offering support and fault finding on Summerhall Technical and client’s presentation equipment.
  • Act as ‘Duty Technician’ during the Fringe as part of the rota of permanent technical staff.
  • Develop and implement a maintenance plan with the technician, including PAT and LOLER inspections, and maintenance of relevant related paperwork.
  • Operate Lighting, Sound and AV equipment for basic events where required.
  • Assist the technician and freelance staff with set up and de-rig equipment for ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ concerts.
  • Be trained on the Fire Panel and take roles in the evacuation plan where required.
  • With the technician – keep all technical areas neat and tidy.

Person Specification 

Essential –

  • Strong organisational skills and attentive to details.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Ability to think quickly and remain calm under pressure.
  • A good established reputation as a professional practitioner within the events, music and theatre industry.
  • Proven experience and practical knowledge of lighting, sound, AV and rigging equipment.
  • Positive experience of close collaboration with colleagues, visiting companies, clients and event organisers.
  • Experience of PAT, basic LOLER inspections and equipment maintenance.
  • Practical experience of planning and preparing temporary power distribution.
  • Experience of positively managing staff.
  • Practical experience of the set up and operation of concert sound equipment.
  • Excellent practical understanding of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, the Electricity at Work regulations, LOLER, and PUWER and the requirements of an employer.
  • 3 years previous experience at a similar level.
  • Flexible approach to working hours and patterns to fulfil the needs of the post.

Desirable –

  • Full UK Driving License.
  • Practical experience of D&B Loudspeaker Systems, Nexo PS Series Loudspeaker Systems, and Yamaha QL, Midas Pro Series and Presonus Studiolive mixing consoles.
  • Experience of programming, operating and fault finding Zero88 Frog Series desks and Avolites Titan Software (Titan Mobile Preferred), including use of Artnet protocol.
  • Basic Knowledge of QLab 2 show control software.
  • Practical experience of PAT and moving light maintenance.
  • Practical experience of live music operation.
  • Relevant industry qualifications will be considered favourably.

It is intended that the part time nature of the post will allow for freelance work outside of Summerhall. This is to give the post holder the opportunity to maintain knowledge of industry best practise, develop their skills and abilities and grow their network of contacts.

Please apply with CV and covering letter to with the job title in the subject.

Fringe 2016: Applications now CLOSED!

Thanks very much for submitting a proposal for Fringe 2016. We are now fully programmed and therefore will not be accepting any more enquiries.

Thanks very much for your time, effort and interest in Summerhall.

Its always great to know that companies are keen to come and perform here and we are incredibly grateful for that privilege.

For 2017, we will be opening applications towards the end of October.

Kind regards,

Summerhall Programming Team


Doors Open Day 2015

Once again this year we are delighted to be taking part in Doors Open Day Weekend!

“Formerly The Royal (Dick) Vet School, Summerhall is now a creative hub for the arts. Summerhall is home to over fifty resident artists and companies, some of whom will be hosting open studio days. We also have a café & shop, our bar/restaurant The Royal Dick, and local legends Barney’s Beer and Pickerings Gin on site. We will have some of our unusual spaces open to the public, including The Dissection Room, the Anatomy Lecture Theatre and the Autopsy Room.”

Come along to see some of our unique venue spaces, learn a little bit about our historic building and see into the studio’s of some of our talented residents.

Open 10am – 5pm both Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September 2015.

Find the full Doors Open Day brochure here:

open doors 2015

South London Gallery Graduate Residency


The South London Gallery Graduate Residency is an open submission 6-month residency opportunity available to artists completing a postgraduate MA, MFA, PGDip, MRes or equivalent programme of study, from a national institution, collective, or art school in the UK between October 2014 and October 2015.

Between November 2015 and May 2016, the resident will receive the following:
• rent-free accommodation and work space in the South London Gallery’s Outset Artists’ Flat;
• a bursary of £5,000 towards living expenses and production costs;
• monthly mentoring sessions with invited artists, curators and writers, as well as the Director and staff of the South London Gallery;
• an exhibition in the SLG’s first floor galleries.

The residency enables the production of a new body of work and a rare opportunity for a recent graduate to exhibit within an internationally renowned institution.

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from those based outside of London, in which instance support for significant travel will be offered to those invited to interview.

To be eligible for the residency applicants must:
• have completed a postgraduate MA, MFA, PGDip, MRes or equivalent programme of study in an arts discipline from a national institution, collective or art school, including Ireland, Scotland and Wales between October 2014 and October 2015;
• be a UK/EU resident or hold a valid work visa with right to stay in the UK during the stated period of residency.

Deadline for applications Monday 28 September 11am.

Find out more and download the application pack here
Further enquiries please email

Image: Installation view of Dorine van Meel: Between the Dog and the Wolf, at the South London Gallery, 2015. Photo by Andy Keate.

Final Fringe Review Roundup (Warning: May Contain Stars)

It may have been the final week of Fringe 2015, but Summerhall shows have remained just as popular with the press, bringing in all of these great reviews:

Cinema ★★★★ The List
Ndebele Funeral ★★★★ Fest ★★★★ The Public Reviews
I’m Not Here Right Now ★★★★ Three Weeks ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide
The Voice Thief ★★★★ All Edinburgh Theatre
What I learned From Johnny Bevan ★★★★★ The Skinny ★★★★★ Scotsgay ★★★★ The Mumble
Alien Lullabies ★★★★★ The Quotidian Times
Abacus ★★★★ The Skinny
Titania: A Solo Cabaret ★★★★ Broadway Baby
Five Feet in Front (The Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo) ★★★★ A Younger Theatre ★★★★ Broadway Baby
Lungs ★★★★ Three Weeks
Can I Start Again Please ★★★★ The Scotsman ★★★★ The Times ★★★★
The Overcoat ★★★★ The Scotsman
17 Border Crossings ★★★★ The Times ★★★★★ The Stage ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
Smash It Up ★★★★ The Herald
Poker Night Blues ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide
Every Brilliant Thing ★★★★ Three Weeks
Borderlands ★★★★ Fest Mag ★★★★ Broadway Baby
On Track ★★★★ The List
Ventoux ★★★★ Fringe Guru
Paradise Lost ★★★★★ The Evening Standard ★★★★★ Edinburgh Festival Magazine
Light Boxes ★★★★ The List ★★★★
The Gospel According to Jesus ★★★★ The Scotsman
Portraits in Motion ★★★★ The Times ★★★★ Three Weeks
Dive Cabaret ★★★★ The Scotsman
To Sleep To Dream ★★★★★ Broadway Baby
Women’s Hour ★★★★ The Stage
Some People Talk About Violence ★★★★★ Edinburgh Festival Magazine
Johnny and the Baptists ★★★★ The Skinny
A String Section ★★★★★ Broadway Baby ★★★★ What’s On Stage
The Ex ★★★★ Broadway Baby ★★★★ The Herald
Chicken ★★★★ Exeunt
Manwatching ★★★★ Exeunt
Here is the News from Over There ★★★★ Three Weeks
Confirmation ★★★★★ Three Weeks ★★★★ Broadway Baby
The Human Ear ★★★★ The Times
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy ★★★★ A Younger Theatre
The Temptation of St Anthony ★★★★ A Younger Theatre
Islands ★★★★★ A Younger Theatre
Current Location ★★★★ Nouse / The Public Reviews / A Younger Theatre
Tomorrow’s Parties ★★★★ Broadway Baby
La Merda ★★★★ TV Bomb
A Reason to Talk ★★★★ The Scotsman

Today’s your last chance to catch these great shows, don’t add to your post-festival blues by missing out.

Edinburgh Total Theatre Awards 2015 Recognise Two Summerhall Companies

Two Summerhall companies, Sue MacLaine and Nadia Nadarajah’s Can I Start Again Please, and Portraits in Motion by Volker Gerling in association with Aurora Nova, have been recognised in The Total Theatre Awards, which took place Friday 28 August. The two companies won the award in the category for innovation, experimentation and playing with form.

A total of ten Summerhall companies were shortlisted for the awards, with at least one in each category, which is a well-deserved achievement for all of them, as well as the winners. A congratulations also goes to Forced Entertainment for the Significant Contribution Award who are also performing Tomorrow’s Parties at Summerhall as part of the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase.

The Award Winners are:

Shows by an Emerging Company/Artist
This Award is supported by Farnham Maltings
The Beanfield (England)
Breach (theSpace on the Mile)

Physical / Visual Theatre
Oog (Scotland)
Al Seed presented in association with Feral Arts (Dance Base)

Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form
Can I Start Again Please (England)
Sue MacLaine and Nadia Nadarajah
Portraits in Motion (Germany)
Volker Gerling in association with Aurora Nova (Summerhall)

Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance
Vertical Influences (Canada)
Le Patin Libre (Assembly)

Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus
B-Orders (Palestine)
Palestinian Circus in association with Aurora Nova (Underbelly)

Smoke and Mirrors (United States)
theRICOCHETproject (Assembly)

Significant Contribution Award
Forced Entertainment

Final Fringe Firsts Make Fantastic Finale For Summerhall

The Scotsman have announced the final set of Fringe First Award winners and, once again, two Summerhall shows will be heading to the World Famous Spiegeltent in St Andrew’s Square to pick up their much deserved awards.

Congratulations to Luke Wright and Sachli Ghjolamalizad for winning these prestigious awards with their shows What I Learned From Johnny Bevan and A Reason To Talk.

Their success brings Summerhall’s Fringe First Award total to six this year. This is a truly fantastic achievement and we want to congratulate all of our award winners wholeheartedly.

Time is running out to see these fantastic award-winning shows, so get your tickets while you still can!

Summerhall’s Fringe First Award winners 2015:
A History of the World Based On Banalities
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy
Going Viral
Light Boxes
A Reason To Talk
What I Learned From Johnny Bevan

Smash It Up Shortlisted for Amnesty International Award

Amnesty International has chosen seven outstanding Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions for the shortlist of its 2015 Freedom of Expression Award.

The Award, given annually to an outstanding Fringe production with a strong human rights message, has celebrated more than a decade of excellence in theatre in Edinburgh. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in the City Arts Centre in Edinburgh on 26 August, 2015.

One of the shows shortlisted is Summerhall’s own Smash It Up, produced by Mr and Mrs Clark Productions.

Congratulations go to them for being shortlisted for this prestigious award and we wish them well for this evening’s event.

A Galaxy of Stars in Summerhall’s Second Week

We think that all of our shows are great! Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look at the great reviews we’ve had this week and book your tickets for this weekend.

Women’s Hour ★★★★★ Ed Festival Magazine / Three Weeks
Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti ★★★★★ Three Weeks ★★★★ The Herald / The Scotsman / TV Bomb
The Voice Thief ★★★★★ TV Bomb ★★★★ Female Arts / Fest
What I Learned from Johnny Bevan ★★★★★ Exeunt ★★★★ The Scotsman / Three Weeks / The List
Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone ★★★★★ British Theatre Guide
Poetry Can F*ck Off ★★★★★ TV Bomb ★★★★ Three Weeks
Some People Talk About Violence ★★★★★ Broadway Baby
Alchemy of the Piano ★★★★★ Edfringe Review ★★★★ Three Weeks
Current Location ★★★★★ Edfringe Review
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy ★★★★ The Scotsman / Broadway Baby
Can I Start Again Please ★★★★ The Independent
Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) ★★★★ The Herald / Exeunt
Alien Lullabies ★★★★ The Scotsman / The Stage
The Paradise Project ★★★★ Broadway Baby
The Human Ear ★★★★ Fest / Broadway Baby
Poker Night Blues ★★★★ Edinburgh Festival Mag
My Name Is… ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven ★★★★ The List
Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners) ★★★★ Three Weeks / Fest
Ringside ★★★★ Fest
Key Change ★★★★ Female Arts / Broadway Baby
Shift/ – A Best of Spoken Word ★★★★ The Scotsman
On Track ★★★★ The List
Polyphony ★★★★ The Independent / The Herald
Titania: A Solo Cabaret ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
The Litvinenko Project ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
Happy Birthday Without You ★★★★ Time Out / Broadway Baby
Ndebele Funeral ★★★★ The Stage / British Theatre Guide
Antiwords ★★★★ The Herald / Exeunt
Light Boxes ★★★★ The Herald / Edinburgh Guide
We Are the Monsters ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide
The Animotion Show ★★★★ The Scotsman
Cinema ★★★★ The List

Fringe Firsts and Fest Features – It Must Be Friday!

The Friday of the second full week of Fringe 2015 has brought yet more reasons to celebrate at Summerhall, with another two of our shows receiving The Scotsman Fringe First Award.

This weeks deserving recipients are Grid Iron for their show Light Boxes and Theater aan Zee who have brought The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy to Summerhall as part of the Big in Belgium programme. Huge congratulations go to them!

This week’s Fest Magazine has two features that involve Summerhall shows. Stewart Pringle has a 10-year retrospective on Daniel Kitson, the writer of Polyphony. There is also an extensive feature on the Aurora Nova programme by Alice Saville, which includes the following shows based at Summerhall:

17 Border Crossings
Portraits in Motion
The Animotion Show

Come and pick up your copy in the Summerhall foyer.

The Kids Have Spoken! Voice Thief Wins Primary Times Award

Summerhall’s programme has something for everyone this year. Not only have ten of our shows been shortlisted for the Total Theatre Awards, it can now be announced that this year’s Primary Times Children’s Choice Award goes to Catherine Wheels’ mysterious promenade production of The Voice Thief which was held in the transformed basement of Summerhall.

Catherine Wheels said that they “are delighted to be awarded the Primary Times Children’s Choice Award for The Voice Thief. This show was an ambitious undertaking for the company and we are thrilled that both children and adults seem to equally enjoy the production…Thanks to everyone at Primary Times for this award, we are thrilled”.

It seems like we might have to get a bigger mantelpiece by the end of this Fringe.

Swathe of Summerhall Shows Shortlisted For Total Theatre Awards

Summerhall’s 2015 Fringe programme has a whopping ten shows shortlisted for this year’s Total Theatre Awards, managing to be represented in every category including the new dance category.

Since 1997, the Total Theatre Awards have been recognising innovative and artist-led performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. From the shortlist announced today, a total of seven awards will be awarded across five categories: Physical & Visual Theatre; Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form; Emerging; Circus; and this year, for the first time, Dance.

The shortlisted shows will now be subject to a judging process where shows are seen by leading arts industry figures including UK & international critics, academics, artists and programmers. The judging panel will announce their decisions at an awards ceremony on Friday 28 August.

The Summerhall shows that have been shortlisted are as follows:

Shows by an emerging company/artist
The Downhill Journey of Little Tommy – Theater aan Zee and Richard Jordan Productions

Physical/Visual Theatre
Antiwords – Spitfire Company in association with Aurora Nova
Grandad and Me – The Letter J

Innovation, Experimentation and playing with form
Can I Start Again Please – Sue MacLaine and Nadia Nadarajah
Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) -The Place presents: Lost Dog
Portraits in Motion – Volker Gerling in association with Aurora Nova
To Sleep To Dream – EarFilms
The Voice Thief – Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

Total Theatre and The Place award for Dance
Idiot-Syncrasy – The Place presents: Igor and Moreno

Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane Award for Circus
Ringside – Ellie Dubios

Congratulations to all of the companies who have been shortlisted and we wish them the best of luck for Friday 28th

Second Weekend Review Roundup

Summerhall is having a fantastic Fringe so far. Over the weekend (15th-16th August) we had 53 pieces of press for Summerhall shows from a variety of publications. Here are some highlights:

Mitch’s Movie Pitches received its first four star review from The Scotsman
Women’s Hour, The Paper Play, Light Boxes, Portraits in Motion and Fable all got four stars from Broadway Baby
Portraits in Motion and Key Change got four stars from The Financial Times
Some People Talk About Violence and Lungs both got five star reviews from Exeunt Magazine and Broadway Baby respectively

Follow us on twitter @summerhallery to keep up to date with all the latest news and reviews, or check out the full list below:

★★★★★ Every Brilliant Thing – Broadway Baby
★★★★★ Lungs – Broadway Baby
★★★★★ What I Learned from Johnny Bevan – Edinburgh49
★★★★★ Women’s Hour – Scotsgay
★★★★★ Some People Talk About Violence – Exeunt
★★★★★ Idiot-Syncrasy – The Quitidian Times
★★★★★ Abacus – Fresh Fringe
★★★★ Women’s Hour – Broadway Baby
★★★★ My Name Is – The Skinny /
★★★★ Paradise Project – The Skinny
★★★★ Key Change -The Skinny / The Observer / Financial Times
★★★★ Going Viral – The Herald / The Telegraph
★★★★ Here is the News from Over There – The Herald
★★★★ Paradise Lost – The List / Paradise Lost – The Scotsman
★★★★ The Human Ear – The Scotsman
★★★★ 17 Border Crossings – Fest
★★★★ Grandad and Me – Broadway Baby
★★★★ Ndebele Funeral – The Scotsman
★★★★ Mitch’s Movie Pitches – The Scotsman
★★★★ Chicken – The Scotsman
★★★★ The Paper Play – Broadway Baby
★★★★ Light Boxes – Broadway Baby / Ed Fest Mag
★★★★ Portraits in Motion – Broadway Baby / Financial Times
★★★★ Fable – Broadway Baby
★★★★ Some People Talk About Violence – Three Weeks
★★★★ Can I Start Again Please – TV Bomb / The Sunday Times / The Independent
★★★★ Ventoux – The Scotsman
★★★★ Dive Cabaret – Broadway Baby
★★★★ The Overcoat – The List
★★★★ Project HaHa – Three Weeks
★★★★ What I Learned From Johnny Bevan – The Guardian / Edinburgh49
★★★★ Tresspass: A Work in Progress – Edinburgh Guide / Broadway Baby
★★★★ The History of the World Through Banalities – British Theatre Guide

Friday at Summerhall: Fringe Firsts and Front Pages

Friday 14th August is turning out to be a big day for Summerhall, with two shows winning The Scotsman’s Fringe First award and another being featured on the front pages of The Scotsman and its festival pullout.

The Scotsman’s Fringe First awards are the longest-running and most prestigious theatre awards at the festival, and are recognised across the world. Congratulations to Daniel Bye and Kopergeitery, who fully deserve the awards for their shows Going Viral and The History of the World Through Banalities respectively.

Congratulations must also go to Lost Dog for managing to make it onto the front page of The Scotsman (just) and their daily festival pullout, in accompaniment to their four-star review inside. Lost Dog’s interpretation of Milton’s Paradise Lost is part of a trio of shows that have been brought to the Summerhall by The Place theatre in London.

All of this fantastic news is going a long way to cut through the return of the traditional Festival drizzle. Never fear, it’s always sunny in Summerhall!

A plethora of reviews for Summerhall shows by Total Theatre

Total Theatre Magazine have written some fantastic reviews about many of the shows in our programme. Click on the quotes to read them in full and don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

The Voice Thief: “another theatrical triumph from the ever-excellent Catherine Wheels”

I Gave Him An Orchid: “She is in control of the space, and delivers her material with zest and panache.”

The Paradise Project: “A delight to watch and listen to”

Portraits in Motion: “A truly charming and thought-provoking show”

Project Haha: “Hysterically funny in the darkest possible way.”

We This Way: “A simple but spellbinding piece of theatre.”

Titania: A Solo Cabaret “entertaining take on Shakespeare’s comedy; full of sparkle, magic and music.”

Can I Start Again Please: “Bravo! A brave, bold, beautiful show”

The Paper Play: “visual and performance highlight moments to remember”

Going Viral: “we are engaged throughout by the power of the artists storytelling style”

New Shows and New Stars

The first full week of Fringe 2015 at Summerhall means the first performances for two of our shows Antiwords and To. Space.

We have new stars on the stage and new stars on our near-overflowing review wall, including these ones listed below:

★★★★★ Polyphony – The List
★★★★★ Every Brilliant Thing – The Public Reviews
★★★★ The Paper Play – The Stage
★★★★ Going Viral – Edinburgh 49, The Stage, The Independent
★★★★ Mark Thomas: Trespass – The Public Reviews
★★★★ The Paradise Project – Time Out
★★★★ Women’s Hour – TV Bomb
★★★★ Gomaar Trilogy – TV Bomb
★★★★ Can I Start Again Please – Fest
★★★★ What I Learned for Johnny Bevan – TV Bomb
★★★★ Our Teacher’s A Troll – Broadway Baby
★★★★ The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven – Fest
★★★★ Abacus – The List
★★★★ Portraits in Motion – TV Bomb
★★★★ Shift/A Best of Spoken Word – TV Bomb
★★★★ Lungs – The List
★★★★ We This Way – The List
★★★★ Portraits in Motion – What’s On Stage
★★★★ Ndebele Funeral – Across The Arts
★★★★ Polyphony – The Guardian

First weekend of the Fringe brings a flood of Reviews for Summerhall Shows

Fringe 2015 is officially only two days old; but the quality on offer at Summerhall has already been recognized by a number of critics, with the first five star reviews being awarded to two shows, Can I Start Again Please and Ndebele Funeral.

★★★★★ Ndebele Funeral – Edinburgh Guide
★★★★★ Can I Start Again Please – Broadway Baby | ★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★★ Chicken Licken and the Little Red Hen – The Edinburgh Reporter
★★★★ The Voice Thief – Broadway Baby | The Scotsman
★★★★ Going Viral – The Guardian | The Scotsman
★★★★ Our Teacher’s A Troll – Bouquet & Brickbats
★★★★ The Paradise Project – The List
★★★★ Grandad & Me – The Scotsman
★★★★ Confirmation – The Scotsman
★★★★ Every Brilliant Thing – The Scotsman
★★★★ Key Change – The Guardian
★★★★ A Reason To Talk – Fest
★★★★ Chicken – To Do List
★★★★ The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven -To Do List
★★★★ 17 Border Crossings – To Do List
★★★★ Anatomy of the Piano – The Stage

It’s the weekend! Come for a Barney’s Beer (or a Pickerings Gin), soak up the atmosphere and see the shows that have got the critics so excited for Summerhall.

First Fringe Reviews Fantastic Four Stars

The first of the reviews are coming in for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe and Summerhall shows have started off in fine form with 4* for The Tap Dancing Mermaid and The Voice Thief from The List and Broadway Baby respectively.

Kelly Apter said “If you drew up a checklist of all the things a good children’s show should contain, The Dancing Mermaid would tick every box.” Read more

James Beagon said “With The Voice Thief, they present not only a wonderful piece of children’s theatre, but an expertly crafted promenade performance.” Read more

It’s a great start to what will be a fantastic year for all of the excellent shows that Summerhall has to offer. Don’t forget to book your tickets before it’s too late!

Job Opportunity: Administrative Assistant

Enthusiastic and flexible individual required for Administrative Assistant Position at exciting Edinburgh Arts Venue.

  • Duties will include;
  • Devising and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing
  • Processing phone calls, enquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate
  • Diary management to arrange travel, schedule meetings and coordinate with suppliers and customers
  • Dealing with incoming email, faxes and post and their correspondence
  • Book keeping, invoicing & payment of suppliers
  • Payroll preparation and management
  • Arranging payments + money banking
  • Coordinating between departments and operating units in resolving day-to-day administrative and operational problems

Experience of current payroll and accounting software required. Willingness to work outside regular hours essential as is ability to adapt quickly and positively to difficult and changing circumstances.

Salary £19k.

Please email a CV, covering letter and recent photograph to with Admin Assistant in the Subject field.

Summerhall NEHH sweepstakes July 2016 – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
  2. To enter:
    1. participants must be aged 18 or over and residents of the United Kingdom.
    2. participants must ‘like’ the specified page post in the promotional text.
      1. Only one entry per participant.
      2. Entry must be made with a personal profile.
        1. Likes from Facebook pages will not be considered as entries.
        2. Entries from Summerhall employees will not be considered as valid.
  3. The winner will receive 2 tickets to one of the events (the winner’s choice) specified in the Nothing Ever Happens Here Festival ’16 programme – all events may be viewed here:
    1. The prize cannot be traded, sold or otherwise transferred to anyone else, sweepstakes participant or otherwise.
    2. The winner will be contacted via the platform by a member of Summerhall staff on 5/8/16.
    3. To claim the tickets:
      1. The winner must bring proof of identity to the Summerhall Box Office, located within Summerhall.
  4. Summerhall reserve the right at any time or from time to time to discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this sweepstake with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its reasonable control.

Open position: Operations Bar Manager

Summerhall is looking a for talented, experienced and enthusiastic bar manager to take on a new position within Summerhall’s events and operations team. The roles requires the candidate to be responsible for all aspects of bar delivery for Summerhall’s busy event calendar. The successful applicant will be working collaboratively and alongside the F&B manager and the team in The Royal Dick Bar, Summerhall’s bar/restaurant.

The ideal candidate will have the following attributes…

  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Personal Licence Holder
  • Knowledge of the Scottish bar and licensing.

… and skills and experiences

  • Experience of managing (multiple) bars
  • Experience in bar accounting, stock control & ordering.
  • Experience in delivering necessary training e.g. flow or equivalent
  • Experience in negotiating prices with suppliers
  • Be able to create and cost drinks menus
  • Be able to work to their own budgets
  • Experience of recruitment a team of like minded individuals
  • Established relationships with trade suppliers
  • Working with, motivating and disciplining staff
  • Knowledge of boutique spirits, cocktails & craft beers
  • An understanding of beer dispense and upkeep
  • Experience of working with private and corporate clients
  • A proven track record of increasing sales and showing initiative in marketing and organising events.
  • Event / duty management experience for private or ticketed events.
  • Pro-active seeking out of event opportunities as well as making the current ones work perfectly
  • Providing event bars that function and operate like proper bars.
  • Catering experience desirable

This is a new position so we are looking for someone with ideas and willing to get stuck in right at the roots. Someone keen to take on a new role, develop systems and make this their own.

This is a full time position and salary will be dependent on experience.

Please send a CV & a cover letter stating why you think you would be an asset to the team and a recent photograph to with Operations Bar Manager in the subject field.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. The Closing Date for Submissions is Monday 6th July, interviews will be held from 8th July – immediate start possible.

Summerhall, Edinburgh’s year round multi–arts venue, is proud to announce its 2015 Festival Programme

Summerhall, Edinburgh’s year round multi–arts venue, is proud to announce its 2015 Festival Programme

Tickets on sale at 00.01 Thursday 4 June

From climate change, humanitarian aid, terrorism, the worldwide crisis of modern poverty to TED talks, drag and award winning theatre; visual art as healer, storyteller, vehicle for change, this year’s Summerhall programme brings a mix of true tales and worlds reimagined.

Summerhall’s 2015 Festival Programme has all the diversity, internationalism, risk and surprise that our audiences have come to expect. This is the fifth Summerhall programme at the Fringe, and perhaps reflecting our increasing maturity as a venue, we are working in partnership with more theatre and producing companies than ever before.

We have collaborations with organisations including The Place, Aurora Nova, Northern Stage, Big in Belgium, Theatre Uncut, Paines Plough and The Arches bringing brilliant programmes of work from around the world to Summerhall this festival. Our new live music nights, which have invigorated the Edinburgh live music scene, Nothing Ever Happens Here…, represent our dedication to providing a platform for world-class homegrown and international talent.

Northern Stage will have their own dedicated theatre space at the top of the church galleries. The Place, the boldest centre for contemporary dance in the UK, comes to the Festival Fringe for the first time to Summerhall, bridging the gap between Fringe and International Festival with new work from their Work Place artists. Paines Plough return with the Roundabout for a second year, the bespoke in the round theatre venue also hosting musical-comedy this year from Jonny and the Baptists. Summerhall is proud to underline its support for The Arches, and two Autopsy Award winners from Arches Live, Ellie Dubois’s Ringside and Mona Bozdog’s Lost in Transition, are central to the festival programme.

A third of this year’s British Council Showcase will be at Summerhall and the venue looks forward to inviting arts delegates from across the globe. Igor and Moreno’s Idiot-Syncrasy (The Place presents) soon to be known as ‘that bouncing show’ explores commitment and perseverance as agents for change; Confirmation (Chris Thorpe and Rachel Chavkin), brings dialogue about political extremism in a show about the gulfs we can’t simply talk across. Assembly of Animals (Tim Spooner) turns original feature of the old Veterinary college, the Small Animal Hospital, into a laboratory in this creative and hands on show for kids, and To Sleep To Dream (Earfilms) blindfold their audiences and immerse them in a society where dreaming is illegal.

Summerhall hosts work included in Made in Scotland Showcase, from families brought to life through live performance, animation and music on stage in Grandad and Me (The Letter J) to your morning service and daily blessing with legendary trans playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford in The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven. Also at Summerhall, a new show from Grid Iron and the return of Catherine Wheels’ The Voice Thief to our basement bolster the incredible offering of work from Scottish makers.

The wildly innovative and heartfelt story of survival and 2014 Total Theatre Award winner, Near Gone (Two Destination Language) and a gig inspired by Clytemnestra’s Greek revenge myth, The Furies (Kiln Ensemble/British Council Showcase) return after highly successful 2014 festival runs at Summerhall. Lungs and Every Brilliant Thing both return to the Roundabout.

Globalisation and internationalism from Ndebele Funeral by New York’s socially engaged Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative which delves into modern poverty, health care and mortality in modern day South Africa. ABACUS (Early Morning Opera) toys with our evolving relationships to screens, from pockets to billboards. Going Viral (ARC Production with Northern Stage) is a new work about how things spread, from our ever-increasing connection worldwide to the ‘right now’ live in the theatre. 17 Border Crossings (Aurora Nova) sees Thaddeus Phillips examining international cultures and customs from passenger jet wheel wells and invasive body searches.

Also this year’s programme features stories we maybe know better from the newsreels. Newcastle’s ZENDEH theatre company brings CINEMA (in collaboration with Northern Stage) – a cat paws through the wreckage of the Rex Cinema fire Abadan in 1978, a terrorist attack which killed 422 people. Who were these people? Why were their lives taken? Summerhall is proud to support ZENDEH in commemorating the lives lost 37 years ago on 19 August, the anniversary of this horrific event. Both Alexander Litvineko (The Litvinenko Project) and Lance Armstrong (Ventoux) get their moment under the lights in productions by 2 Magpies theatre.

Shakespeare comes to Summerhall with Titania – A Solo Cabaret – a one woman reimagining of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream by Anna-Helena McLean, renowned cellist and performer. Milton gets the once over in Ben Duke’s Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) a very modern retelling of the epic poem.

Our Visual Arts Festival 2015 programme will offer free exhibitions under the banner Allegories and Existence. Allegories and Existence explores the role of the artist as provocateur – challenging audiences’ perceptions through uncovering and toying with myths. Performance is a key element within the exhibitions, making enquiries into the relationship and synergy between the visual and performing arts.

Summerhall presents two pioneers and revolutionaries of performance from very different angles, Hermann Nitsch and Tadeusz Kantor. Nitsch’s Das Orgien Mysterien Theater, includes paintings, framed photographs, print on paper and installations within the traditional vitrines of the War Memorial Library. Tadeusz Kantor: Inbetween Structures, presenting a new perspective on the work of the acclaimed 20th century Polish theatre director, centres round the rarely shown and previously lost film “Attention… Painting!” which presents interactions between painting and moving-image – the exhibition also features drawings, paintings, collages, manifestos and photographs by Kantor.

A Lady’s not a Gent’s, curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson, explores the performance of deception. Spalding and Thompson controversially pose – who really made Duchamp’s Fountain?

Considering similar controversy surrounding historical works of art, Derrick Guild’s After A.D, inspired by Durer’s Young Hare, must ask – is Durer’s hare a hare?

Arts organisation Unlimited Exhibition is a collection of installations, short films, paintings and sculptures that explore the world around us, sharing the very personal viewpoints of a group of outstanding disabled artists. This unique collection will challenge perspectives on disability and Summerhall is proud to premiere their first ever exhibition in the four rooms of the Meadows Suite.

David Sherry’s One Million Years of Laughter explores the quirks of truth, with his ideas manifesting through a new series of performances and paintings that highlight the evolutionary advantages of a good giggle!

Our Dissection Room will be buzzing into the night time with our Nothing Ever Happens Here… live music line up including Sun Kil Moon, Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Stanley Odd, Orkestra Del Sol and our Opening Night Party presented alongside Braw Gigs featuring Prosumer live and a DJ set from Summerhall resident Lindsay Todd (Firecracker Records).

For further information, images and interview requests please contact:

To book: from 00.01am June 4 or

You can download a copy of our press release here: Summerhall Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 Programme Announcement

Summerhall Fringe Programme 2015!

Summerhall, Edinburgh’s year round multi–arts venue, is proud to announce its 2015 festival programme bursting at the seams with quality international theatre, dance, music and visual arts running throughout the whole of August.

This year’s programme underlines Summerhall’s relationship with its artists and collaborators, sharing aspirations for change and shaping the future through the visual and performing arts.

Summerhall’s 2015 Festival Programme has all the diversity, internationalism, risk and surprise that our audiences have come to expect. We are working in partnership more than ever before perhaps reflecting our increasing maturity as a venue – as we reach the ripe old age of five. We are delighted to be collaborating with organisations including The Place, Aurora Nova, Northern Stage, Big in Belgium, Theatre Uncut, Paines Plough and The Arches to bring brilliant programmes of work from around the world to Summerhall this festival. Our new late-night music series, which has lit a fire under the Edinburgh live music scene, Nothing Ever Happens Here, represents our dedication to providing a platform for world-class homegrown and international talent.

At a time when – particularly in Scotland – we are imagining potential futures and engaging in political debate as never before, it’s perhaps fitting that utopias, dystopias and politics are key themes of our programme. From Forced Entertainment’s compelling Tomorrow’s Parties through to Catherine Wheels’ rebellious promenade piece The Voice Thief and Mark Thomas’ mischievous and brand new work Trespass, one of the many things the Summerhall programme offers this year is the chance to share imaginings about the future with some of our leading theatre-makers.

We are delighted once again to be home to a huge chunk of the Made in Scotland Showcase, which was announced this week, from family shows such as Grandad and Me by the Glasgow based company The Letter J to your morning service and daily blessing with legendary trans* playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford in The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven.

We also host over a third of this year’s British Council Showcase and shows from the Czech Showcase and Taiwan seasons. In the British Council Showcase are two extraordinary returning shows Every Brilliant Thing (Paines Plough) and KILN’s The Furies.

Powerful themes are dealt with in shows such as Ndebele Funeral from New York’s socially engaged Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative delving bravely into modern poverty, health care and mortality. ABACUS from Early Morning Opera talks TED talks and our evolving relationships to screens, from pockets to billboards. Daniel Bye is Going Viral in a new work about how things spread, from our ever increasing connection to right now in this theatre. (ARC Production with Northern Stage)

Also this year’s programme features stories we maybe know better from the newsreels. Newcastle’s ZENDEH theatre company brings CINEMA (in collaboration with Northern Stage) – a cat paws through the wreckage of the Rex Cinema fire Abadan in 1978, a terrorist attack which killed 422 people. Summerhall is proud to support ZENDEH in commemorating the lives lost 37 years ago on 19 August, the anniversary of this horrific event. Both Alexander Litvinenko (The Litvinenko Project) and Lance Armstrong (Ventoux) get their moment under the lights in productions by 2 Magpies theatre.

Shakespeare comes to Summerhall with Titania – A Solo Cabaret – a one woman reimagining of Midsummer Nights’ Dream by Anna-Helena McLean, renowned cellist and performer.

Diane Torr brings her brother to life on stage in Donald Does Dusty, the story of a young boy and his love, Dusty Springfield, and Edinburgh’s LGBT night of cabaret and queer, DIVE, is set to take over the dissection room with fringe cabaret stars followed by a Vogue Ball every Tuesday night ‘til late during the festival. The circus comes to town with Ellie Dubois’ Ringside, a one-on-one aerial performance.

For families, Edward the Learned Pig, Chicken Licken and Our Teacher’s A Troll will be on offer alongside our usual lively mix of activities for little ‘uns.

Aurora Nova return to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, presenting extraordinary performances such as, The Animotion Show, based on the unique fusion between music, live painting and 3D projection; Antiwords, a special show from Czech Republic characterized by absurd humour, featuring a brewer and a persecuted politician; 17 Border Crossings from Thaddeus Phillips, an award-winning director, designer and actor, and his new impressive stage work, based on a captivating examination of international cultures and customs and Portraits in Motion will introduce fascinating stories told by numerous people who were photographed by Volker Gerling, during his 3,500 km journey across Germany by foot.

The Place, the most important centre for contemporary dance in the UK announce their first ever showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Three outstanding dance theatre performances make up their showcase proudly partnered by Summerhall: Idiot-Syncrasy, is part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015, soon to be known as ‘that bouncing show’ it is a skilled and playful exploration of our limits, and our potential, performed by Igor and Moreno, from the Basque Country and Sardinia respectively, the duo are dancers and choreographers making waves on the contemporary dance scene. Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost, inspired by Milton’s epic poem and performed by Ben Duke, blurs the lines between contemporary dance and theatre. Vera Tussing’s T Dance, is a simply rendered 60 minute show exploring the limits of human body and our seen and unseen connections.

Nothing Ever Happens Here our year-round programme of live music in Summerhall’s Dissection Room features local, national and international artists. This summer it will introduce a variety of incredible performances including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Orkestra del Sol – Larger than Life, Owen Pallett, Prosumer – Summerhall’s Opening Night Party, Supermoon, Sun Kil Moon and The Sun Ra Arkestra.

Our Visual Arts Festival 2015 programme, entitled ‘Allegories and Existence’, explores the role of the artist as provocateur – challenging audiences’ perceptions through uncovering and toying with myths. Performance is a key element within the exhibitions, making enquiries into the relationship and synergy between the visual and performing arts.

This year Summerhall presents two pioneers and revolutionaries of performance from very different angles, Hermann Nitsch’s Das Orgien Mysterien Theater and Tadeusz Kantor. A Lady’s not a Gent’s, curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson, explores the performance of deception whilst Derrick Guild’s After A.D. examines the legitimacy within legacy through the restaging of one of the greatest works of art. Spalding and Thompson controversially pose – who really made Duchamp’s Fountain? Whilst Derrick Guild, inspired by Durer’s Young Hare, must ask – is Durer’s hare a hare?

David Sherry and arts commissions programme organisation Unlimited’s first exhibition catapults us into the contemporary through examining social developments. Sherry’s One Million Years of Laughter explores the quirks of truth, with his ideas manifesting through a new series of performances and paintings that highlight the evolutionary advantages of a good giggle! Meanwhile, Unlimited’s group exhibition is a collection of installations that challenge perceptions that disability puts people at a creative disadvantage, in turn embedding the work of disabled artists within the UK and international culture.

The full programme details will be available online from June 4th 2015 on

Many of the shows announced on Tuesday 19 May will be for sale on May 21st 2015 from

For further information, images and interview requests please contact:


Performance A-Z BY SHOW NAME

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental in association with Aurora Nova
17 Border Crossings

Company of Wolves
A Brief History of Evil

KunstZ, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
A Reason to Talk

Leen de Wilde, Reckless Sleepers
A String Section

Stan’s Café
A Translation of Shadows

Early Morning Opera

Sleepwalk Collective

Will Pickvance
Alchemy of the Piano

Will Pickvance
Anatomy of the Piano for beginners

Spitfire Company in association with Aurora Nova

Greg McLaren

Studio Matejka
Awkward Happiness


Sue Maclaine
Can I Start Again Please

DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre
Chicken Licken

Chris Thorpe and Rachel Chavkin

FellSwoop Theatre
Current Location

Dive @ Summerhall: C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

Diane Torr
Donald does Dusty

Fittings Multimedia Arts, Krazy Kat Theatre and The Royal Exchange Theatre
Edmund the Learned Pig

The Flanagan Collective

Gods are Fallen and all Safety Gone

Ultima Thule, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
Gomaar Trilogy

Flight of the Escales
I Gave Him an Orchid

The Place presents: Igor and Moreno
Idiot Syncrasy

Caroline Horton & Co, China Plate and the Bush Theatre

Queen Jesus Plays
Jesus Queen of Heaven

Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions, Produzioni Fuorivia with Summerhall
La Merda by Cristian Ceresoli, starring Silvia Gallerano

Grid Iron
Light Boxes

Mona Bozdog
Lost in Transition

Eric Sigmundsson
Mitch’s Movie Pitches

Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative
Ndebele Funeral

Two Destination Language
Near Gone

Tristero, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
On Track

The Place presents: Lost Dog
Paradise Lost(lies unopened beside me)

Poetry Can F*ck Off

Beijing TinHouse Productions / Theatre Movement Bazaar
Poker Night Blues

Garry Roost
Pope Head: the Secret Life of Francis Bacon

Volker Gerling in association with Aurora Nova
Portraits in Motion

Remote Control Theatre
Project HaHa

Ellie Dubois

Spoken Word Collective
Shift/ a best of spoken word

Mr and Mrs Clark
Smash it Up

Barrel Organ
Some People Talk About Violence

The Place presents: Vera Tussing Projects
T Dance

Puppet Beings Theatre
Taiwan Season – The Paper Play

Duse Studio Productions
Talking With Angels: Budapest 1943

Presented by Aurora Nova
The Animotion Show

Tim Spooner
The Assembly of Animals

Kiln Ensemble
The Furies

Theater aan Zee, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy

The Happiness Project

Kopergietery, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
The History of the World through Banalities

2Magpies Theatre
The Litvinenko Project

The Pinocchio Theatre, Lodz
The Metaphysical Caravan

Theatre Brush
The Overcoat

Clod Ensemble (Written and performed by Sarah Cameron)
The Red Chair

Tessa Bide
The Tap Dancing Mermaid

Mechanical Animal Corporation
The Temptation of St Anthony

Catherine Wheels
The Voice Thief

Bodyart Dance

Moon Fool
Titania – A Solo Cabaret

To Sleep To Dream

Niamh Shaw

Forced Entertainment
Tomorrow’s Parties

Mark Thomas

2Magpies Theatre

Colette Sadler – Stammer Productions
We are the Monsters

Seth Kriebel
We This Way

Sh!t Theatre
Women’s Hour

Luke Wright
What I Learned from Johnny Bevan

Needless Alley Collective

Roundabout @ Summerhall

Papermash Theatre
Happy Birthday Without You

Supporting Wall
Jonny and the Baptists: The End is Nigh

Dancing Brick and Soho Theatre
I’m Not Here Right Now

Eastern Angles and Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Paines Plough

Paines Plough

Paines Plough
The Human Ear

Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company
Every Brilliant Thing

Daniel Kitson

Paines Plough and Half Moon
Our Teacher’s A Troll

Theatre Uncut
Plays by Clara Brennan, Vivienne Franzmann, Kieran Hurley, Dennis Kelly, Neil LaBute and Stef Smith

Northern Stage at Summerhall

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe
Human Resources

Northern Stage
Here is the News from Over There(Over There is the News from Here)- A Borderless Twitter Ballad Fresh from the Middle East

The Letter Room
Five Feet in Front (The Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo)

My Name Is…

An ARC Production written and performed by Daniel Bye
Going Viral

Third Angel and mala voadora
The Paradise Project

Open Clasp Theatre Company in association with Live Theatre
Key Change



Music A-Z by presenter name


Ensemble Thing

Fiona Soe Paing
Alien Lullabies

MacGillivray – Damn Rebel Bitch

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Orkestra del Sol – Larger than Life

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Owen Pallett

Presented by Braw Gigs and Nothing Ever Happens Here…
Prosumer – Summerhall’s Opening Night Party

The Pale Imitation Festival, Songbytoad and Nothing Ever Happens Here… present
Supermoon and support

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Sun Kil Moon

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
The Sun Ra Arkestra

Simon Thacker
Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti

The Bevvy Sisters
The Bevvy Sisters with The Bad Boys from The Loveboat Big Band

Nothing Ever Happens Here is a year-round programme of live music in Summerhall’s Dissection Room featuring acts from Britain and beyond. More gigs to be announced – check for full details of our festival programme.


Visual Arts: Allegories and Existence, by Exhibition

Hermann Nitsch

Curated by Dr. Marc Glöde
The exhibition is supported and co-produced by the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the Polish Institute in Berlin and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson

Derrick Guild

David Sherry

Artists include Claire Cunningham, Tony Heaton, Lea Cummings, Bekki Perriman, Shelia Hill, Jez Colborne, Richard Butchins, Katherine Araniello (plus her larger-than-life inflatable effigy).



Fringe University
University Professors Networking Event and University Students Networking Event

Pickering’s Gin
Summerhall Distillery Tour

More TBC

Nothing Ever Happens Here… at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015!

Nothing Ever Happens Here is the name of Summerhall’s year round music programme, which this August takes in a mix of the truly international, the venerable Sun Kil Moon and Sun Ra Arkestra, to the uniquely home grown, Supermoon from the Edinburgh based songbytoad label, as part of the Pale imitation festival, and We Were Promised Jetpacks and Stanley Odd, two of Edinburgh’s most successful musical imports of the last ten years.

In between these shows we have the legendary The Ex and DJ Prosumer, as part of a collaboration with Edinburgh promoter Braw Gigs, Owen Pallett, one of modern alternative music’s great polymaths, the raucous Orkestra Del Sol, as well as one of the most intimate show you’ll see this festival, in the form of Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat’s reading of their second album “The Most Important Place in the World”. Summerhall will truly be the place for live music this summer.

How the Light Gets In

Co-curated by the Science Festival, Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science, How the Light Gets In brings together a selection of works by international artists intrigued by light in all its forms. Celebrating the UN International Year of Light and the Science Festival’s Brainwaves strand, the exhibitions explore the beauty, form and function of light and its role as a metaphor for knowledge and enlightenment.

Sylva Caledonia

The first floor galleries are dedicated to the role of light in the natural world. Featuring Oliver Jennings’, Sarah Jones’ and producer Benjamin Burtenshaw’s explorations of the life cycle of plants through technology, Fraser Ross’ experiments in creating artificial organisms, Silas Parry’s questioning of new lifeforms, Keith Lemley’s observations into the unseen and Juileta Aguinaco’s enquiries into light within elemental forces. Whilst in the Phenotype Genotype Gallery, Tim Collins and Reiko Goto with Sara Ocklind, and Gerry Loose and Morven Gregor survey cultural ecology and woodlands through their collaborative practices. With producer, researcher and ecoartscotland founder Chris Fremantle  holding a seminar series in-conjunction raising questions about the cultures, values and perceptions of Scottish ancient woodland which Sylva Caledonia centres upon.

In the Upper Church Galleries, computer-art pioneer William Latham blends organic imagery and computer animation, using software modelled upon the processes of evolution, while Andrew Carnie’s time-based works in the Basement Galleries examine the body as a theatre of action.

Human Mutator 2 Reflector

ASCUS take over the Lower Church Galleries with a group show resulting from art–science collaborations and residencies, including work from the University of Strathclyde’s Chamberlain Lab, the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution and London-based Art Neuro.

Mark Doyle-Circuit-detail

Julia Malle’s neon and scientific glassblowing works link the exhibitions, illuminating and guiding visitors through the sprawling corridors of Summerhall.

Opening on the 3rd April, 7-9pm, Summerhall will be bursting with exhibitions, be sure to RSVP here!

Exhibitions are on till the 22nd May 2015.

Images: 1.) Sylva Caledonia, 2.) William Latham’s Human Mutator 2 Reflector, 3.) Mark Doyle’s Circuit (Detail), ASCUS Micro-residency artist

Summerhall New Technical Manager appointed

Summerhall is pleased to announce the arrival of Jonathan Towers to our technical team. Jonathan has moved back to his home town of Edinburgh to bring his technical knowledge and experience to Summerhall. He’s most recently been working in theatre and live events at Pitlochry Festival Theatre as the Deputy Head of Lighting and Sound, and resident Sound Designer and Engineer. A lover of live music, he’s very excited to be part of “‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ and is looking forward to working with (and seeing) some great bands.

Summerhall to launch new live music night “Nothing Ever Happens Here”

Full Line Up: Nothing Ever Happens Here

Original Article Source: STV Edinburgh

ONE of Edinburgh’s leading Fringe venues has vowed to reverse the fortunes of the capital’s under-fire music scene by attracting some of the leading up-and-coming acts from the UK and abroad to play gigs.

Summerhall hopes a new series of year-round concerts will kick-start a revival of gig-going in the city following the controversial demise of key venues like the Venue, the Picture House and the Odeon.

The events in the city’s former vet school – which already hosts plays, exhibitions, cabaret events and ceilidh dances throughout the year – will be staged under the ironic banner of “Nothing Ever Happens Here”, in a bid to overturn the city’s unwelcome reputation for failing to support live music.

Jamie Sutherland, frontman of Edinburgh’s most successful bands of recent years, Broken Records, who is also a duty manager at Summerhall, is behind the series of gigs, which will be staged against the backdrop of an ongoing debate about the lack of support for culture in Edinburgh outwith August.

 A host of Scotland’s leading indie, folk, acoustic and rock acts have already agreed to perform at the initial 12 confirmed gigs, including Withered Hand, King Creosote, James Yorkston, RM Hubbert, Teen Canteen, The Phantom Band, Randolph’s Leap and Rozi Plain.

The “Nothing Ever Happens Here” nights have been announced just three months after Edinburgh City Council hosted a crisis summit in the wake of mounting concern over the health of the live music scene.

Critics claim it has been allowed to slip into a steep decline due to a lack of protection for historic sites from developers, harsh noise restrictions over grassroots music events, and a shortage of medium-sized venues for touring acts.

Culture chiefs agreed to set up a taskforce to look at the amount of red tape venue operators and promoters grapple with, what can be done to safeguard long-standing arts venues and how to encourage the creation of new ones in council-owned buildings lying empty. However it could be another year before key recommendations are published.

Sam Gough, head of events at Summerhall, which has been a fixture on the Fringe since 2011, said: “There’s so much posturing that nothing ever happens in Edinburgh, then there’s another meeting about it.

“We’ve really decided to do these gigs on the back of all that. Someone has got to draw a line and get on with it. It just needs to be done now. We’ve got the space, we’ve got the ability, we’re in command of our own destiny here and there’s nothing to stop us doing something at Summerhall if we think it’s a good idea.

“There isn’t really a venue with a capacity of around 400 that’s working well in Edinburgh at the moment.

“We’re trying to attract bands who would think about coming to play in Edinburgh, but can’t find the right venue and end up only playing in Glasgow.

“We’re trying to end all that.”

The gigs at the 101-year-old building will be staged in the privately-owned venue’s old “dissection room” at least once a week from the end of March, with one local band or artist to be offered a slot at every gig, which will run until around 11pm and cost £10-a-head.

Gough added: “We had bit of a problem with the dissection room before as it’s made up of two different heighted barrel-vaulted rooms, which made the sound terrible. We’ve spent time putting some sound treatment in and have just installed a beautiful, big PA system. We just felt there was no point putting on good bands if they were going to sound awful.

Dissection Room with bar set up (4)

“The great thing about the dissection room is we can do all kinds of different gigs – we can close off part of the room, we can have standing or cabaret gigs and we’ve got four different stage positions in there now. We’ve also got our own pub outside, we do our own food here and have a great big courtyard. Bands don’t even have to worry about on-street parking – they can drive their bus right into the courtyard and hook it up to our power supply. They can stay all night if they want.”

Sutherland said he was aiming to lure the best international emerging talent to the 450-capacity space, which will be able host events as late as 3am, allowing bands to stage club nights and after-parties in the venue.

Sutherland said: “With the way Edinburgh is at the moment, we felt we had the kind of space here that hasn’t really been available in the city since the closure of the Bongo Club on Holyrood Road a couple of years ago

“We’re really looking to fill the gap between venues like Henry’s Cellar Bar or Sneaky Pete’s and the Liquid Rooms or the Queen’s Hall. A big part of what we’re trying to do is improve the infrastructure for music in Edinburgh. There seems a real gap.

“We’ve nothing against going through to Glasgow, but it’s a pain in the backside. Edinburgh is a capital city and we should have that infrastructure here.

“We want to create a space where we can cater for all types and levels of artists, make it a real incubator and really foster a creative community. We’re stipulating that every act who comes here, no matter where they are from, have at least one local act on with them to try to galvanise things.”

THE PLACE at Summerhall, Fringe 2015

THE PLACE presents


This year, The Place will present three productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time, alongside supporting Total Theatre with a new award for dance.

The three shows, to be performed at Summerhall, are an extension of The Place’s commitment to developing choreographic talent and pushing the boundaries of what dance can be. Similarly, Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance will recognise a company or artist that is making dance as a fresh reaction to the way the world is now.

The three shows, all by artists on The Place’s Work Place scheme, represent some of the most exciting contemporary work in Europe at the moment:

Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) is Ben Duke’s solo performance inspired by Milton’s classic text and is full of humour and laughter, which belies a darker message. Bordering theatre and dance with text woven into the performance, this is Lost Dog’s return to the Fringe after 2013’s critically acclaimed It Needs Horses and Home for Broken Turns and The Drowner in 2005.

Idiot-Syncrasy, by Basque and Sardinian dancer-choreographers Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas, explores commitment, perseverance and dance as an agent for change. Dubbed the ‘jumping show’, the dancers’ continuous movement and rhythm has a myriad of effects on the audience varying from cathartic release to sheer joy. Idiot-Syncrasy is presented as part of the 2015 British Council’s biennial Edinburgh Showcase, following its 2014 London premiere at The Place and selection for the Aerowaves Priority list in 2015.

Vera Tussing’s T-Dance is a warm, gentle work that creates profound sensations. Exploring touch and the cause and effect of tactility, the performers build a perceptible connection with the audience through subtle improvisation and spoken descriptions.

Eddie Nixon, Director of Theatre and Artist Development at The Place, says “Summerhall presents artists who enjoy taking risks and delight in creating different experiences for their audiences, so it felt very natural for us to bring our Work Place artists to this venue for the Fringe.”

Work Place artists are offered a creative home with support for production and the freedom to make the work they want to. The trio of creatives headed to Edinburgh this August all present very different works that use the body as the instrument to create powerful performance for dance and theatre audiences to enjoy.


For more information, interview requests and images please contact Miriam & Michelle in the Summerhall Press Office 07825642225

Tickets: / or in person at the Summerhall box office.
Fringe box office: 0131 226 0026

Wed 5 – Sun 30 Aug 2015. 2.40pm. (daily, except Mon 10, Sun 16, Mon 24)
Wed 5 Aug, Thu 6 Aug, Fri 7 Aug, Sat 8 Aug, Sun 9 Aug, Tue 11 Aug, Wed 12 Aug, Thu 13 Aug, Fri 14 Aug, Sat 15 Aug, Mon 17 Aug, Wed 19 Aug, Thu 20 Aug, Fri 21 Aug, Sat 22 Aug, Sun 23 Aug, Tue 25 Aug, Wed 26 Aug, Thu 27 Aug, Fri 28 Aug, Sat 29 Aug, Sun 30 Aug.

Thu 6 – Sat 29 Aug 2015. 4.20pm (alternate days)
Thu 6 Aug, Sat 8 Aug, Mon 10 Aug, Wed 12 Aug, Fri 14 Aug, Sun 16 Aug, Tue 18 Aug, Thu 20 Aug, Sat 22 Aug, Mon 24 Aug, Wed 26 Aug, Fri 28 Aug, Sat 29 Aug.

Wed 5 – Sun 30 Aug 2015. 4.20pm (alternate days)
Wed 5 Aug, Fri 7 Aug, Sun 9 Aug, Mon 10 Aug, Tue 11 Aug, Thu 13 Aug, Sat 15 Aug, Mon 17 Aug, Tue 18 Aug, Wed 19 Aug, Fri 21 Aug, Mon 24 Aug, Tue 25 Aug, Thu 27 Aug, Sun 30 Aug.

*Goes on sale Thu 4 June

Francis the Holy Jester

Saturday 18 October, 7.30pm, Summerhall

Mario Pirovano performs Francis the Holy Jester by Dario Fo

This is a rare opportunity to see Dario Fo’s monologue, performed by his close friend and leading interpreter of his work, Mario Pirovano.  Written by Fo against a background of political corruption in 1990s Italy, Francis The Holy Jester draws from historic texts and folk tales to bring to life medieval Italy in classic Commedia dell’arte style, both comic and moving.
 Actor Mario Pirovano – Dario Fo’s former apprentice – performs with unique zest, playing cardinals, soldiers, farmers, traders, and the saint himself, in a virtuoso solo performance which engages directly with the audience.  ​

Edinburgh Art Festival 2014: I’d much rather be in morally squalid Berlin

German artist Isa Genzken and fringe venue Summerhall are standouts

“Thank the dark gods for Summerhall, a true fringe venue whose name suggests the sinister Summerisle in the Hebridean horror film The Wicker Man, and whose mad exhibitions in sprawling corridors and basements fully live up to this promise. Here at last, Edinburgh shows that it too has a wild side. The ruinous grandiosity of the place is like the much-mourned Berlin art squat Tacheles. And Isa Genzken meets, if not her artistic match, then definitely a fellow decadent spirit in an exhibition of stuffed wolf heads, sleazy digital shots of sensual flesh, literally cocky paintings and rude religious art by avant garde hero and pioneer Genesis P-Orridge. Throbbing gristle is everywhere in this encounter with a lion of counterculture. Here are Mr and Mrs Hyde for real.

Edinburgh has the making of a real art city, if only it curbs its virtuous side. Dr Jekyll, sadly, was never the creative one.”

– From Jonathan Jones, The Guardian Thursday 31 July 2014

Summerhall Festival to beam into cinemas with Hibrow

Hibrow, the digital arts pioneers, will join forces with big screen giants, ODEON, to take the world’s biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, out of its cobbled confines and into a cinema near you with a series of special screenings throughout August.

Hibrow Hour, generously supported by Arts Council England, is a series of daily performances at Summerhall, throughout this year’s Fringe. Book tickets for the live events.

Rupert Thompson, Artistic Director at Summerhall commented:

We are delighted that Summerhall will be hosting this live cinematic fringe first – beaming the festival to audiences across the UK. We are immensely proud of the programme of festival events this year – and delighted to be working with theatre innovators Hibrow on this project.

Eight of these new shows, spanning theatre, comedy, opera and visual art, have been specially designed to be transmitted via satellite to selected ODEON Cinemas nationwide. Hibrow Hour represents an exciting new digital frontier for the legendary festival: three brand new plays by young theatre-makers, an opera from an internationally recognised artist/filmmaker, comedy acts curated by two of Britain’s most celebrated comedy producers, and a show from the inimitable Steven Berkoff who epitomises the Festivals dedication to talent and innovation. All designed to bring to cinema audiences the excitement of the festival. Each 90 minute programme will also include exclusive coverage of the Festival at large in a specially produced featurette.

Is your local cinema on our list? Have a look below.


Summerhall Box Office for live events: 0131 560 1581
ODEON Box Office: 08712 244 007

  • Basingstoke: Churchill Way West, Basingstoke RG21 6PG
  • Bath: Kingsmead Leisure Complex, James St W, Bath, Somerset BA1 2BX
  • Birmingham Broadway Plaza: 220 Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8LP
  • Bournemouth: Westover Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 2BZ
  • Brighton: West Street, Kingswest, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2RE
  • Cardiff: The Red Dragon Centre, Hemingway Rd, Cardiff CF10 4JY
  • Dundee: Douglas Rd, Dundee, Tayside DD4 7SN
  • Dunfermline: 1 Whimbrell Pl, Dunfermline, Fife KY11 8EX
  • Edinburgh: 118 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 8BQ
  • Edinburgh: Westside Plaza, 120 Wester Hailes Rd, Edinburgh, EH14 3HR
  • Glasgow Quay: Springfield Quay, Paisley Rd, Glasgow G5 8NP
  • Guildford: Bedford Road, Surrey. GU1 4SJ
  • Hull: Kingston Park, Kingston St, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire HU1 2TX
  • Kilmarnock: Queen’s Dr, Kilmarnock, Ayreshire KA1 3XF
  • Kingston: The Rotunda, Clarence St, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 1QP
  • Leeds, Bradford: Gallagher Leisure Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD3 7AT
  • Lincoln: Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln LN1 1YS
  • Liverpool: 14, Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire L1 8JF
  • London, Covent Garden: 135 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8HA
  • Manchester: The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2BS
  • Milton Keynes: The Point, 602 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3NB
  • Norwich: Riverside Leisure Park, Wherry Rd, Norwich NR1 1XA
  • Oxford: George St, Oxford OX1 2BL
  • Sheffield: Arundel Gate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 1DL
  • Newcastle: Silverlink Retail Park, Osprey Dr, Wallsend NE28 9NP
  • Southampton: Leisure World, W Quay Rd, Southampton SO15 1RE
  • Tunbridge Wells: Knights Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3UW
  • Warrington: 100 Westbrook Centre, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 8UD
  • Wimbledon: Victoria Crescent, 57 The Broadway, London SW19 1QB

New menu at The Royal Dick!

The Royal Dick have just launched their new menu! The set menu has been aimed to be competitive in price and packed with flavour and seasonal produce. This will change every two weeks, so keep coming back to us!

Our homemade burgers will change weekly too, please do let us know which is your favourite one.

Follow us on Twitter (@theroyaldick) and follow us on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Please note that tables of six people or more will be asked to use the set menu and we recommend booking a table in advance.

The RD team.

Summerhall launches Festival 2014 programme

Over 150 exciting theatrical and visual arts experiences
1 – 24 August 2014

Mark Ravenhill, Steven Berkoff, Alison Jackson, Paines Plough, Northern Stage, Hibrow, Scottish Dance Theatre and Big In Belgium are just some of over eighty companies presenting work at Summerhall this August.

Our programme includes returning favourites and brand new shows, including co-productions by Summerhall such as Songs of Orwell Farm, from a new opera in development by Wyckham Porteous, and Return To The Voice, developed with the generous support of Creative Scotland, performing at St. Giles Cathedral by highly acclaimed Song Of The Goat whose Songs of Lear was the highest rated show in the 2012 festival. This very moving new work is inspired by historic Scottish and Gaelic music and song.

Work from Taiwan to New Zealand, Spain and back again to the fantastic Made In Scotland programme, Summerhall presents a tantalising collection work from around the globe. No debate goes unturned – so start reading – and get booking!

Summerhall’s galleries will be showing internationally renowned artists, Susan Hiller, Claude Closky, FAILE & Bast, Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, Kennardphillipps, Tamsin Challenger, themuch loved and sorely missed Caroline McNairn, Wim Delvoye, Gary Baseman, Antonio O’Connell, August Rebetex, Birgir Andrésson, Peter Howson, Oliver Jennings & Devodama, and Ignaz Cassar, and as ever festival eminence Richard Demarco with a suite of exhibitions in the Demarco European Art Foundation wing at Summerhall, and many others.

Avant-garde musicians and performance artists, Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, present Life As A Cheap Suitcase, their first solo show in Britain since 2003. It includes large collages and paintings from The Pandrogyne Project, shown here for the first time in Europe.

Susan Hiller brings Re-Sounding & Other Works that combines sound frequencies and visual patterns translated from radio waves emitted by the Big Bang. Claude Closky’s 10, 20, 30 & 40% is a new installation made for Summerhall of drawings that challenge traditional ways of displaying framed artworks.

Brooklyn-based collaboration FAILE & Bast bring their video games, pinball machines and foosball specially programmed to a psychedelic level in FAILE & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Edinburgh 2014. Recalling the age of arcade games, contemporary punk rock and graffiti culture, this neon-laden, mixed media installation lets audiences interact with the works.

Collaboration Kennardphillipps have been making art responses to the invasion of Iraq since 2002. They will also perform Demo Talk, a talk that becomes a physical demonstration of methods employed to make art protests against morally corrupt power.

Not all of this year’s programme takes place in Summerhall – new venues will pop up around the old Veterinary College and some will be offsite from Portobello beach, the EICC to St Giles cathedral. Paines Plough’s Roundabout in collaboration with Northern Stage and Summerhall will take over the back courtyard at the venue with a 170 seat bespoke theatre space set in the round.

A Walk at the Edge of the World takes audiences on a short, silent walk to start the show and out of water invites audiences down to the water’s edge in Portobello at sunrise and sunset throughout August. New spaces at Summerhall including The Street and The Loft will host works designed specifically for the space such as Future RuinsTheatre on a Long Thin Wire whichinvites audiences in alone, with no actors to experience theatre you don’t see – just a phone that might ring.

Summerhall is delighted to partner with Barrowland Ballet for two dance works, Tiger Tale and Tiger, telling through dance how a family’s world is upended when a tiger appears, performed in a specially built space at the EICC, 150 Morrison Street.

Elvis will be in the building at Summerhall this festival in Ellie Stamp’s Are You Lonesome Tonight? A solo interactive performance which explores Ellie’s lineage to Elvis Presley. Also look out for appearances from Elvis himself (via Italy) around the venue throughout August!

Shakespeare also makes an appearance in the powerful Gaelic translation of Macbeth – Macbeatha from White Stag Theatre and David Walker and in new play Shakespeare, His Wife and The Dog (Bated Breath Theatre Company),about one sleepless night in Stratford it is played by real life couple Philip Whitchurch and Sally Edwards.

New Wave Feminism is explored in several shows from across Europe. Ontroerend Goed’s Sirens emotes on society’s assumptions of ‘the weaker sex’; Sister, the true story of siblings exploring feminism and choice; performance artist Caroline Smith bringing new work Birdwatcher’s Wives and Margaret Thatcher, Virginia Woolf and Marilyn Monroe come together on stage for the first time ever in How Does A Snake Shed Its Skin. Fringe-award winning company 30 Bird bring Domestic Labour: A Study In Love and sifts through the dust of the Iranian baby boom.

Family is all we got – with Standby For Tape Backup (Show and Tell) in which a grandson listens in to his grandfather’s recordings, and a dark and honest portrayal of the effect of trauma on the younger members of the family in Every Brilliant Thing from Paines Plough.

Our performers do not shy away from big political debate. Britannia Waves The Rules from the Royal Exchange Theatre shows how a young man is profoundly changed by his experiences in the army. Electric Theatre Workshop looks at the political rise of the far right in today’s Scotland in Blood Orange. In the centenary year of the outbreak of WW1 Badac Theatre Company makers of visceral theatre perform The Flood an intense, at times horrific exploration of love and war. The National Theatre of Scotland join Brooklyn’s The TEAM in a work-in-progress called in The Scottish Enlightenment Project, which plunges the murkiest depths of national myth-making.

Theatre companies also take on social politics, from the carbon footprint of having a baby (LungsPaines Plough), the number of things we accumulate Replaceable Things (Ensemble Things) and The Object Lesson from Aurora Nova, a company with a festival history famous for thrilling surrealism, see the complexity in the everyday objects we cling to. Landscape with Skiproads (Pieter DeBuysser, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan, Margarita Productions, Drum) and Dogstar Theatre Company explore the greatest medical disaster in the history of the NHS in Factor 9.

Sticking with the political agenda, Sh!t Theatre’s Guinea Pigs on Trial looks at selling oneself to medical science, The Dispute (Hibrow Hour) toy with 18th-century French playwright Marivaux’s story of the recreation of the Garden of Eden with four teenagers for 6570 days and the voyeurism of modern day reality TV. Physical theatre looks at the plight of the Italian ILVA steelworkers in 2012 with Made In ILVA The Contemporary Hermit and Teatri ODA’s Invisible Walls from Kosovo, looks at isolation caused by bureaucracy, prejudice and social trappings and continues the tradition of giving potentially isolated artists a voice in Edinburgh.

Referring to the horrific and recent phenomenon of pirate kidnappings – The Initiate (Paines Plough) looks at a myriad of surrounding issues with a London based Somali taxi driver getting involved in the rescue of a British couple that have been seized by Somali Pirates.

Interpreting literary classics we have Wuthering Heights with an all male cast, a mash-up using puppetry of Chekhov and T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land Sisters and Charioteer Theatre and Vxx Zweets bring their own Faustian pact to the stage in Light Killer.

As ever – the festival fringe is an opportunity for breaking new ground with technology and companies around Summerhall are doing just that. Tales from The MP3 (20 Stories High) promises to set the Demonstration Room alight with live music, poetry and beatboxing all from young people’s MP3 players – it’s time to be honest! Lands of Glass by Unfolding Theatre brings the world of Alessandro Baricco to the UK for the first time with a glass instrument orchestra, featuring the Sauvignonblancophone.

Raise a glass to the God of Wine with 2b Theatre’s The God That Comes – a wine-soaked rock’n’roll cabaret celebrating Bacchus in all his forms – starring Juno award-winning Hawksley Workman. With fifteen minutes out of the fringe hubbub – Viewmaster is a personal slideshow journeying to a distant land and back again by Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman. The undeniable Pumajaw are back with Song Noir: The Director’s Cut and will be conjuring their unique blend of multi-media with Film Noir and some of the most well-recognised soundtracks from ‘Twin Peaks’ to ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ and more.

Our family and children’s programme grows bigger each year, and this year Matilda writer Dennis Kelly’s Our Teacher’s A Troll (Paines Plough), Curious Seed’s Chalk About, which starts with all wee audience members getting arty on the floor of the Dissection Room and 2013 Summerhall Festival returning hit show Innocence from Scottish Dance Theatre. Death, Duck and Tulip (Little Dog Barking Theatre) about a duck who strikes up an unlikely friendship with death and the highly visual physical theatre piece Malasombre by auMents Visual Dance Theatre – heavy-metal kids welcome at the visual fairytale for you and a grown up or two.

We are delighted to host fourteen acts from the Scottish Government’s Made in Scotland programme, nine from Arts Council England’s Escalator East to Edinburgh, Big In Belgium returns and award-winners including the C&C Company Winner of the Jury Prize HiverÔclites Avignon Fringe 2014, and the outstanding programme of events from Hibrow.

Hibrow Hour is a new hour-long performance showcase at Summerhall. Every performance of the Hibrow Hour will be broadcast live and uninterrupted online daily from the festival with a variety of work ranging from new drama presented by the next generation of theatre-makers to work from more established artists including Steven Berkoff, Alison Jackson and Peter Howson OBE.

The work, which will be streamed around the country and the world, will include MAKA – three brand new pieces for stage from the UK’s most promising writers, actors and directors; Hibrow In-Conversations with world-class names gathered from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and further afield and Summerhall’s first ever comedy outing – Wednesday’s Hibrow Comedy Hour, curated by Jilly Guteridge and Van Keeling. A programme brimming with promise and much more to be announced – watch this space.

Artistic Director Rupert Thomson said:

“We are thrilled that so many artists are so keen to be a part of Summerhall’s Festival and to ensure 2014 is a fantastic year for our audiences. I am also hugely grateful to the team here and our many supporters of all that we do.”

Visual Arts Curator Paul Robertson said:

“This year’s range of national and international exhibitions will intrigue, cause debate and sometimes even shock. Once again Summerhall is THE place to be this August.”

All tickets for Summerhall Festival 2014 on sale from Thursday 5th June at and Box Office enquiries 0131 560 1581

Summerhall to host FOURTEEN Made In Scotland shows

The sun is shining (occasionally) the weather is lifting (to seventeen degrees on occasion) and that can only mean one thing – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is ready to descend once more.

We are very excited to announce that no less than fourteen Summerhall shows have made it onto the Made In Scotland programme which works with Scottish artists at the festival to promote their work to the world – and enable all to see the best of Scottish.

Here’s a wee run down of what to look out for!

Biding Time (remix) are back with their blend of song, screen and silent disco. Our shortest show Viewmaster will take you around the world in 15 minutes in a personal slideshow for your eyes and ears only by poet Ryan Van Winkle and sound artist Dan Gorman.

Chalk About take note or two from the theatre book with chat and we get a chance to see the ‘perfect scene containing everything one could wish for’ – what’s not to get excited about? One for all the family – come ready to draw. Also in the dance programme you will find an intimate space between artists and performers in Miann by Fleur Darkin and Scottish Dance Theatre featuring 4-piece musicians The One Ensemble.

The Scottish play goes back to the roots of Scottish language with a highly theatrical performance in Gaelic – to which all are welcome. MacBHEATHA is brought to Summerhall by White Stag and David Walker. Theatre blurs boundaries when Sisters Anna and Rosana perform together an unflinchingly honest autobiographical play about their experiences – we’re delighted to welcome the show that started its life at the Behaviour Festival at The Arches, Glasgow.

In music we welcome a whole host of incredible musicians – from guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker’s Ritmata – bringing the world music experiences of four musicians to life on stage. Originally a Celtic Connections commission Fiona Rutherford brings Sleep Sound – inspired by the structure of a night’s sleep. Another returning act from Fringe 2013 (and very welcome it is too) are Pumajaw. Song Noir returns with a blend of cult TV and film noir alongside a mind-bending live soundtrack of Pumajaw originals and a blend of scored film music from ‘Twin Peaks’ to ‘The Night of The Deadly’.

Also in music and for three performances each, are both Replaceable Things and Undercurrents. Replaceable Things is two works combining spoken word and electronic soundtracks by Ensemble Thing. Amy Duncan’s Undercurrents is a deeply moving show featuring Amy alongside a string trio, harp, base and percussion.

Over at the EICC we partner with Barrowland Ballet on two shows, Tiger Tale and Tiger. Tiger Tale, for age 7+ sees a family’s world tip upside down at the arrival of a tiger – alongside Tiger which explores the issues anew for adults as the older sibling of the duo of shows. Both highly site specific shows see Barrowland Ballet inhabiting a cage that both defines the movement of the dancers and captures the chaos and comedy of being a family. Both insightful stories of family relationships.

For that moment where your feet grow weary and the fringe seems insurmountable, Michelle Burke invites you into her memorabilia-bedecked living-room for songs and yarns. Step Into My Parlour for a moment and discover what it’s all about over a sherry.

Lots more news on our fantastic Festival 2014 to come over the next few weeks – watch this space….

Summerhall Historical Fiction Festival Returns for 2014

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Summerhall Historical Fiction Festival, the event will return this May. Organised by historical authors Allan Massie and Iain Gale, and sponsored by Baillie Gifford, Thomas Miller Investment and Pickering’s Gin, the festival will run over the weekend of Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th May.

Having celebrated Walter Scott last year, this year’s opening event follows on by marking the 200th anniversary of the publication of his first novel, Waverley. It will be followed by James Robertson talking about God and the Devil in Scottish fiction.

On Friday Robert Harris will speak about his latest widely acclaimed novel on the Dreyfus case.

A writers’ forum will examine the difficulties of portraying WWI in fiction and Elizabeth Speller, author of the well received WWI novel At Break of Day, will speak.

The wars of Bruce and Wallace are discussed by two of the doyens of the subject in fiction, Robyn Young and Robert Low, both of them heirs to the tradition of Nigel Tranter.

Another panel of experts will discuss the portrayal of Jacobites in fiction, while on a broader theme Andrew Greig speaks about his novel drawing on the Border Ballad of “Fair Helen” and Rosemary Goring on her take on the aftermath of Flodden. Debra Daley will also talk about Turning the Stones, her evocative tale of mystery and intrigue set in 18th century London.

The weekend is completed with an exhibition of the watercolours and etchings of Olivia Gill, recently commissioned by Michael Morpurgo to illustrate an edition of War Horse.

Waterstones are to feature the festival in windows across Scotland.

For more details on speakers and events and to book tickets please visit the website

The Latest Tasty Offerings from The Royal Dick

We, The Royal Dick, have launched our brand new and totally delicious menu. The set menu has been aimed to be competitive in price and packed with flavour and seasonal produce. This will change every two weeks, so keep coming back to us!

Our homemade burgers will change weekly too, please do let us know which is your favourite one.

Follow us on Twitter (@theroyaldick) and follow us on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Please note that tables of six people or more will be asked to use the set menu and we recommend booking a table in advance.

The RD team.

Mysore Classes at Summerhall

Summerhall Yoga are offering a 1:1 Mysore course taught by Christopher Conn.

In this class there will be a very small group of people (maximum 8). Each person is given individual attention and is helped to progress at their level. Therefore people who are complete beginners, to those who are more advanced, can attend and benefit from Christopher Conn’s great depth of knowledge. Christopher Conn is an advanced practitioner and international teacher of Ashtanga, he has just arrived back from India to teach this authentic course.

This is a 4 week course starting 5th March from 6.40pm till 8.10pm. Cost – £25 (10% off for students). For more information and to book please visit:

85A: Renegade Maskerrade Video

Back in December, 85A Collective brought us the Edinburgh premiere of Judd Brucke’s industrial-horror film: ‘CHERNOZEM’, casting a cinematic shadow as trenchant and visceral as they come!
After the showing, 85A held the provocative ‘Renegade Maskerrade’ – an explosive barrage of highly charged live performances, knee-dropping music and blood pulsing DJs… featuring: ‘Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers’ – an hypnotic ‘Doom-wop’ band of towering rhythm + stentorian sound!

We now have footage from the fabulous event which you can see below:

Animal Antics – Happy Chinese New Year!

We have been celebrating Chinese new year in the Yellow Room and on the 15th of Feb we will be marking the end of the festivities with a sensory play day to celebrate the lantern festival (Chap Goh Mei). All our Animal Antics friends have been busy preparing lantern garlands, trying out Chinese calligraphy, painting plum blossom pictures whilst learning all about Chinese culture.

We’ve even made our own pagoda and this coming weekend we plan to build our own finger puppet theatre and tell the story of the Chinese zodiac through our hand made puppets. Come join us for a day of sensory play with lights, music and puppet theatre on Saturday 15th in the Yellow Room.


 Click here for more information on opening times for this fun activity we have lined up!

Les Amis d’Onno Vintage Cabaret

“An Auction of the late Captain Cuthbert Cruickshank’s Collection of Curios”

Les Amis d’Onno bring their unmissible brand of Vintage Cabaret to Summerhall, Edinburgh. Les Amis d’Onno’s Vintage Cabaret offers all the charm and ambiance of a bygone era, the family run show is good old fashioned entertainment at its very best.  This year’s show features an eclectic mix of new and regular acts including Escapology, Performing Dogs, Knife Throwing, Magic, Music, Song and Dance! The performance will take place in the Demonstration room and for these three shows only will include two of Les Amis d’Onno’s beautiful performing horses!

Sam Gough from Summerhall said:

“The show appeals to all ages, whether it’s the sense of nostalgia or the sheer delight of having never seen the likes before. Together with the troupe’s dedication to the preservation of this performance art, the demonstration room is the perfect unusual venue for bringing live horses into the show”

Jedburgh based Les Amis d’Onno are the UK’s premier equine-canine stunt team and during the summer months can be seen in their own shows and performing at country shows.  They have recently kick-starter projected the funding for new escapology tank by offering unique experiences such as lessons in stunt riding and Jousting!

Southdean Hall, Scottish Borders 01/02/2014

“What a fantastic night at Southdean Hall! Full to capacity, and kids shouting themselves hoarse with excitement as knives were thrown at glamorous girls, arrows fired by an ‘incompetent’ Frenchman, and music, dancing and slapstick antics entertained us all. Les Amis d’Onno are a lovely bunch of folk, don’t hesitate to see them if you get a chance!”

DARK WOULD Catalogue

World-leading poets and text artists explore the maze of living and dying in The Dark Would. Contributors: Jenny Holzer, Richard Long, Susan Hiller, Tom Phillips, Simon Patterson, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Tony Lopez, Richard Wentworth, Caroline Bergvall, Lawrence Weiner, Fiona Banner and many others, including outsider artists.

Curator Philip Davenport says :

“This is an extraordinary gathering that asks what it is to have a body and to lose it. Perhaps this is best done by people for whom language is itself a state of in-between-ness… artists who use language and poets who are artists. Here, the material of language is a metaphor for human material, our own bodies. Whether poets, homeless people, outsiders, or art stars – we all have to find our way through the dark.”

As well as showing work from the living, there will also be ‘answering’ works by dead artists and poets including Stéphane Mallarmé, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Joseph Beuys – and (via mediumistic link) William Blake.

The Dark Would exhibition is curated by poet Philip Davenport, in response to his language art anthology of the same title.

Catalogue conception and design Steve Giasson

The National Script Library of Scottish Community Drama

The National Script Library of Scottish Community Drama is located in room 3:6 on the top floor of the Taconic building at Summerhall Arts Centre. The library started in 1936 with scripts in a suitcase and now contains well in excess of 20,000 one-act and full-length play scripts – Classic Theatre, Modern Drama, Pantomime, Musicals, Youth Theatre, Out-of-Prints, Unpublished Work and Theatre Archives –  all available for perusal and loan to SCDA members and to ‘Friends Of The Library’. Contact for details of the Friends scheme.

Choosing your next play?  Want scripts for a workshop or reading group?  Researching amateur theatre in Scotland?

Visit the National Script Library page to peruse the catalogue available as an Excel spreadsheet or pdfed Doc. (Please don’t try to print it – it is over 1,100 pages. ) Postal service also available.

Opening times are Tuesdays 2.15pm to 7pm and Wednesdays 3pm to 6pm or by special arrangement with the Librarians via or 07799408608.

Rupert Thomson, Artistic Director of Summerhall is voted into The Hospital Club 100 list 2013.

The results are in for this year’s h.Club100, a search for the most innovative creatives working in the UK today.

The h.Club100 in association with the Guardian Culture Professionals Network is the Hospital Club’s annual search for the most influential, innovative and interesting people in the creative and media industries.

A total of 300 individuals made it to the shortlist for this year’s list, and over the past four weeks the public have been voting to determine who makes the final cut. The results were announced last night at a ceremony in London.

Rupert, the only Scotland based creative on the list, has made it to the final 10 in the Theatre and Performance category alongside the likes of actor Helen Mirren.

Summerhall Winter Visual Arts Launch – 6th December 2013

Join us on the 6th December between 7-9pm for the launch of Summerhall’s Winter Visual Arts programme.

An opportunity to explore Summerhall and meet the artists and members of staff involved in the exhibitions.

To continue the evening’s celebrations Summerhall is hosting Glasgow’s 85A Collective’s provocative ‘Renegade Maskerrade’ – an explosive barrage of highly charged live performances, knee-dropping music and blood pulsing DJs… featuring: ‘Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers’ – an hypnotic ‘Doom-wop’ band of towering rhythm + stentorian sound! Refreshments will be provided by The Royal Dick Bar and Edinburgh’s Narcissus Flowers and Plants have supported the event with unique and inspirational floral arrangements.

Exhibitions include:

The Dark Would

The world premiere of the text-art exhibition The Dark Would, curated by text-poet Philip Davenport. Internationally acclaimed artists and poets explore the puzzle of living and dying in The Dark Would. Includes work by: Fiona Banner, Richard Long, Simon Patterson, Susan Hiller, Tony Lopez, Sarah Sanders, Jenny Holzer, Richard Wentworth, Caroline Bergvall, Ron Silliman, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Lawrence Weiner – and many others.

There will be performances during the launch by Sarah Sanders and Stephen Emmerson.

Jerry’s Map

The first exhibition of this internet sensation outside of the USA, Jerry’s Map is 50 years in the making. It is a sublime fictitious world continually evolving through the imagination and creativity of Jerry Gretzinger.

We also have exhibitions from current and previous studio holders. Deirdre Nicholls sculptural busts in Beyond Surface: In Search for the Soul and Sally Webber presents installation works in An Inexact Science. 

We have a wide ranging programme featuring international as well as Scottish-based artists such as Ryoko Tamura whose exhibition Funch appeals equally to adults as well as children to 1950s subculture photographs by Julie Howden in The Throwbacks: Obsessed about the 50s.

The programme spans both contemporary and historical art. Manchester’s Two Little Birds produce Boys Keep Swinging, a group exhibition centred upon current societal issues from the male perspective to a collection of romantic minimalist James Lee Byars ephemera from the Heart Fine Art collection based at Summerhall.

 We hope you are able to join us for this December event highlight!


Summerhall’s Creative Director nominated for the hClub100!

The hClub100 in association with Guardian Culture Professionals Network is a national search for the most innovative, interesting and influential people in the British creative and media industries.


This year, our own Creative Director, RUPERT THOMSON, has received a nomination for top innovator in the category ‘Theatre & Performance’! He is also the only Scottish-based nominee within this area.
You can help promote Summerhall and vote for RUPERT here!

Summerhall & Barney’s Beer Festival Programme

This weekend Summerhall hosts its second beer fest of 2013. After the rip-roaring success of the first beer fest in May, it’s back, and bigger, with all and more for the same ticket price.

Friday & Saturday night take the traditional beer festival and give it that Summerhall flavour – beers on tap range from US Sierra Nevada, Swedish Micro-brewer Nils Oscar, Weihenstephan from Germany; this festival focuses on many beers that are not available elsewhere in Edinburgh. Styles on tap include Barney’s two new brews Eteaket Lapsang Porter, and Barney’s Extra Pale alongside four regular Barney’s, also for sampling will be Stouts, Belgium‐style Nøgne, IPAs and the charmingly named Thornbridge Sequoia and the Salamander Mudpuppy.

On Sunday, we mix things up a little, with the same beers, but more food – and kids come free. Wild Rover will be serving their own take on the Sunday lunch with a Pheasant Plucker’s Pie (Pheasant breast, George Bower’s haggis and beetroot pie, encased in homemade pastry and served with creamy mash) and Wild Rover Chowder (Naturally oak-smoked haddock, cooked in our own fish stock and served with Scottish leeks and spuds). A special session of Animal Antics, the Summerhall drop-in play and create sessions for parents and little’uns aged 0 – 6 years,  will run from 2pm – 5pm. Bring friends and family along, sample a few beers, and relax into the festival atmosphere.

What to expect! Get the festival lowdown. Tickets £8 available here.

Friday & Saturday from 6.30pm – Midnight

  • **Over 20 beers including Reigeler, Sierra Nevada, Rauchbier vom Schlenkerla, Haverlee and the Barney’s line-up**
  • Souvenir Summerhall & Barney’s Beer Festival glass WITH A BARNEY’S IN IT
  • Food from Wild Rover (Halloumi Heaven Wrap, Ultimate Stag Burger)
  • Fresh Bratwurst and Pretzels
  • Music from the Jazz Pygmies
  • The Brew Lab – interactive brewing experience
  • Merchandise – hoodies, hats and much much more
  • Strictly 18s and over
  • Sat night only Paper Doll Militia will be taking to the rafters of the Dissection Room

Sunday from 2pm – 8pm

  • **Over 20 beers including Fruh Kolsch, Dark Star Original, Nils Oscar Imperial Stout, Nøgne and the Barney’s line-up**
  • Souvenir Summerhall & Barney’s Beer Festival glass WITH A BARNEY’S IN IT
  • Food from Wild Rover (Wild Rover Chowder, Pheasant Plucker’s Pie)
  • Fresh Bratwurst and Pretzels
  • Merchandise, hoodies, hats and much much more
  • The Brew Lab – interactive brewing experience
  • Music from the Jazz Pygmies
  • The return of the edfringe Piano-Beer-Bike
  • Animal Antics 2 – 5pm
  • Kids come free with paying adults


The Beer Festival is back!

It’s back! By popular demand the second Summerhall beer festival. Same price. Same place. This time it is bigger, with more beer, in fact our master brewer and libation curator Barney says there are too many beers and styles to mention!

But to start, there will be a variety of home-grown beers supplied by Barney’s as well as many guests from the US, Germany, Belgium & Scandinavia.
Located in our unique Dissection Room and in the now infamous ‘Hut’ we will be entertaining you with music from The Pygmies – featuring Steve Kettley & Slawek Justinski as well as other oddities that scream Summerhall – there may even be an appearance from the famous festival fringe Beer-Piano-Bike!

There will be an interactive brewing experience – “The Brew Lab” and a re-appearance from the very popular Bratwurst and Pretzels freshly prepared on site.

Friday and Saturday the beer festival will see you in ’til the witching hour.
Sunday’s session will include more independent food options and we open our doors to families, kids come free but can’t drink the beer! Come along for lunch and have an afternoon of discovery.
Of course your ticket price includes access to these wonderful beers, entertainment AND your limited edition, collectors edition souvenir glass… oh yes, it will have a Barney’s in it!
Click HERE to be taken to the box office page.

The Novel Cure

Word on the street is that reading a novel can cure your cold. Or hangover, depression, headache and heartache. Join us on the 14th of December from 7-9pm for a unique chance to find out exactly how from author Ella Berthoud who has released the much acclaimed The Novel Cure, an A-Z of Literary Remedies.

For the cure of the inability to get out of bed, you should read:

Bed by David Whitehouse

“Perhaps you have a headache or a hangover. Perhaps you hate your job and have declared a Duvet Day. Read this novel once, and then during subsequent attacks of the condition you will need only a brief dip to send you leaping out from under your duvet.

Malcolm Ede has stayed in bed for so long that his skin is as ‘white as an institution’. He is inspired of sunlight, and drained of life. Cared for and fed by his hopelessly devoted mother, his dreamy dad and his broken brother, he is the planet around which they orbit. Unless you fancy being unable to even meet your hands together to pray for escape, read this and get up, out of bed, right now.”

From The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud.

Simon Garfield: The Art of Letter Writing

To book tickets click here


This week, we will be looking at the letter by one of the best English poets and writers of the 20th century, Ted Hughes, for his wife, Slyvia Plath.  Do not miss out on Simon Garfield’s talk on ‘The Art of Letter Writing’ at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre on the 12th December at 18:30 – 20:00. Tickets are now on sale and remember to bring your opinions with you to this talk!


To Sylvia Plath 
[October 9 or 10, 1956]

“Who does Salinger copy? or Eudora Welty? All the good ones have invented their own manner in their own private rooms. If you write whatever attracts you, and you write it as hard as you can, and as rich, then you can’t miss, and a pox on your imitators who will be the new breed of outnumbering gnats.

Just write it off, in your own way, and make it stand up off the page and jump about the room – then even if you’re writing about your Aunt Aegrotat’s animated carrots it will sell.

The B.B.C. have accepted my Yeats Programme and that I shall be hearing from Carne-Ross in a day or two. Good. Joy in fact. I will tell you the day as soon as I hear then you can prepair a decamping.

We’ll stay the night in a hotel. And I shall kiss you into blisters.

You are beginning to knit your poems together unchallengeably.

I love you, Sylvia, all day, all night when I can’t sleep. Thinking about you and just blankly missing you has brought me to a standstill. I love you I love you I love you. Love love to my wife Ted.

Donald Carne-Ross is a ‘Talks’ producer at the BBC.”


Summerhall’s Award Winning Fringe

It has been a bumper Fringe for our companies here at Summerhall winning, and gaining nominations for awards across the board. Here’s a wee countdown of where we’re at so far.

HeLa from Adura Onashile in association with Iron-Oxide, won the Scottish Arts club/Edinburgh Guide Award for best Scottish play. Titus from Macrobert took the second runner up spot making the awards something of a Summerhall affair.

The final week of the festival fringe saw Scotsman Fringe Firsts for the moving and darkly comic For Their Own Good, United Artists, and the mesmerising Freeze from Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Plymouth, Theater-aan-Zee with Summerhall. Week one of the Scotsman Fringe First Awards saw recognition heaped on Feral by Tortoise in a Nutshell which had been wowing audiences at Summerhall since it opened.

The Total Theatre Awards saw Summerhall residents nominated across a number of categories and some success to sweeten the deal even further. In the Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form category Bonanza by Berlin scooped the top prize and was described as  “brilliant, adventurous & mesmeric”. Meanwhile in the Physical/Visual category the runaway success of the Fringe, Company Non Nova’s L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1 (Crying Out Loud in partnership with Summerhall), was declared the winner.

Jack Klaff won the editor’s award from festival fringe reviewing stalwart Three Weeks for his one-man-show Out To Lunch.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful shows and companies who were nominated and received awards this year it’s been a dynamic, innovative and thrilling programme.

Do take the time to scroll through our FIVE STAR reviews for so many festival shows, from The Times, The Herald, Three Weeks, British Theatre Guide and more…

Richard Demarco awarded European Citizen’s Medal

Richard Demarco received his European Citizen’s Medal on Monday 19th August. A ceremony was held at the European Parliament Office, with Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson, who nominated him, presenting him with the medal.

Richard Demarco was the co-founder of the Traverse Theatre, and later set up the Richard Demarco Gallery, which helped to promote cultural links with Eastern Europe.

The Demarco European Art Foundation is currently exhibiting at Summerhall where it replays its  Italo-Scottish Pavilion from this year’s Venice Biennale, entitled ‘Italo-Scotland in Europe, Europe in Italo-Scotland’ following on from the exhibition “Scotland in Europe” at Scotland House, Brussels in 2011.


‘Bag’ yourself a ticket for the 2013 Fringe sensation: ‘L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1’

Due to popular demand we have now added three extra performances of Company Non Nova’s amazing L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1!

This will be the last chance to catch the UK premiere of the show that is blowing both audiences and critics away this festival!

This is the moment that the plastic bag begins its own life! An ethereal and magical performance art piece, accompanied by the music of Debussy to create an experience of true wonder. A piece performed by ‘plastic dancers’, propelled by currents of air to lyrical music: l’Après-midi d’un Foehn transports the viewer to a world where the laws of gravity no longer exist and boundless adventures await. A beautiful journey that ignites the imagination.
Extra performances are at 3.15pm on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August.près-midi d’un Foehn transports the viewer to a world where the laws of gravity no longer exist and boundless adventures await. A beautiful journey that ignites the imagination.

Tickets available at Summerhall Box Office or click here.

Education, Colonialism and ‘Quad’

Miriam McDowell & Fay Butler

Not only is the building bursting with live and visual arts this festival, but we also have an eclectic programme of talks, panels and workshops to encourage challenging debate and discussion in the midst of the Fringe.

On the 15th, panel discussion, Must Try Harder, hosted in conjunction with the Glasgow youth theatre group Junction 25, opened up a discussion about Scotland’s educational system. Points raised included questions over the quality of teaching, pupil feedback, contrasting teaching styles in primary and secondary schools and the overwhelming expectations to go to university. Panelists included Helen Mackie (previously Head of St George’s Girl’s School), Marilyne Maclaren (former Education Convener), Iain Johnstone (director, writer and actor in One Giant Leap, Wee Stories) and cast members Jack, Stan and Becca, who currently pursuing their aspirations at music school and university, from Junction 25’s play Anoesis.

On the 16th, Katie Kitamura discussed her critically acclaimed novel Gone to the Forest over tea and cake in our Dissection Room. Led by Peggy Hughes (Programme Director of the Dundee Literary Festival) the discussion debated the themes of gender and colonialism in her novel, as well raising questions about the writing process, publishing and the influence of technology over writers today.

On the 17th, we took a bit of time out to look more closely at what we actually see on stage. A term that gets ‘thrown around’ a lot especially during the festival is “Physical Theatre” and we were joined by Simon Murray, former Director of theatre at Dartington College of Arts and current Theatre Studies lecturer at the University of Glasgow, who was able to shed some light on what physical theatres are, how they are used and whether they really exist.

Simon trained in Paris in the late 80s with Phillipe Gaulier and Monika Pagneux, former pupils of the renowned Lecoq School of International Theatre and masters of physical theatre. In his talk Simon contextualised physical theatre with a beautifully simple overview of its development throughout the 20th century and illustrated this with some video footage including Lecoq and his pupils in a movement class and a glimpse at the work of Pina Bausch, a leading influence on modern Tanztheater.

Simon’s talk sparked lots of discussion amongst the audience, challenging us to review the lines between live arts, visual arts and physical theatre. The question and answer session revealed just how closely physical theatres overlap with other art forms when we consider Samuel Beckett’s play Quad or one of our own festival shows, Robbie Thomson’s installation Ecstatic Art. Could these be consider physical theatre?

This event was an excellent insight into physical theatre and of interest to performers, choreographers and equally anyone who enjoys watching theatre and dance.

Don’t worry if you missed these events, there are still more exciting workshops, talks and panels to come during the festival and beyond!

Thoughts on our Children’s Programme

By Anu Selva-Thomson,  Head of Education and Children’s Programme

This year, Summerhall’s programme for children explores a wide array of themes. From politics, gender, literature and science to questions about self, other, life , responsibility and even death, our programme attempts to engage young audiences with the sorts of ideas that the world around them is constantly engaged with – the sorts of ideas that will shape the kind of ‘grown-ups’ they will become.

I have incredible respect for the people who make work for children. The best work comes from a deep commitment to honesty, hope, responsibility and most importantly (and admirably) to taking risks. The companies that are performing children’s work at Summerhall this festival do all of the above and often, with a simple and unassuming elegance.

onegiantleap 1One Giant Leap, by Wee Stories is a play for young audiences ten years and up and very cleverly challenges the very fundamentals of our formal education system asking questions about what knowledge really is and how important it is to contextualize what we teach and learn – epistemic questions that we all need to carefully consider, regardless of age.




Titus Fish & Sky.3 (1)Titus, by Macrobert, is a powerful piece that revolves around a young boy standing on the roof of a building contemplating whether to jump. It’s a courageous piece of work that doesn’t shy away from showing young audiences how delicate life can be and it was an absolute delight watching a young boy of about 8 give it a standing ovation, all on his own accord.




après-midi un foehn 1L’apres-midi d’un Foehn- Version 1 by Company Non Nova is a breathtaking piece of work. Amongst the many things that this work is, it is also a homage to artistry and fragility and to the brutality and transience that can often accompany beauty. It’s a risky piece of work for audiences of 5+ because adults expect children’s work to end ‘happily ever after’.  Must it always though? It was wonderful seeing children leave this show asking a myriad of ‘why?’ questions and to hear so many dedicated parents really engaging with their children about the ideas the performance raised.



Logo-yurtakids-brush-freeYurtakids selection of Italian work is again, incredibly diverse.  Unleashed _Scatenati  by Scarlettine Teatro might too hastily be reduced by some as a potential health and safety risk but the idea of creating an environment of tranquility and reproducing sounds reminiscent of the mother’s womb solely with (safe and secure!) chains, items we often associate with danger,  is not only inventive but also sheds light on the way people somehow manage to  find ways to stereotype just about everything. The Story of a Man and his Shadow by Principio Attivo Teatro explores mortality through mime and clowning – wonderfully clever, as it unearths those subtle links between comedy and tragedy. Cinderella by Factory Compagnia retells the story of Cinderella drawing inspiration from traditional Commedia dellarte but delving into gender and body politics – a shy and awkward prince, a stepmother in drag, on stilts, who ‘hovers’ over the stage and audience, ugly sisters who represent what is ugly about society’s expectations of women (insert a few jokes about ample or lacking  bosoms and buttocks) and a fairytale ‘princess’ who makes the first move on Prince Charming! Yurtakids! two other shows The Red Bike and 24583 Little Creepy Wonders similarly explore social and political themes.


Innocence 5Fleur Darkin who choreographed Scottish Dance Theatre’s Innocence, told me how important it was to her to study and incorporate the early learning pedagogies of Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner in the work. The belief that children have an innate capacity to make sense of the world and that they possess the ability to interact with their environments in intelligent and highly cognitive ways is very much in line with the early childhood philosophies we are inspired by here at Summerhall. Scottish Dance Theatre’s commitment to devising and developing this beautiful work for children so that it extends beyond just the time they spend in the theatre is highly laudable.


Our audiences have had a host of incredibly supportive comments and praise for the companies we are working with this year and our thanks go out to them and all the reviewers who have picked up on these themes and celebrated the shows. As always, we are honoured and humbled (yet again) to encounter artists who make work that is courageous and meaningful. We have another week to go before the festival comes to a close, we hope you’ll come, with your families, to contribute to the wonderful vibe here at Summerhall.

Summerhall gains 13 Total Theatre Award nominations

Congratulations to the 13, yes 13, wonderful Summerhall shows that have been nominated for a Total Theatre Award. This represents more than a third of all the shows nominated. The announcement was made today and reflects not only the quality but the diversity of the programme we’re running this year.

Across categories ranging from physical visual theatre to emerging companies and artists performers at Summerhall are represented and representing for their craft. Here is the list in full.


Shows by an Emerging Company/Artist

Freeze! (Belgium & Netherlands)
Nick Steur Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Plymouth, Theater-aan-Zee,(Summerhall)

La Donna è Mobile (England)
RemoteControl (Summerhall)

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity (England)
Clout Theatre (Summerhall)

Physical/Visual Theatre

La Poème (France)
Company Bal / Jeanne Mordoj, presented by Crying out Loud (Summerhall)

L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1 (France)
Company Non Nova, presented by Crying out Loud (Summerhall)

Feral (Scotland)
Tortoise in a Nutshell in co-production with Cumbernauld Theatre (Summerhall)

Tourniquet 2013 (Belgium)
Abattoir Fermé, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan, Drum Plymouth, Summerhall (Summerhall)

Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form

Anoesis (Scotland)
Junction 25 (Summerhall)

Beating McEnroe (England)
Jamie Wood (Summerhall)

Bonanza (Belgium)
Berlin, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Plymouth, Summerhall (Summerhall)

HeLa (Scotland)
Adura Onashile in association with Iron-Oxide (Summerhall)

Major Tom (England)
Victoria Melody / Farnham Maltings / Harlow Playhouse/ Escalator East to Edinburgh

Solfatara (Spain)
Atresbandes (Summerhall)

The Total Theatre awards ceremony takes place on the 22nd of August when the judges will announce up to six awards across three categories including 1 Award for an Emerging
Company or Artist. Watch this space!

Major Tom 0136_small

Summerhall’s Five Star Fringe

It’s been a five star festival for us here at Summerhall this year with 12 of our shows so far, being awarded maximum stellar love by journalists and reviewers.

Anatomy of The Piano was hailed as an “exquisitely charming and woozily surreal one man show” and “certainly one of the more original offerings on the Fringe this year” by the Quotidian Times. Three Weeks magazine dished out all available stars for Breaking News (An absolute marvel!), Our Fathers (Wonderful) Feral (a must see!) and Out to Lunch (something really special). has been almost as impressed praising L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn and Wot! No Fish! Although L’Apres-midi d’un Foehn is ostensibly a children’s show the reviewer noted, “It was not just the children who were entertained: laughter could also be heard from the older generation.” Wot! No Fish! Deeply moved the reviewer who wrote, “the touching and powerful imagery brought me close to tears and put my heart in my mouth“.

The Edinburgh Guide’s top choices were Cinderella and Titus. The Yourtakids! production of Cinderella was described as “exquisite theatre that envelops the audience in magic and transcends language. Simply wonderful!” Titus meanwhile, “sucks you in and leaves you breathless.” The Edinburgh Reporter’s all star review of Edinburgh Science, Edinburgh Magic declared it “a show to savour – full of genuine Edinburgh charm and wry, self-deprecation – and sometimes gritty candour too“. Zdenka Fantlova’s account of surviving the holocaust, The Tin Ring, is performed by Jane Arnfield, who gives “a tour-de-force performance” according to the British Theatre Guide.

Tourniquet 2013, by the Belgian company Abattoir Fermé, was lavished with high praise as well as five stars in The Skinny. The three cast members are described as giving “a performance so powerful it is overwhelming” making the show “intensely terrifying, and absolutely brilliant“.

Scottish Poetry Library’s Children’s Collection at Summerhall

“O Frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”  Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll  News Piece photo

We are delighted to announce that Summerhall’s Children’s Play Room now hosts a fantastic children’s poetry-book collection from the Scottish Poetry Library.

There are over 70 poetry-books to choose from for all age ranges. The collection is hand-picked by Julie Johnstone at the Scottish Poetry Library and has something for everyone, whether you enjoy the traditional children’s verse of Robert Louis Stevenson and Lewis Carroll, or the contemporary works of Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay.

Come and join us at Animal Antics to make use of this special collection. Also look out for poetry related activities coming up from September.

Summerhall theatre programme expands

Week two – the Summerhall theatre programme expands with some of the stand-out shows for 2013 premiering alongside one of 2012’s biggest events.

Council of Handmade Crap’s The Portrait Firm kicks off their fringe run in week two on Monday 12 at 13.00 daily in the Cairns Lecture Theatre.

Projector/Conjector by Mamoru Iriguchi also opens in the Cairns Lecture Theatre this week with performances at 21.30 daily.

Big in Belgium’s programme grows at Summerhall with Parkin’Son at 18.05 daily by Guilio D’Anna and Nick Steur’s Freeze at 18.15.

The effervescent Made in China premiere new work Gym Party in the Red Lecture Theatre daily at 18.30.

La Merda (The Shit) returns after storming Fringe 2012. A chance to see the show that set the festival alight last year. 12.30 daily in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre.

Summerhall show Feral wins Scotsman Fringe First

Week One – Summerhall picks up its first Scotsman Fringe First Award. Tortoise in a Nutshell in co-production with Cumbernauld Theatre received a Fringe First Award for Feral.

“This mesmerisingly inventive show presents unrest as a symptom of public policy that puts profit ahead of community.” ★★★★ Mark Fisher

2013 with Feral is the company’s third year at the Festival Fringe, and tells the story of a small seaside town using a cast of hundreds and a white set complete with helter skelter and arcade. Exploring what happens when community turns in on itself and how that comes about, the company manipulate tiny puppets around their home town, relaying parts of the action onto a large screen above the stage, picking out detail from the hairdressers to the butcher, baker and Victorian lighting emporium.

is on in the Demonstration Room every day except for Tuesdays at 8pm until August 25.

Award Winning Shows Return to Summerhall

The Summerhall Festival programme for 2013 includes two award-winning theatrical performances from 2012 that will be making a return to Summerhall this year.

The List last year won a Fringe First award as well as a Herald Angel during last years Fringe run. It is presented by Stellar Quines Theatre company, whose aim is to ‘celebrate the energy, experience and perspective of women’.

The List stars Maureen Beattie who plays a woman struggling to adapt to rural life and feeling ‘increasingly isolated, she keeps life in order through obsessive list making’.

The Shit : Image © Thoras IbrahimovicLa Merda or “The Shit” can let the awards speak for themselves: Edinburgh Fringe Sell Out Show 2012, Fringe First Award 2012 for Writing Excellence and The Stage Award 2012 for Acting Excellence. La Merda is a show that promises to make an impact on it’s audience from the get go. Silva Gallerano dominates the stage while portraying a ‘‘young’, ‘ugly’ and literally naked woman [who] reveals her bulimic, revolting and public secrets as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and courage for her own celebrity breakthrough in the society of Thighs and Liberty’.

If you missed these two knock out performances last year, we strongly recommend you add them to your must see list for Fringe 2013.

HeLa Review: Iron- Oxide

HeLa_-_Lancet_ReviewEISF2013_-_Peter_RanscombeWe would like to share this recent first class review of HeLa by Iron – Oxide, the famous science journal, who rarely review theatrical performances. HeLa is ‘an all consuming story, intertwining genetic identity, social responsibility and current ethical debates about human tissue research and ownership…’

Showing throughout the festival, and you can buy tickets for it here.

Hela Review by Peter Ranscombe, click image to enlarge.

Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream, UK premiere

Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream will have its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 26th June at 18.00 in Filmhouse 1, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh. The second screening is on Sunday 30th at 12.40 in Cineworld.

The film is produced by Skyline, Edinburgh and Filmpunkt, Cologne and is Skyline’s fourth collaboration with the director, Thomas Riedelsheimer.

Thomas will be with us on the 26th and we are working on Stefan Tolz, co-producer. The film is shown in the Directors’ Showcase and has been nominated for the Audience Award.

The programme says:

This charming , eloquent film looks at an artist who wants to create a wind-powered community.The story of how Susumu Shingu moves from sculpture to architecture, and why he wants to do it, brings us into contact with a passionate environmental story, a moving exploration of creativity, and a remarkably sweet and engaging human being. The artist’s lifelong “dialogue with the wind and with water” is evoked through beautiful, lustrous imagery and the wisdom of a man who has lived a long life with his eyes wide open.

Public Sales open Monday 3rd June at 10am. Filmhouse members’ sales 10am Thursday 30th May.

This is Thomas’ third film to be shown at EIFF. Rivers and Tides, Andy Goldsworthy working with Time premiered in 2001 and Touch the Sound – a Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie in 2004
Book early and vote early and often.

EIFF Brochure

Festival Intro by Rupert Thomson, Artistic Director

We have a very strong programme at Summerhall this year. I’m not just referring to the quality of the art on offer, but also to the astounding breadth of subject matter it tackles.

From ritualistic horror and challenging meta-theatre, to discussions about dissection and death, we’ve put together a programme that will unashamedly nudge audiences towards the point where the worlds of art and science collide. This excites me.

There is little better than a festival environment, where there is an atmosphere of carnival, camaraderie and risk, all conducive to people trying something new, to urge them to explore more artistically intense offerings.

We’ve worked to lay these aspects on at Summerhall this August, with joyous concerts and great bar, cafe, and children’s areas for you to come, enjoy, and surprise yourself.

Rupert Thomson – Artistic Director, May 2013

For details of performances and ticket booking
visit the Summerhall August Festival website →

Nile Rodgers & Jean Pierre Muller: An Indigo Night in F

Summerhall is very excited to announce that over two nights on the 21st and 22nd June we play host to music legend Nile Rodgers for ‘Indigo Night’, a unique collaboration between Rodgers and Belgian artist, Jean Pierre Muller.

Nile Rodgers has written more hit songs than you can believe, and his impact on popular music of the last forty years is inestimable. Classics include Chic singles like Le Freak and Good Times, and his collaborations take in the likes of David Bowie (for Let’s Dance), Sister Sledge (for He’s the Greatest Dancer and others), and this year’s biggest selling single so far, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

The event – featuring spoken word, visual art, and music – is a world premiere, and an important development of the major 7×7 project shown to acclaim during the Summerhall 2012 Festival.

7×7 is a cross-arts collaboration between neo-pop artist Muller and seven musical luminaries – Nile Rodgers, Robert Wyatt, Mulatu Astatke, Archie Shepp, Sean O’Hagan, Kassin and Terry Riley.

Full Details and Tickets

John Fahey Film Screening Postponed

Due to unforeseen issues, the film screening and performance scheduled for the 15th February is cancelled. The screening has been rescheduled for Wednesday 20th February.  Booked tickets are still valid for this new date, and refunds are also available from the Box Office. The Wee Rogue will be performing on the 20th. Apologies for the inconvenience the date change is out with the organisers control.

The Royal Dick now open everyday from 11am

Summerhall’s Royal Dick is open to the public from 11am till 11pm Sunday through Thursday, 11am till 1am Fridays and Saturdays. Food available from noon till 10pm.

Behind the bar is a great selection of spirits and wines and a new and exclusive beer, Summerhall Pale Ale by Barney’s Beer, our resident craft brewery. Barney’s now occupies the oldest part of the Summerhall campus home to the original eighteenth century Summerhall Brewery, The Royal Dick stocks a range of Barney’s beers.

The bar serves a wide range of  excellent food including braised Scottish blade of beef with onion puree and pearl barley risotto, fillet of scrabster landed cod with mussel, smoked bacon and mussel chowder and saffron potatoes to our range of sharing plates.

With top quality food, great drinks and all day coffee – there is no better place to be  than at The Royal Dick. For further information and to reserve tables call 0845 874 3000.

Jean-Daniel Magnin writes about Summerhall in Theatre Rond Point Electronic Revue

Et en effet Summerhal est restée une école vétérinaire. Mais pour artistes. La métamorphose s’est achevée cet été, lors du dernier festival d’Edimbourg : dans les 500 salles que compte ce centre d’art à nul autre pareil, vous trouverez une douzaine de galeries, des scènes pour les concerts, une dizaine d’espaces réservés au théâtre, une bibliothèque, plusieurs collections d’art contemporain, un nombre infini de lieux de lecture, de rencontres, de projections ou d’ateliers d’artistes, une revue d’art, des restaurants bien sûr… et bientôt une crèche.

Read the full article here:

French  (Original)
English (Google Translation)

Braw Gigs at Summerhall in The List Magazine’s ‘Top Music, Artists and Events to look out for in 2013’

‘Now onboard with the music programming at Summerhall, as well as booking gigs in the usual mix of scuzzy and unusual venues, the Scottish DIY music promoter Braw Gigs begins the year with a performance from the Pan-signed, Helm, aka Luke Younger – a sound artist and experimental musician based in London. Expect ‘glacial drone meditations, reconfigured gamelan clusters, and howling walls of organized feedback, all coalesced in a post-industrial fashion’.
Helm, Sat 19 Jan, Summerhall, Edinburgh; High Wolf + guests, Tue 29 Jan, Summerhall, Edinburgh.

The List Magazine December 2013

Read full article here

Neil Cooper of The Herald newspaper previews the current Summerhall exhibitions

‘When Lady Gaga embarked on the early stages of her Monster Ball tour in 2009, it marked the provocative pop princess’s crossover into the major league, with a spectacular show described by some as the first ever pop electro opera.

In its look, however, Monster Ball also unwittingly formed a bridge between a pub theatre in Shepherd’s Bush, art-punk band Wire, the Royal Opera House, lingerie label Agent Provocateur and the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. All of these, including Monster Ball, featured the work of theatre designer Es Devlin. Fans can get a taste of her work for Monster Ball in Transformation and Revelation: Gormley to Gaga – Designing For Performance, an exhibition of 33 British designers which opened at Summerhall in Edinburgh this weekend.’

Read the The Herald’s preview of the current Summerhall exhibitions

Troy Holmes of The Student Newspaper previews the new Summerhall exhibtions

‘This week we were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of Summerhall’s ten new exhibitions while they were installing the new shows and to meet with the lovely Stephen Thorpe, assistant curator and painter.
The exhibitions opening on December 15 include the V&A’s Transformation & Revelations: From Gormley to Gaga stage design exhibition, Summerhall’s very first painting exhibition, some previously thought ‘lost’ photographs of Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol and an artist’s premonition of his own death………’

Read full article here

Tinderbox Fest at Summerhall gets 4/5 stars from The List Magazine

‘Set in the cavernous Summerhall, colour coded arrows navigate labyrinthine corridors to four main performance spaces, all filled with divergent discoveries. An old lecture theatre hosted a self pegged ‘acquired set’ from Broken Records frontman Jamie Sutherland, who, bereft without his band, used the intimate setting to test new pop friendly material and end with a cover of Bill Fay‘s ‘Be Not So Fearful’. Upstairs multi-instrumental funketeers The Black Diamond Express brought a retro musical touch to the show, duetting with the next act, samba drummers Pulse of the Place, as they lined the balcony above. Up and coming Edinburgh four piece The Dark Jokes‘ energetic performance was a highlight, while fellow capital-dwellers North Atlantic Oscillation‘s glacial, swirling soundscapes hurtled to a rockier, more momentous edge as their set progressed.’….

Read full article here


4/5 Star Review in the Herald for ‘The End of The World’ at Summerhall

An excellent 4/5 star review by Kate Mollison of The Herald newspaper.

“It was only ever going to be a one-night thing, the end of the world.

As it happens the Mayans appear to have miscounted, but that’s not really the point. This site-specific music and theatre event curated by Red Note and directed by Andy Arnold did the December 21, 2012 date proud.

As a one-off it was a hefty undertaking: new script, new music by four composers, six compelling storytellers and an impressive ensemble cast of about 30. Summerhall featured heavily, too; we were led around the corridors basements, operation theatres and dark-panelled libraries of the former Dick Vet School – at one point we were locked into industrial-sized cages – and the peeling clinical walls and remnants of surgical equipment added a post-apocalyptic vibe of their own.

What I liked about this show was its balance of profundity and tongue-in-cheek. Even without an exclamation mark the title has cult-classic pastiche to it. Quasi-zombies skulked around corners: hardly sinister, but good fun and nicely done. Yet at its best Oliver Emanuel’s whimsical Edinburgh-based vignettes drew attention to the beauty of the prosaic – a fine message to take home from the apocalypse.

Ambient sounds by John Harris set up the dramatic action with scrunchy string chords here, searching cello lines there. The bulk of the music came in concert setting at the end: Hanna Tuulikki’s Sea Saw the Circle was simple, lilting and fey; Colin Broom weaved radio clips – the snippet of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time was a nice touch – into his haunting, fragmented score; chopping up Beethoven’s Heiliger Dankgesang was a bizarre move, but the world’s end is probably license enough to cut and paste; and Gareth Williams closed the night with an anthemic show song, fabulously schmaltzy. Why not go out to a good tune?’

4 stars


Come and work with us!

JOB: Programme Coordinator (Part-time)

Summerhall is seeking a Programme Coordinator to assist with developing and implementing arts and arts education programmes and events.

Applicants should have a strong personal interest in the arts and education and commitment to helping others participate in the arts. They should also have excellent communication skills, good time management skills and ability to work to tight deadlines.

Please find all additional information, including specific requirements as well as key terms and conditions in the attachment below:

Please submit the completed equalities form with your application.

This post is with Capital Arts Ltd, which heads the programming branch of Summerhall.

Summerhall Winter Programme now available

Welcome to the Winter 2012 Edition of the Summerhall Programme. There’s an almost bewildering choice of things to see and do from cutting edge visual art exhibitions that range from a showcase of the craft of British theatre and set designers to never before seen images of Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol at play. We also present an eclectic programme of avant-garde music and innovative performance featuring the weird, the wonderful and the unexpected. Not to mention one of the best Hogmanay Parties in town.

Download Summerhall’s Winter Programme (PDF)

All our Exhibitions are free and non-ticketed and tickets for events are available from Summerhall Box Office unless otherwise indicated.

Please note: The Summerhall Galleries will be closed on the public holidays that fall over the festive period.

The TechCube Opening

The TechCube offically opened in Edinburgh on Thursday 13th December 2012. TechCube @ Summerhall is an innovative new space for technology startups in Edinburgh where they can rapidly expand their business and technology at the hub of Edinburgh’s tech scene.


Royal Dick Bar now open

You’ll be delighted to know that The Royal Dick at Summerhall is now fully for business. Serving great cocktails, wine and our own specially brewed beer.

The Royal Dick is open everyday throughout December from 11am till 1am. For further information please email

Summerhall’s Online Box Office is now open!

Summerhall is happy to announce that tickets for certain events can now be purchased online through our event’s pages. The events on sale now through the Summerhall Box Office are:

2013 events will shortly be announced so keep checking out our Facebook page and website posts.

Limited disabled access this weekend

Please note. Summerhall currently does not have any disabled access to the first floor and above due to the lifts being out of action. This will affect the W3L wrestling this evening and access to the Ou Ou Ou, PhG and Louise Gibson exhibitions. We do apologise for this inconvenience.

Alex Salmond visits Tech Cube

First Minister Alex Salmond visited the TechCube at Summerhall to launch a new prize fund. The fund, which can be up to £50,000, is to be awarded to young entrepreneurs in a bid to launch or accelerate their business. In an economy where businesses are facing difficult times, this is a great opportunity for new business start ups. Managing Director, Dr. Jamie Coleman discusses the First Minister’s visit and TechCube’s ambition to be Europe’s most significant tech hub.

A night of live music, dance and entrancing stories at Summerhall

Summerhall and The Badwills present Mediterraneo: a night of live music, dance, and entrancing stories woven in through the rhythms of tarantella and flamenco. With 15 musicians taking the stage, dance workshops and live visuals, the event promises to fuel your most remote dancing instincts.  December 1st from 8pm till 1am.

Anatomy returns to Summerhall on 14th December

Edinburgh’s night of cutting edge art returns to Summerhall with another line-up of performance in all its wonderful and myriad forms. A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance artists of all disciplines. Beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.

Anatomy 3 at Summerhall on 14th December, tickets £6.

Catalan Film Festival

CinemaAttic, in collaboration with Scotland’s Catalan Centre presents its first focus season on Catalan cinema to see light in Scotland, 29th November till 17th December. Representing a period of special prosperity for Catalan cinema, the programme of activities includes nine days of films in five venues across Edinburgh. By this we want to clarify that our main focus is cinema. That this festival is only intended to open up new ways of understanding life and approaching Spanish cinema regardless of its geographical ground hence no display of political views is to be related to the films’ exhibition. All films have been subtitled in English.Academy awarded works and even a 3D documentary will be part of the programme.

Catalan Film Festival at Summerhall:

Listening to judge Garzón (2011), by Isabel Coixet

Bicycle, spoon, apple (2010) by Carles Bosch

The Best of Catalan Short Films: Gaudí Awards I


Edinburgh Artist wins worldwide art competition

Edinburgh based-artist Stephen Thorpe, one of the resident artists at Summerhall, has beaten off competition from 3,500 other artists world-wide to win a prestigious competition held by Saatchi Online (the website linked to London’s famous Saatchi Gallery).

The competition entitled “Places and Spaces” invited artists from all over the world to submit examples of their artworks to the website where an online public poll selected the 50 best works and a final decision on the best artwork was decided upon by a jury of Saatchi experts as well as world famous artists: Kirstine Roepstorff and Matthias Weischer.

Thorpe’s massive canvas painted in oils is called “False Histories and Confusions in Time 1886” and shows an interior landscape of a room where a slightly ominous figure appears to be approaching the viewer amidst deliberate optical illusions which play with perceptions of space. The 12 by 10 foot work will now be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London in a future show and the artist will win an award of $1,000.

Thorpe will also be exhibiting a solo show of his large painterly works and some new neons at Summerhall over the Xmas period beginning 14 December 2012 until 24 January 2013. That exhibition will be called “Once it is in you it never goes away.”

Thorpe has previously won several awards for his paintings (see below) and is an Assistant Curator at Summerhall as well as combining that role with a full-time career as an artist.

Profile: Born in Margate, England (1981), Thorpe moved as a child to Scotland. Having traveled the globe extensively throughout his early twenties, Thorpe graduated in 2010 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a First Class degree in Painting. Upon graduating, he has received the Alexandrina McKenzie Legacy and the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) New Contemporaries Award. At the New Contemporaries 2011 exhibition, Thorpe was awarded the (RSA) Sir William Gillies Bequest and the (RSA) The Skinny Award.

Most of his early work was produced in his studio at Blair’s College, Aberdeen, where he curated two solo exhibitions and displayed work of other artists. He has given artist talks in the UK and international schools and has most recently returned from a research trip in Brooklyn, New York. Since the founding of Summerhall in January 2012 Thorpe has been a resident artist and in August 2012 was appointed Assistant Curator to Edinburgh’s latest arts venture and was part of the team which won several awards for its visual arts and theatre contributions during the recent Edinburgh International Festival.

Vote For Summerhall

Summerhall has been nominated for the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards.

Please vote for Summerhall: Vote Now

New exhibition programme

Johnny Cash at San Quentin State Prison 1969. © Jim Marshall LLC

Summerhall’s new exhibition programme is themed on art and music. From the life and times of Johnny Cash captured by legendary photographer Jim Marshall, the graphic art of the Rock Against Racism movement to new experimental musical installations by Harry Whalley and Lauren Heys.

A rare exhibition of ‘Review OU’ including original artworks and a chance to hear the OU recordings series. Photographs of Bob Dyaln by Barry Feinstein. The music and art of Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer and a new exhibition by Jonathan Freemantle and Frode Bolhuis.

The galleries open from 11 am to 6 pm each day.

Scottish Business and Culture Meeting

First “Scottish Business and Culture Meeting” at Summerhall, Edinburgh on Thursday, 27th September 2012, 9.30am-4.30pm. Doors open 8.30am with coffee.

“Seeking Artiscient Growth: through Finance, Engineering and Cross-Cultural Engagement”

Following a very successful Arts Festival programme at Summerhall, this is a first “Scottish Business and Culture” meeting to be held at the former Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, now called Summerhall.

We are bringing together experts in Education, Finance, Engineering, Arts and Humanities to discuss problems – recognised on all sides – such as low economic growth, and jobs.

What are the blockages? How can these be overcome by changes in our business culture to strengthen growth in Scotland/UK and Europe and the quality of growth.

Colin Sanderson, Artiscience Summerhall, explained: ‘Artiscience is the integration of arts and sciences: irrespective of whether one thinks of the liberal arts, the fine arts, or of industrial and commercial arts.

Artiscient growth, therefore, would be achieved by employing all the arts at our disposal integrated with every appropriate science.

This requires a good knowledge and understanding of the condition of the arts and sciences in all markets. For thereby we may see where our own competitive advantage lies, and the best opportunities for beneficial collaboration.’

The meeting has been organised with the help of many individuals and organisations, notably with the Institute of Directors in the person of Ilse van den Meijdenberg, Chair, IoD Netherlands, who said: “Most IoD members are exporters and the IoD is strongly supportive of businesses forging links across national boundaries. This meeting of experts provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices, and find the tools and knowledge needed to improve collaboration between Scotland/UK and the Netherlands in European and Global markets.”

The organisers have taken inspiration from William Adam, Senior Adviser to the Knowledge Economy Network (KEN), Brussels, an eminent engineer with enormous experience in company turnarounds, as a pioneer manager of Venture Capital in Europe, and an advocate of leadership training for entrepreneurs.

William Adam said: “Successful management in global business today, often with teams drawn from several nations and from a variety of disciplines, requires a broad base, – a balance of liberal arts and STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It also needs a high degree of financial knowledge and acumen (instinct). We also need to embrace the concepts of Operational Research developed in the Second World War and taken into civilian life after the War by those like Stafford Beer and Peter Drucker. Failure in any one of these means failure overall in what is a highly complex and fast-changing world.”

Of the vision behind this initiative, Robert McDowell, macroeconomist said: “Political economy is a complex culture of accounting identities that most commentators treat cavalierly. The European crisis is a cultural one of Europe’s own making, and evidences cultural prejudices first and economic realities a long way behind!”


  • Robert McDowell, Applied Macroeconomist and Artist, Summerhall
  • Colin Sanderson, Artiscience at Summerhall
  • William Adam, Senior Advisor to KEN (
  • Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Stirling (
  • Derek Waddell, CEO, Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd; Director of Research Services and Commercialisation, University of Edinburgh (
  • John Waddell, MD, Archangel Informal Investment Ltd, Edinburgh (
  • Pat McHugh, SIB, Investment Director, Scottish Enterprise (
  • Ties Elzinga, Exec. Dir., UK & Ireland at Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
  • Gareth Edwards, Principal, George Watson’s College, Edinbugh (
  • Iain MacLeod, Prof. Emeritus, University of Strathclyde, incoming Pres. of IESIS
  • Gordon Masterton, VP Jacobs; Pres. IESIS; past Pres. ICE (;
  • Leonard van Nispen, Advisor International Business Investment, and Theo Stevens, Director, Brainport Development, Eindhoven (
  • Jonathan Corney, Prof. and Head of Product Design and Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde; nominated by Jim McDonald, Principal and Vice-Chancellor (
  • Christopher Harvie, Prof. for British and Irish Studies, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Henri Masson, Prof. Dr. Ing., Expert for Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development Issues & S-E Impact Assessment for the European Parliament, Antwerp, Maastricht and London
  • Ann McDonagh Bengtsson, Group Management Development Director, Reed Elsevier (
  • Ilse van den Meijdenberg, Chair, Institute of Directors, Netherlands

For further information please contact Colin Sanderson,

Macbeth on Inchcolm island at the Edinburgh festival – audio slideshow

Summerhall announces Festival Clubs line-up

Summerhall are happy to announce the line-up for their first three Festival Club nights for this year’s festival. Featuring some very alternative Cabaret and some very exciting performance in the unique surroundings of Summerhall’s atmsopheric Dissection Room, the Festival Club is not to be missed at any price. (But it’s free, because we’re nice like that.)

Highlights include performances from Temper Temper, Alan Bissett and glasgow-based Fish & Game.

Festival Club throughout August;

21, 22 & 25 August: Festival Club (watch this space, yet to be confirmed) 

Festival Club is a late night cabaret in Summerhall’s unique Dissection Room, featuring a mix of international music, performance and spoken word talent (and anything else that takes our fancy). A gathering place for artists and reprobates, phoney intellectuals and wise fools, to make merry and celebrate artistic endeavour in a louche yet lively environment.

We hope to see you there, and share a beverage or two. (As well as some world-class performance.)

Summerhall TV is live!

An Arts channel dedicated to capturing the weird, radical and wonderful. Summerhall are pleased to announce that Summerhall TV, a channel developed by the Local Institute of Local Television, has now gone live.

Summerhall.TV provides up-to-date news and commentary on the arts in Scotland together with interviews with artists and authors broadcast on local TV in Scotland from 2000.

A note about the launch from David Rushton,

We couldn’t have got this far without the commitment and enthusiasm of Alicja Pawluczuk, Lee Richardson, Vivien Kinnear, Kim Miller, David Jack, Clara Valerio, Richard Ferguson, Emily Molloy, Robert McDowell, Paul Robertson, Richard Cross and Marc & Charlie at Factotum – and everyone we’ve interviewed.

We’ve coverage of artists, authors, performers, filmmakers visiting and working in Scotland as well as previews of the Festival backed up by a ‘features’ catalogue of local arts filmed since 2000.

We have an Archive section that will carry interviews and short films to complement the libraries and archives at Summerhall.

To find us go to and you can follow the story on and if you ‘like’ what you find please pass the word to your friends.


‘The Project Room’ is a small permanent gallery space located in Summerhall which is dedicated to displaying works or installations by emerging artists.

The room is a former small laboratory office (rectangular in shape with a high ceiling) and is situated within the PhG (Phenotype Genotype) exhibition of historical avant grade material which is on display all year round.

Working professionals who define themselves as “emerging full time artists” are welcome to submit proposals for exhibitions and other uses for this space. Usually the space will be made available for use for a period of up to two months for any particular project.

For details of The Project Room in the immediate please email:

The Demarco Archive and Art Collection comes to Summerhall

From August 2012, the Demarco Archive and Art Collection will be housed at Summerhall, the capital’s newest major centre for the arts.

The Demarco Archive and Art Collection is like no other – it is a living archive and total art work, a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ recording the events and ideas of thousands from all cultural fields and more than sixty countries. At Summerhall, the Demarco archive will be an ever-changing group of exhibitions linking with many British and foreign cultural institutions and universities. These will be added to by other collections that will come to Summerhall temporarily or permanently.

In this year’s festival the Demarco Archive exhibition links especially to Southampton Solent, Arts University College Bournemouth, The York St. John University with Bar Lane Studios, with Bath, Kingston, Stirling, St. Andrews, Dundee, Edinburgh and Rose Bruford Theatre School, and also the Art Academy of Wroclaw and National Film School of Poland in Lodz amongst others.

We will mark the recent deaths of thirteen artists and collectors prominent in the Demarco Archive: the Scots: Robert Callender, James Howie, Gavin Scobie, Gerald Laing, Bill Scott (RSA President), and George Wyllie; English: Richard Hamilton; Poles: Zdzislaw Jurkiewicz and Jerzy Nowosielski; Germans, Sigmar Polke and Angela Weyersberg; and Italians: Count Panza di Buomo (foremost collector of Abstract Expressionism) and Paolo Cardazzo (most important patron of video art).

2012 is the 40th anniversary of the first Demarco Gallery ‘Edinburgh Arts’ programme (in the Edinburgh International Festival), and of Tadeusz Kantor’s first Cricot 2 Theatre showing in Edinburgh (in ‘Atelier 72’ with Museum Sztuki celebrating Poland’s post-war avant-garde).

Next winter is the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of The Traverse Theatre to be celebrated in a programme to recall its early years. The Demarco Foundation is also planning a European Pavilion for the Venice Biennale and at year’s end a major exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Warsaw showing the international scale of the Archive.

Summerhall Film Programme

Film events in all their guises will infiltrate this year’s arts programme at Summerhall, from political documentary and experimental drama to Polish animation and one-off live events offering inspiration and food for thought to Edinburgh festival goers.

Expanding on our partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Summerhall will be celebrating the wild inventiveness of Polish Animation. An opportunity to explore the surreal, sometimes political and often hilarious work of Poland’s internationally renowned animators. There will also be a special event dedicated to one of the country’s most famous and controversial filmmakers Walerian Borowcyck with a screening of several of his influential animations accompanied by Boro in the Box, a new 40-minute re-imagining of his life that premiered at Cannes in 2011.

Also as part of this partnership Summerhall will show three documentaries from Guide to the Poles, a series of films produced as part of Poland’s EU presidency in 2011 which explore rock music, fashion and Polish Himalaism during the Communist era.

Addressing current international political events Summerhall will present 7 thought-provoking films from the Karama Human Rights Film Festival, the first festival of its kind in Jordan. Taking place over 3 days the event will explore ideas around revolution, identity and censorship.

Double Take places film within the broader context of what Summerhall has on offer this August by responding to the themes that weave through this year’s programme. Join us for five thematically linked double bills, aimed at encouraging discussion and reflection. It will also be an opportunity to discover unsung cinematic gems from around the world including the rarely screened experimental film David Holzman’s Diary and dark Czech comedy The Cremator.

And finally look out for several one-off events from local film groups including Screen Bandita, the Edinburgh art collective who breathe new life into abandoned film through projectors and gramophones and the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema who’ll be enthralling audiences with an atmospheric film and music event.

Full details of the programme will be announced in mid-June 2012.