Boro in the Box2

Boro in the Box & Borowczyk’s Short Animations

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
16 August, 2012
21.15 (90 mins)

Walerian Borowczyk was one of Poland most famous, and controversial, film directors. He began his career making animation before moving to France where he began creating live action films. After initially impressing critics with films including Goto, Island of Love …


Guide To The Poles: Art of Freedom

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
15 August, 2012
19.30 (71 mins)

At the height of Socialist power in Poland a small number of dedicated climbers succeeded in scaling the highest peaks of the Himalayas. How was such an incredible feat achieved at a time of heavily restricted international travel?

Guide to the Poles

Guide To The Poles: Beats of Freedom

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
14 August, 2012
19.30 (73 mins)

In Beats of Freedom journalist Chris Salewicz, explores the passionate pursuit of rock music during the Communist era.Salewicz embarks on a journey across 3 decades of Polish rock, meeting the defining musicians of the time and exploring the impact of legendary concerts.


Guide To The Poles: Political Dress

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
16 August, 2012
19.30 (61 mins)

Political Dress looks at fashion as a subversive art during Communist era Poland. At a time when shops sold little more than uniforms, many individuals found liberty through bright colours and personal tailoring. The film considers the country’s style odyssey …

Maly_western _02

If You See a Cat & Other Animal Tales

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
12 & 19 August, 2012
10.30 (50 mins)

Creatures great and small, real and imaginary feature in this selection of 6 animated short films from Poland. Join us for tales of a lonely elephant looking for its soulmate, cheeky dwarfs wreaking havoc in the woods and cowboys helped …


Little Black Riding Hood & other surreal stories

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
9, 16 August, 2012
23.15 (81 mins)

Late night animation embracing the surreal and unexpected. In this selection of stories you’ll discover lost characters in labyrinthian landscapes, cannibalistic clams attacking dinner party guests and a version of Little Red Riding Hood that has to be seen to …