Summerhall gains 13 Total Theatre Award nominations

Congratulations to the 13, yes 13, wonderful Summerhall shows that have been nominated for a Total Theatre Award. This represents more than a third of all the shows nominated. The announcement was made today and reflects not only the quality but the diversity of the programme we’re running this year.

Across categories ranging from physical visual theatre to emerging companies and artists performers at Summerhall are represented and representing for their craft. Here is the list in full.


Shows by an Emerging Company/Artist

Freeze! (Belgium & Netherlands)
Nick Steur Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Plymouth, Theater-aan-Zee,(Summerhall)

La Donna è Mobile (England)
RemoteControl (Summerhall)

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity (England)
Clout Theatre (Summerhall)

Physical/Visual Theatre

La Poème (France)
Company Bal / Jeanne Mordoj, presented by Crying out Loud (Summerhall)

L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1 (France)
Company Non Nova, presented by Crying out Loud (Summerhall)

Feral (Scotland)
Tortoise in a Nutshell in co-production with Cumbernauld Theatre (Summerhall)

Tourniquet 2013 (Belgium)
Abattoir Fermé, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan, Drum Plymouth, Summerhall (Summerhall)

Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form

Anoesis (Scotland)
Junction 25 (Summerhall)

Beating McEnroe (England)
Jamie Wood (Summerhall)

Bonanza (Belgium)
Berlin, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Plymouth, Summerhall (Summerhall)

HeLa (Scotland)
Adura Onashile in association with Iron-Oxide (Summerhall)

Major Tom (England)
Victoria Melody / Farnham Maltings / Harlow Playhouse/ Escalator East to Edinburgh

Solfatara (Spain)
Atresbandes (Summerhall)

The Total Theatre awards ceremony takes place on the 22nd of August when the judges will announce up to six awards across three categories including 1 Award for an Emerging
Company or Artist. Watch this space!

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