Summerhall Fringe Programme 2015!

Summerhall, Edinburgh’s year round multi–arts venue, is proud to announce its 2015 festival programme bursting at the seams with quality international theatre, dance, music and visual arts running throughout the whole of August.

This year’s programme underlines Summerhall’s relationship with its artists and collaborators, sharing aspirations for change and shaping the future through the visual and performing arts.

Summerhall’s 2015 Festival Programme has all the diversity, internationalism, risk and surprise that our audiences have come to expect. We are working in partnership more than ever before perhaps reflecting our increasing maturity as a venue – as we reach the ripe old age of five. We are delighted to be collaborating with organisations including The Place, Aurora Nova, Northern Stage, Big in Belgium, Theatre Uncut, Paines Plough and The Arches to bring brilliant programmes of work from around the world to Summerhall this festival. Our new late-night music series, which has lit a fire under the Edinburgh live music scene, Nothing Ever Happens Here, represents our dedication to providing a platform for world-class homegrown and international talent.

At a time when – particularly in Scotland – we are imagining potential futures and engaging in political debate as never before, it’s perhaps fitting that utopias, dystopias and politics are key themes of our programme. From Forced Entertainment’s compelling Tomorrow’s Parties through to Catherine Wheels’ rebellious promenade piece The Voice Thief and Mark Thomas’ mischievous and brand new work Trespass, one of the many things the Summerhall programme offers this year is the chance to share imaginings about the future with some of our leading theatre-makers.

We are delighted once again to be home to a huge chunk of the Made in Scotland Showcase, which was announced this week, from family shows such as Grandad and Me by the Glasgow based company The Letter J to your morning service and daily blessing with legendary trans* playwright, performer and poet Jo Clifford in The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven.

We also host over a third of this year’s British Council Showcase and shows from the Czech Showcase and Taiwan seasons. In the British Council Showcase are two extraordinary returning shows Every Brilliant Thing (Paines Plough) and KILN’s The Furies.

Powerful themes are dealt with in shows such as Ndebele Funeral from New York’s socially engaged Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative delving bravely into modern poverty, health care and mortality. ABACUS from Early Morning Opera talks TED talks and our evolving relationships to screens, from pockets to billboards. Daniel Bye is Going Viral in a new work about how things spread, from our ever increasing connection to right now in this theatre. (ARC Production with Northern Stage)

Also this year’s programme features stories we maybe know better from the newsreels. Newcastle’s ZENDEH theatre company brings CINEMA (in collaboration with Northern Stage) – a cat paws through the wreckage of the Rex Cinema fire Abadan in 1978, a terrorist attack which killed 422 people. Summerhall is proud to support ZENDEH in commemorating the lives lost 37 years ago on 19 August, the anniversary of this horrific event. Both Alexander Litvinenko (The Litvinenko Project) and Lance Armstrong (Ventoux) get their moment under the lights in productions by 2 Magpies theatre.

Shakespeare comes to Summerhall with Titania – A Solo Cabaret – a one woman reimagining of Midsummer Nights’ Dream by Anna-Helena McLean, renowned cellist and performer.

Diane Torr brings her brother to life on stage in Donald Does Dusty, the story of a young boy and his love, Dusty Springfield, and Edinburgh’s LGBT night of cabaret and queer, DIVE, is set to take over the dissection room with fringe cabaret stars followed by a Vogue Ball every Tuesday night ‘til late during the festival. The circus comes to town with Ellie Dubois’ Ringside, a one-on-one aerial performance.

For families, Edward the Learned Pig, Chicken Licken and Our Teacher’s A Troll will be on offer alongside our usual lively mix of activities for little ‘uns.

Aurora Nova return to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, presenting extraordinary performances such as, The Animotion Show, based on the unique fusion between music, live painting and 3D projection; Antiwords, a special show from Czech Republic characterized by absurd humour, featuring a brewer and a persecuted politician; 17 Border Crossings from Thaddeus Phillips, an award-winning director, designer and actor, and his new impressive stage work, based on a captivating examination of international cultures and customs and Portraits in Motion will introduce fascinating stories told by numerous people who were photographed by Volker Gerling, during his 3,500 km journey across Germany by foot.

The Place, the most important centre for contemporary dance in the UK announce their first ever showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Three outstanding dance theatre performances make up their showcase proudly partnered by Summerhall: Idiot-Syncrasy, is part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015, soon to be known as ‘that bouncing show’ it is a skilled and playful exploration of our limits, and our potential, performed by Igor and Moreno, from the Basque Country and Sardinia respectively, the duo are dancers and choreographers making waves on the contemporary dance scene. Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost, inspired by Milton’s epic poem and performed by Ben Duke, blurs the lines between contemporary dance and theatre. Vera Tussing’s T Dance, is a simply rendered 60 minute show exploring the limits of human body and our seen and unseen connections.

Nothing Ever Happens Here our year-round programme of live music in Summerhall’s Dissection Room features local, national and international artists. This summer it will introduce a variety of incredible performances including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Orkestra del Sol – Larger than Life, Owen Pallett, Prosumer – Summerhall’s Opening Night Party, Supermoon, Sun Kil Moon and The Sun Ra Arkestra.

Our Visual Arts Festival 2015 programme, entitled ‘Allegories and Existence’, explores the role of the artist as provocateur – challenging audiences’ perceptions through uncovering and toying with myths. Performance is a key element within the exhibitions, making enquiries into the relationship and synergy between the visual and performing arts.

This year Summerhall presents two pioneers and revolutionaries of performance from very different angles, Hermann Nitsch’s Das Orgien Mysterien Theater and Tadeusz Kantor. A Lady’s not a Gent’s, curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson, explores the performance of deception whilst Derrick Guild’s After A.D. examines the legitimacy within legacy through the restaging of one of the greatest works of art. Spalding and Thompson controversially pose – who really made Duchamp’s Fountain? Whilst Derrick Guild, inspired by Durer’s Young Hare, must ask – is Durer’s hare a hare?

David Sherry and arts commissions programme organisation Unlimited’s first exhibition catapults us into the contemporary through examining social developments. Sherry’s One Million Years of Laughter explores the quirks of truth, with his ideas manifesting through a new series of performances and paintings that highlight the evolutionary advantages of a good giggle! Meanwhile, Unlimited’s group exhibition is a collection of installations that challenge perceptions that disability puts people at a creative disadvantage, in turn embedding the work of disabled artists within the UK and international culture.

The full programme details will be available online from June 4th 2015 on

Many of the shows announced on Tuesday 19 May will be for sale on May 21st 2015 from

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Performance A-Z BY SHOW NAME

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental in association with Aurora Nova
17 Border Crossings

Company of Wolves
A Brief History of Evil

KunstZ, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
A Reason to Talk

Leen de Wilde, Reckless Sleepers
A String Section

Stan’s Café
A Translation of Shadows

Early Morning Opera

Sleepwalk Collective

Will Pickvance
Alchemy of the Piano

Will Pickvance
Anatomy of the Piano for beginners

Spitfire Company in association with Aurora Nova

Greg McLaren

Studio Matejka
Awkward Happiness


Sue Maclaine
Can I Start Again Please

DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre
Chicken Licken

Chris Thorpe and Rachel Chavkin

FellSwoop Theatre
Current Location

Dive @ Summerhall: C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

Diane Torr
Donald does Dusty

Fittings Multimedia Arts, Krazy Kat Theatre and The Royal Exchange Theatre
Edmund the Learned Pig

The Flanagan Collective

Gods are Fallen and all Safety Gone

Ultima Thule, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
Gomaar Trilogy

Flight of the Escales
I Gave Him an Orchid

The Place presents: Igor and Moreno
Idiot Syncrasy

Caroline Horton & Co, China Plate and the Bush Theatre

Queen Jesus Plays
Jesus Queen of Heaven

Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions, Produzioni Fuorivia with Summerhall
La Merda by Cristian Ceresoli, starring Silvia Gallerano

Grid Iron
Light Boxes

Mona Bozdog
Lost in Transition

Eric Sigmundsson
Mitch’s Movie Pitches

Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative
Ndebele Funeral

Two Destination Language
Near Gone

Tristero, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
On Track

The Place presents: Lost Dog
Paradise Lost(lies unopened beside me)

Poetry Can F*ck Off

Beijing TinHouse Productions / Theatre Movement Bazaar
Poker Night Blues

Garry Roost
Pope Head: the Secret Life of Francis Bacon

Volker Gerling in association with Aurora Nova
Portraits in Motion

Remote Control Theatre
Project HaHa

Ellie Dubois

Spoken Word Collective
Shift/ a best of spoken word

Mr and Mrs Clark
Smash it Up

Barrel Organ
Some People Talk About Violence

The Place presents: Vera Tussing Projects
T Dance

Puppet Beings Theatre
Taiwan Season – The Paper Play

Duse Studio Productions
Talking With Angels: Budapest 1943

Presented by Aurora Nova
The Animotion Show

Tim Spooner
The Assembly of Animals

Kiln Ensemble
The Furies

Theater aan Zee, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy

The Happiness Project

Kopergietery, Big in Belgium, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Summerhall
The History of the World through Banalities

2Magpies Theatre
The Litvinenko Project

The Pinocchio Theatre, Lodz
The Metaphysical Caravan

Theatre Brush
The Overcoat

Clod Ensemble (Written and performed by Sarah Cameron)
The Red Chair

Tessa Bide
The Tap Dancing Mermaid

Mechanical Animal Corporation
The Temptation of St Anthony

Catherine Wheels
The Voice Thief

Bodyart Dance

Moon Fool
Titania – A Solo Cabaret

To Sleep To Dream

Niamh Shaw

Forced Entertainment
Tomorrow’s Parties

Mark Thomas

2Magpies Theatre

Colette Sadler – Stammer Productions
We are the Monsters

Seth Kriebel
We This Way

Sh!t Theatre
Women’s Hour

Luke Wright
What I Learned from Johnny Bevan

Needless Alley Collective

Roundabout @ Summerhall

Papermash Theatre
Happy Birthday Without You

Supporting Wall
Jonny and the Baptists: The End is Nigh

Dancing Brick and Soho Theatre
I’m Not Here Right Now

Eastern Angles and Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Paines Plough

Paines Plough

Paines Plough
The Human Ear

Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company
Every Brilliant Thing

Daniel Kitson

Paines Plough and Half Moon
Our Teacher’s A Troll

Theatre Uncut
Plays by Clara Brennan, Vivienne Franzmann, Kieran Hurley, Dennis Kelly, Neil LaBute and Stef Smith

Northern Stage at Summerhall

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe
Human Resources

Northern Stage
Here is the News from Over There(Over There is the News from Here)- A Borderless Twitter Ballad Fresh from the Middle East

The Letter Room
Five Feet in Front (The Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo)

My Name Is…

An ARC Production written and performed by Daniel Bye
Going Viral

Third Angel and mala voadora
The Paradise Project

Open Clasp Theatre Company in association with Live Theatre
Key Change



Music A-Z by presenter name


Ensemble Thing

Fiona Soe Paing
Alien Lullabies

MacGillivray – Damn Rebel Bitch

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Orkestra del Sol – Larger than Life

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Owen Pallett

Presented by Braw Gigs and Nothing Ever Happens Here…
Prosumer – Summerhall’s Opening Night Party

The Pale Imitation Festival, Songbytoad and Nothing Ever Happens Here… present
Supermoon and support

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
Sun Kil Moon

Nothing Ever Happens Here… presents
The Sun Ra Arkestra

Simon Thacker
Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti

The Bevvy Sisters
The Bevvy Sisters with The Bad Boys from The Loveboat Big Band

Nothing Ever Happens Here is a year-round programme of live music in Summerhall’s Dissection Room featuring acts from Britain and beyond. More gigs to be announced – check for full details of our festival programme.


Visual Arts: Allegories and Existence, by Exhibition

Hermann Nitsch

Curated by Dr. Marc Glöde
The exhibition is supported and co-produced by the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the Polish Institute in Berlin and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson

Derrick Guild

David Sherry

Artists include Claire Cunningham, Tony Heaton, Lea Cummings, Bekki Perriman, Shelia Hill, Jez Colborne, Richard Butchins, Katherine Araniello (plus her larger-than-life inflatable effigy).



Fringe University
University Professors Networking Event and University Students Networking Event

Pickering’s Gin
Summerhall Distillery Tour

More TBC