A Galaxy of Stars in Summerhall’s Second Week

We think that all of our shows are great! Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look at the great reviews we’ve had this week and book your tickets for this weekend.

Women’s Hour ★★★★★ Ed Festival Magazine / Three Weeks
Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti ★★★★★ Three Weeks ★★★★ The Herald / The Scotsman / TV Bomb
The Voice Thief ★★★★★ TV Bomb ★★★★ Female Arts / Fest
What I Learned from Johnny Bevan ★★★★★ Exeunt ★★★★ The Scotsman / Three Weeks / The List
Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone ★★★★★ British Theatre Guide
Poetry Can F*ck Off ★★★★★ TV Bomb ★★★★ Three Weeks
Some People Talk About Violence ★★★★★ Broadway Baby
Alchemy of the Piano ★★★★★ Edfringe Review ★★★★ Three Weeks
Current Location ★★★★★ Edfringe Review
The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy ★★★★ The Scotsman / Broadway Baby
Can I Start Again Please ★★★★ The Independent
Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) ★★★★ The Herald / Exeunt
Alien Lullabies ★★★★ The Scotsman / The Stage
The Paradise Project ★★★★ Broadway Baby
The Human Ear ★★★★ Fest / Broadway Baby
Poker Night Blues ★★★★ Edinburgh Festival Mag
My Name Is… ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven ★★★★ The List
Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners) ★★★★ Three Weeks / Fest
Ringside ★★★★ Fest
Key Change ★★★★ Female Arts / Broadway Baby
Shift/ – A Best of Spoken Word ★★★★ The Scotsman
On Track ★★★★ The List
Polyphony ★★★★ The Independent / The Herald
Titania: A Solo Cabaret ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
The Litvinenko Project ★★★★ British Theatre Guide
Happy Birthday Without You ★★★★ Time Out / Broadway Baby
Ndebele Funeral ★★★★ The Stage / British Theatre Guide
Antiwords ★★★★ The Herald / Exeunt
Light Boxes ★★★★ The Herald / Edinburgh Guide
We Are the Monsters ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide
The Animotion Show ★★★★ The Scotsman
Cinema ★★★★ The List