A plethora of reviews for Summerhall shows by Total Theatre

Total Theatre Magazine have written some fantastic reviews about many of the shows in our programme. Click on the quotes to read them in full and don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

The Voice Thief: “another theatrical triumph from the ever-excellent Catherine Wheels”

I Gave Him An Orchid: “She is in control of the space, and delivers her material with zest and panache.”

The Paradise Project: “A delight to watch and listen to”

Portraits in Motion: “A truly charming and thought-provoking show”

Project Haha: “Hysterically funny in the darkest possible way.”

We This Way: “A simple but spellbinding piece of theatre.”

Titania: A Solo Cabaret “entertaining take on Shakespeare’s comedy; full of sparkle, magic and music.”

Can I Start Again Please: “Bravo! A brave, bold, beautiful show”

The Paper Play: “visual and performance highlight moments to remember”

Going Viral: “we are engaged throughout by the power of the artists storytelling style”