Who’s your daddy? Summerhall Shows Exploring Family

You can’t choose your family but you can certainly choose a Fringe show about family. And any kind of family at that, from dysfunctional families to great families to weird families to biological families to chosen families. Whether you’re wanting an excuse to air it out with your own family or just want to see your oddball sibling dynamic reflected on stage, here are some of the shows tackling parents, kids and all the messy, great things that comes with family at Summerhall this Fringe.

Sex Education, 31 July-25 July, 19:10, Tech Cube 0

The scene is set with cucumber sandwiches, a wedding dress and… porn? Harry Clayton-Wright (of Briefs fame) grew up with a mum who refused to talk about sex and a dad who bought him gay porn. Harry explores his upbringing in a personal, hilarious and touching show about the need for communication and education. Bring your hankies. 

My Mum’s a Twat, 31 July-25 August, 17:30, Red Lecture Theatre

After a sold-out run at the Royal Court Theatre, Anoushka Warden has brought the story of losing her mum to a cult to Summerhall. Full of punk-spirit, tongue-in-cheek humour and poignancy, My Mum’s a Twat wrestles with a less-than-conventional childhood. 

Taiwan Season: Fish, 31 July-25 August, 12:00, Cairns Lecture Theatre

The story of a grandfather, a boy and a fish. Sign language meets ingenious puppetry in this brilliant BSL-signed production based on a short novel by Taiwanese author Huang Chunming. After a fish isn’t delivered quite as planned, a conflict between grandfather and boy unfolds in a sweet and subtle show for all. 

On the Other Hand We’re Happy, 31 July-24 August, 11:20, 14:15, Roundabout

A single dad meets his adopted daughter for the first time. Then he agrees to meet her birth mother. When their two worlds collide, will what they have in common outweigh their differences? A one-off meeting. But three lives will be changed forever.

Daddy Drag, 31 July-25 August, 17:45, Cairns Lecture Theatre 

Who’s your daddy? With wit, humour and a touch of facial hair, Leyla Josephine explores the archetypical dad as well as her own relationship with her dad. Winner of the Summerhall Autopsy Award, Daddy Drag deconstructs with drag the complex relationship we have with good dads, bad dads and our dads. 

Daughterhood, 31 July-25 August, 11:20, 14:15, Roundabout

It’s tough being sisters – particularly when there’s a ten year age gap between you and your dad is very, very ill. Daughterhood tells the story of Pauline and Rachel – two very different women with very different ideas about what it means to be a good daughter. 

Everything I See I Swallow, 31 July-25 August, 18:00, Demonstration Room

Using aerial rope and shibari – the Japanese art of rope bondage – Everything I See I Swallow explores the dynamics between different generations of women through a mother and daughter relationship. Freedom, strength and empowerment are tested in a visually stunning and controlled performance by Tamsin Shasha and Maisy Taylor. But where does the end of the rope lie?


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