Call for Coral!

A callout from artist Jodi Le Bigre for an upcoming exhibition at Summerhall.

For an upcoming exhibition at Summerhall, I will be looking at coral from the vantage point of my home in Scotland, and I would like to invite you to do so as well. Though they may seem far removed from our daily lives, corals exist in intimate relationships with us. As part of the exhibition, I am hoping to display corals that we have in our homes so that we can explore why we have them, what we feel about them, and what it says about our relationships with our environment.

If you are interested in taking part, I am asking you to submit any coral – or coral-related – item you have in your home, along with a short description of the item(s). Your item(s) will be displayed as part of the exhibition and then returned to you. I will also be organising a group discussion during the exhibition, either in person or online, where we can discuss these items, their histories, and the way that our stories relate to the broader history of coral.

What to submit:

  1. Carefully packed coral and/or coral-related items, or – if too precious to send – photos of your item(s).
  2. A note with the following:
    1. Your name;
    1. Number of items submitted;
    1. Description of item(s) – you might consider things like when and where you acquired the item, what it means to you, and anything else you’d like to share;
    1. Postal address;
    1. E-mail address;
    1. If you would prefer not to have your name and/or description included alongside your item(s) in the exhibition, please make this clear in your note.

Where to send it (post or hand-delivered):

Our Unfathomable Depths
c/o Visual Arts
1 Summerhall

For digital files, please send to


Send by 30th September 2021

What will happen to my item(s)?:

  1. Your item(s) will be included as part of Our Unfathomable Depths at Summerhall in November and December 2021.
  2. Each submission will be catalogued and a record kept of your details so that the item(s) can be returned to you after the exhibition.
  3. Please note: your item(s) will be treated with the utmost care by the artist and Summerhall staff, but we cannot be held responsible in case of any loss/damage.