Summerhall Management ltd – statement regarding sale of building

In light of the mountain of support towards Summerhall following the announcement midday 14 May, Chief Executive Sam Gough and Founder & Director of the building and its Management Company Robert McDowell have commented:

“The whole of the team here at Summerhall, who deliver the busy and vibrant programme of events, community projects, visual arts exhibitions, and our incredible Fringe programme, are committed to the long-term survival of the immensely important cultural work that was started here in 2011. 

The building is being sold with leases intact so over 100+ artists, small businesses and companies that work out of Summerhall will remain. Our annual programme of events and the Fringe in 2024 will not be affected.

The building has only just been put on sale and to clarify some speculation, it has not been sold. We look forward to working with the agent and any potential new owners to ensure the arts are front and centre of any decisions that may be made in the future for this now iconic arts campus.

Robert, our founder and the director of Summerhall, is fully committed to this ambitious project that he bravely started 13 years ago in the spirit of the original 1947 festival, which is to heal the wounds of conflict through the language of the arts” 

Sam Gough  – Chief Executive

“When much else in life is uncertain and filled with warring, when the healing balms of the arts are in highest demand, it is troubling for much-loved, dare I say famous, Summerhall to go through the property market wringer!  Against my personal wishes, a majority of the shareholders voted to put the premises up for sale.

My hope is that we come through this intact and able to continue as before, perhaps even better? We proved ourselves a valuable part of what makes Edinburgh a great city and fully international. We are honoured that there is so much love and support, let us hope for the best”

Robert McDowell – Founder & Director