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After confirming your booking with a Summerhall event manager please use this form to submit information to the Box Office about your event. All asterisk boxes need to be filled out in full and must be in line with your contracted terms. If any details are omitted it may delay the event from going live or on sale on the Summerhall website. Please contact your events manager to finalise any details.

After this form has been submitted please allow up to two days for the event to be uploaded to the Summerhall website and for tickets to go on sale. You will receive the event weblink from your events manager when it is live. If you have any further amendments to make please contact your event manager at Summerhall.

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  • Upload images that you have the copyright to or usage rights to. By uploading this image you are granting Summerhall Limited the rights to use this image to promote your event across all media.