The Edinburgh Science Festival returns 26th June – 11th July 2021 with the theme of Science Connects Us.

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Make a connection with Edinburgh Science Festival this summer. From 26 June–11 July we’ll embark on an exploration of the ways that science and technology weave us together, with events, exhibitions and happenings across Edinburgh and online in your home.

During this Edinburgh Science Festival, Summerhall will be hosting art exhibitions, artist talks and interactive events for all ages.

What’s on…

  • Syncrasy

    Exhibitions programme

    This series of exhibitions examines the known characteristics of life within our physical world; playing with scale to capture the fleeting lifespan of living cells, the unacknowledged microbes within the food system and the infinite forces of our environment.

  • We Began as Part of the Body


    From 26th June. Immerse yourself in a series of artworks that reflect complex human and ethical questions about our relationship between the body, science and technology.

  • Oscillations


    From 26th June. Inspired by science and the interrelatedness of the physical world, this immersive installation reflects Victoria Evans' interest in the way distant or invisible phenomena can have a tangible effect on our day-to-day lives.

  • E-NUMBERS V2.0


    From 26th June. Probing the habitats of the ‘un-natural‘, Sneha Solanki presents a new and expanding rendition of the 'E-Number’ food additive system.

  • Oscillations: Victoria Evans

    Artist Talk

    Hear about the artistic and scientific inspirations behind Victoria Evans’ audio-visual gallery installation, Oscillations, and find out how you can take part in an audience generated online version.

  • E-NUMBERS v2.0: Sneha Solanki

    Artist Talk

    Focusing on the emerging changes taking shape in our food landscape, join artist Sneha Solanki for a talk on her E-Numbers V2.0 project, a new classification for food additives created by a novel variety of micro-organisms.

  • We Began...: Beverley Hood

    Artist Talk

    In this recorded conversation event, hear how Beverley Hood created the We began as part of the body artwork in response to dermatologist Prof Sara Brown’s research laboratory, using microscopy, 3D modelling, speech synthesis, and immersive technologies.

  • Marking Time: #Tidesong

    Interactive app launch

    Experience the sound of the ebb and flow of the tides in harmony with the Earth, the Moon and the Sun in this collective coastal art event, Tidesong - new interactive app designed to be accessed at the coast. Join us for the UK-wide launch.

  • Elemental

    Interactive Exhibition

    Discover and interact with the elements on this magical, multi-sensory journey through an intriguing, immersive digital world where magic meets alchemy and alchemy meets science.