30 Days to Edinburgh

30 Days to Edinburgh

Bootworks Theatre
Sun 26 Aug 2012
19.30 (60 mins)
_ Price: £8.00 / £6.00
_ Age Group: 12+
_ Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

A Spaceman, a Cowboy and a Disco-Dancer are going on a journey; a journey undertaken in the spirit of discovery. There’s a gig that they’ve got to get to and they’re the performers. The gig’s nearly 500 miles away and they’ve only their feet to get them there.

These three friends will travel from their home in Chichester to Edinburgh and, upon their arrival, share the results of their journey; a show busked together on the road, or in tents, along the way.  

To track their journey (and get involved) visit the installation in Summerhall. 

This will be 30 Days to Edinburgh.