Being An Artist

Being An Artist

Being An Artist
Mon 09 Jun 2014
19.00 (21.00)
"“The coaching put being an artist into perspective and was a gentle nudge in the right direction – I’ve recommended it.” “The being an artist programme helped to give me the confidence to produce the artwork that I really want to create.”"
_ Price: £200.00 for whole course
_ Age Group: 18+
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Choosing the life of an artist is probably the most important decision you will make. Making that decision anchors much of what will follow.

The company you keep, the work you make, the peers you find and the salient conversations on the way are all shaped by this decision.

Are you ready to make or have you already made the decision to put art at the centre of your life? What is the treasure you seek and have found?

This eight session programme sets out to support your decision to realise your ambition of being an artist, using both peer and one to one coaching as the fulcrum for bringing this into reality.

Under the facilitation of Alexander Mackenzie, a life-long professional storyteller and artist, you will be guided through a series of tools to help you discover and sustain your claim to being an artist.

The backbone of the course explores three questions:

  • Who am I as an artist?
  • How do I enact this calling?
  • What do I do next?

Choosing the life of an artist is a deeply personal undertaking. It may not add up financially, or really make sense to those around you and self-doubt can become a constant companion. Yet for all that, you have been moved, inspired or ready to leap and you are wondering, what happens if I fall? What happens if I succeed? What do I do if I don’t know what to do?

Coaching Artist is a coaching service dedicated to supporting artists in the life choice to being an artist. It has been created to help those stepping into that choice, as well as for more seasoned artists wanting to revisit that choice in the safety and confidence of an experienced coach and artist.

This eight week programme is based on asking the three most important questions facing an artist seeking to make art the most important thing: Who am I as an artist? How do I enact this calling? What do I do next?