Billy Fog

Sat 14 Oct 2017
17:00 (1 hour)

Language: Polish. This venue is not wheelchair-user accessible
_ Price: £5
_ Age Group: 10+
_ Venue: Cairns Lecture Theatre

They call him Billy Fog. He’s fond of solitude, night, rain and melancholy. He loves doing rotten tricks to his little sister Jane and drown ants in chocolate saliva. He isn’t naughty, he “simply has character”. And he has one gift – the gift of trouble sight. He once had a cat named Tarzan. The cat was Billy’s best friend. One day Billy found Tarzan stiff in the garden. What happens to cat’s soul after death? And above all – what is death? And do we all have to go there?

A shadow theatre performance for everyone who is or used to be 10 years old, maybe lost their cat, hamster or parrot, would like to outsmart death and close it in a hermetic jar. Based on Guillaume Bianco’s comic book “Billy Fog”.

Language: Polish

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