Braw Gigs & Summerhall present: C. Joynes & Stephanie Hladowski

Tue 25 Jun 2013
20:00 (3 hours 30 mins)
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_ Price: £6.00
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Stephanie Hladowski & C. Joynes

The duo of singer Stephanie Hladowski and guitarist C Joynes was formed in 2011. Following a collaborative Late Junction Session broadcast on BBC Radio 3 they recorded their debut album ‘The Wild Wild Berry’ (Bo’Weavil Recordings). Drawn directly from source materials, this stark and unconventional album presented a series of traditional English songs and tunes arranged from field recordings selected from the archive at Cecil Sharp House.

Stephanie Hladowski has previously contributed to recordings by acts such as A Hawk And A Hacksaw, The Family Elan, and free-folk ensemble Scatter, as well as numerous vocals for dub label Inspirational Sound. Under her own name, she released a solo e.p ‘The High High Nest’ (Singing Knives Records) in 2008.

C Joynes has released 5 albums to date, issued by the likes of BO’ WEAVIL, THE GREAT POP SUPPLEMENT and IMMUNE, as well as various singles, and compilation tracks through labels including Rough Trade and Tompkins Square. He has recorded live broadcast sessions for Andy Kershaw and Late Junction on BBC Radio 3.

Both performers have played extensively across the UK and Europe, sharing bills with performers including: Shirley Collins, Alasdair Roberts, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Jack Rose, Josephine Foster, James Blackshaw, Sir Richard Bishop and Steffan Basho-Junghans.

“The best and certainly the most refreshing new recording of English traditional songs you’ll hear this year, as far away from the mass of safe and glossy production-line albums being made by the class of 2012 as you can get.” – IAN ANDERSON, EDITOR, fROOTS MAGAZINE

“In young hands as capable as these, English folk has little danger of dying on the vine” ROB YOUNG, UNCUT MAGAZINE (8/10)

Wounded Knee

Leith’s very own shamanic soothsayer will be performing his very own brand of homebrewed yarns sometimes with a loop pedal, a t’wa stringed guitar or even a carry out bag full of numbered balls (aka. Baw bagging). Building bridges between the traditional and outer realms of the music fringe, Drew Wright has been entertaining audiences with natural ease for some time now. Always different but strangely familiar, Wounded Knee performances are an Edinburgh institution.

Neil Davidson
A new and almost melodic direction from the Glasgow based guitarist, also of Asparagus Piss Raindrop and With Lumps – which toys with an intimate romantic aesthetic. But the aim is to break the romantic form totally; fragment it, turn it back on itself, repeat its parts mechanically and deny the form its fulfilment in resolution. In such a form the improvising gesture becomes more like an act of repair rather than invention, tracing the same shapes but with very different results.