Braw Gigs & Summerhall Present: Mika Vainio

Braw Gigs & Summerhall Present: Mika Vainio

Sun 02 Jun 2013
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_ Venue: Main Hall

Mika Vainio

Mika Vainio was one-half of the legendary Pan Sonic, whose caustic industrial textures and veering from minimalist to maximalist were hammered through some kind of mutant transmogrifier to produce something often beautiful, often terrifying, but always with a profound impact on the listener. He’s also produced a great raft of releases in his solo guise as Ø, leaning more towards achingly minimal techno and setting further benchmarks in production and aesthetics. Over the years, Vainio has collaborated with Merzbow, Sunn O))), Alan Vega, Barry Adamson, John Duncan and countless others, many arguing that the recent PAN release of his collaboration with Kevin Drumm, Axel Dorner and Lucio Capece, and his recent work for Touch and Editions Mego are amongst the very best of his releases to date.

Terence Sharpe

Terence Sharpe is an Irish sound artist and composer living in Edinburgh, Scotland where he is currently completing an MSc in Digital Composition and Performance. Owing to a background in art history, his work is interested in exploring aesthetics traditionally associated with visual culture through sound. His sound work is concerned with physicality and presence, affect and sensation, and presents these ideas through harsh, reduced noise that interchanges with moments of restrained minimalism. He is currently working on his first album as well as installation work.