Can Philosophy Free Ideas? Annual EPIC International Workshop

Can Philosophy Free Ideas? Annual EPIC International Workshop

EPIC International
Fri 03 Jun 2016   -  Sat 04 Jun 2016
09:00 - 18:00 (9 hours)
_ Price: Tickets to each session sold separately, £55 each + booking fee.
_ Group Price: £27.50 + booking fee if you book 5 tickets or more
_ Age Group: 18+
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

This annual 2-day workshop by EPIC International, a group of profound practical philosophers, will challenge your brains. It might free some thoughts you never knew you had. No lectures, but stimulating workshops by one of the EPIC International consultants, using different stimuli and different methods of thinking philosophically together. We use art, games, films to get you thinking, crack your brain, compare and weigh ideas, crush old ideas, and create new ideas.

EPIC speciality is the use of ‘CoPI’, a Scottish invention! ‘CoPI’ means ‘Community of Philosophical Inquiry’. The method does what the name says. It creates a community (have you ever felt connected to a person who has completely different ideas than yours?), and is a true inquiry of fundamental, philosophical problems. No debates nor discussions but thinking together with other people with other ideas, and even other ways of thinking, are needed and appreciated.

Participants must buy tickets to each session separately. For the total experience of the rich variety of twelve workshops register for the full Two-day Workshop by buying 4 tickets for £220 + ticket fee – variable. There is also the option of One-day – buy 2 tickets £110 . For a Half-day, buy 1 ticket for £55.

Participants registering for full two days (4 tickets) will receive a signed copy of Transforming Thinking by Catherine C. McCall, the book that describes the creation and nature of CoPI

Open to anyone who likes to think, doesn’t like to think but feels a little itch about that, wants to improve thinking, is a loner but wants to explore thinking together with other people seriously, wants to explore their own mind, and … free ideas.

To book tickets for

  • the two-day workshop click on all 4 sessions
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  • a half-day click on the name of a session that you would like to attend

Can Philosophy Free Ideas? EPIC International two-day workshop

Friday morning 3 June: Generating Ideas                           

Session 1: Philosophical Introductions

Session 2: Signs and Symbols

Session 3: A Taste of CoPI 

Friday afternoon 3 June: Ideas in Action 

Session 4: The Four Table Experiment

Session 5: Philosophy in Prisons: Critical Thinking and Community of Inquiry

Session 6 A Taste of CoPI 

Saturday morning 4 June: Examining Ideas 

Session 7: Connections

Session 8: Fallacies Workshop

Session 9: A Taste of CoPI 

Saturday afternoon 4 June: The Power of Ideas 

Session 10: Who am I?

Session 11: Fruitful Oppositions a way to move using Philographics

Session 12: A Taste of CoPI 

Two-day (4 tickets) £220, One-day (2 tickets) £110, Half day (1 ticket) £55

Check out the full programme here: EPIC International Workshop Programme