Chris Fremantle’s The Caledonian Everyday seminar series

Chris Fremantle’s The Caledonian Everyday seminar series

Chris Fremantle
Sun 12 Apr 2015   -  Sat 16 May 2015
14:00 - 15:30 (1.5hours)

_ Price: Free - please email to reserve
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

The series which unfolds in four parts is a discursive element of the Sylva Caledonia exhibition, which is part of Edinburgh International Science Festival’s exhibition series How the Light Gets In, co-curated with Summerhall and ASCUS.

Seminar 1, 2-3:30pm, Sunday 12th April: Discussion with Paul Tabbush, Chair of the Landscape Research Group and the Sylva Caledonia artists and poets;- Tim Collins, Reiko Goto, Gerry Loose and Morven Gregor, discussing key questions imagining the future of forests in Scotland.​

Seminar 2, 2-3:30 pm, Saturday 9th May: Discussion with artists;- Amy Cutler, Beth Carruthers, Murdo Macdonald and Scott Donaldson. For more information please see: ecoartscotland

Seminar 3, 2-3:30pm, Saturday 16th May: Discussion with foresters

Key questions: Who knows what about the ancient woodlands of Scotland? Management of forests is no longer restricted to issues of extraction vs biodiversity. Who decides how and what to manage? Who benefits? Who speaks for the forest and other living things? What can the arts and humanities contribute to well-being of the non-human? The iconic and of the everyday: where is the Caledonian forest embodied in the central belt? Can a deeper ecological community and its aesthetic experience be nurtured within a city?

How can the arts and cultural institutions of Scotland enrich our relationship with ancient woodlands and forests? We know that the arts and humanities can create connections. What are the examples of practices making these connections?

Sylva Caledonia is open daily 11am-6pm, till 22nd May, 2015. It includes Tim Collins, Chris Fremantle, Reiko Goto, Morven Gregor, Gerry Loose and Sara Ocklind.

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