E-NUMBERS v2.0: Sneha Solanki Artist Talk

E-NUMBERS v2.0: Sneha Solanki Artist Talk

Sat 26 Jun 2021
14:30 - 15:30 (1h)
E-Numbers V2.0

_ Price: Free (ticketed)
_ Venue: Online Event

Presented by Summerhall and ASCUS Art and Science

Focusing on the emerging changes taking shape in our food landscape, join artist Sneha Solanki for a talk on her E-Numbers V2.0 project, a new classification for food additives created by a novel variety of micro-organisms that have been intentionally altered, created or re-programmed to produce flavours, aromas, colours, preservatives and nutrition as food additives.

Currently showing at Summerhall Galleries, the E-NUMBERS v2.0 exhibition draws together microorganisms, additives made by the microorganisms and reference information with a new classification format in the form of a ‘micro food library’. The library is also an open resource to borrow, deposit and reference from.