Edinburgh International Fashion Festival: Symposium

Sun 21 Jul 2013
11:00 (8 hours)
_ Price: £30.00
_ Venue: The Dissection Room

A day of talks taking on subjects ranging from the origin of the creative idea, Diana Vreeland, personal journeys and professional revelations, sustainable fashion and Scandinavian fashion all framed by the Fashion Festival’s two themes for this year; ‘Fashion as Performance’ and ‘Storytelling’.

Morning session, co-curated by Thames & Hudson 10am-1pm

11am: Amanda Mackenzie Stuart (Author, biographer to Diana Vreeland)

12noon: Dorothea Gundtoft (Stylist and author of ‘FashionScandinavia’) in conversation with EIFF Creative Director, Jonathan Freemantle and Lauren Dyer Amazeen (CCA Chair, writer at ArtForum)

1pm: Sandy Black (Professor, author of The Sustainable Fashion Handbook)

Afternoon session, co-curated by Hall London Ltd 2pm – 6.30pm

3pm: Georgina Goodman (Footwear designer)

4pm: Bella Freud (Fashion designer and film maker)

5pm: Amanda Harlech (Creative Consultant, author and artist)

6:00pm: ‘Fashion as Performance’ and ‘Storytelling’: Moderated panel discussion led by journalist, Jackie McGlone including some of the above speakers with David Lindsay (Net a Porter, Farfetch) and Paula Goldstein (Digital director of Purple.fr and founder of Voyagedetudes.com)

Tickets available on the EIFF website, click here.