Colette Sadler / Stammer Productions
Sat 09 May 2015   -  Sun 10 May 2015
19:30pm-20:30pm (1 hour)
_ Price: £8 / £6
_ Age Group: Suitable for 14 years and over
_ Venue: Main Hall

Geist – a new production by choreographer Colette Sadler.

The performance takes place in an installative environment, and is played out by five dancers, moving amongst towering, monolithic structures of light and images, inspired by iconic and devotional paintings found in churches. The performance, inspired by the theme of animism – the belief that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical worlds and that the spirit exists in all creatures and phenomena – takes the form of a contemporary ritual, articulating and subverting the relationship between the realms of living and dead, physicality and consciousness. The printed wall panels, depicting figurative imagery from religious oil paintings and contemporary photo journalism, act as a historical representation of animated bodies – these are juxtaposed against the real time and space of the dancers’ live action. Flickering between the imagined and real the performers shift in and out of control in the construction and pursuit of being.

GEIST began as dialogue between choreographer Colette Sadler and German set designer Philine Rinnert. The artists integrated different media in search of a performance concept fusing installation and dance that could function within both theatre and exhibition space contexts.

The original soundscore is by American musician and composer Brendan Dougherty.