Homage to Catalonia: Uncertain Glory + Opening Party

Homage to Catalonia: Uncertain Glory + Opening Party

Thu 28 Sep 2017
20:00 (2h)
"Agustí Villaronga is one of the Spanish directors with most potential around at the moment (..:) Villaronga accentuates the more melodramatic, course and tumultuous side of the original book in this film adaptation, which incorporates some of the themes most dear to the director: violence, the loss of innocence, corruption, evil, power and its mechanisms."
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_ Price: £8 / £7
_ Age Group: 15+
_ Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

A film that examines the intensity of human passion against the backdrop of war.

Uncertain Glory by Agusti Villaronga brings the Catalan point of view on Spanish civil war. A story of betrayal and violence set against the backdrop of war, with two men and two women, the collateral victims of their turbulent time

Based on the novel of Joan Sales, it was the first Catalan novel to depict the Spanish civil war from the defeated, republican side. Viewers will have the chance to experience a very well-known piece of history from a less well-known point of view, making this film a fascinating experience for all.

The film will be preceded by an opening cocktail @Summerhall Cafe with Estrella Damm beers, gastronomic samples, live music by The Manolettes and a typical CASTELLERS show (human tower show).

The film and its original novel will be contextualised with an introduction by Professor Sergi Mainer from University of Edinburgh.

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