I Hate The Indifferent

I Hate The Indifferent

Michele Ciacciofera
Sun 07 Dec 2014   -  Sun 22 Mar 2015
11:00 - 18:00
_ Price: Free
_ Venue: Lower Hope Park Church Gallery

Michele Ciacciofera (1969-, Sardinia) for many years studied human impact on the landscapes and human portraits to find their typus. His works have existential themes, with central or appended political and social questions employing a complex, intensely symbolic, visual language.

He uses different means of expression: painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.
“In my attempt to break the wall of indifference, I try to use something that touches
the spectator via an intimate relationship with materials, to create an image…”

The artist creates adventurous explorations suited to particular places and times, and
in this spirit, admiring the long history of Edinburgh’s Richard Demarco and the life’s work of Joseph Beuys, so often anchored in Edinburgh along a narrative path that connects ideas of epic and utopia across all of history, can be seen in this exhibition
at Summerhall.

This is the artist’s first show in the UK.​