Invokation of Lady MacBeth – Workshop

Invokation of Lady MacBeth – Workshop

Black Sun Drum Korps
Tue 26 Nov 2013
19.00 - 22.15 (3.25 hours)
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_ Price: £6/£5
_ Age Group: 18+
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Sex, Magick, and Blood.

Drum Major Russell MacEwan offers two participatory workshops in cut-up technique and industrial percussion ahead of ‘Invokation of Lady Macbeth’ at Summerhall.

Cut-Up Technique is a literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. It is classed as an aleatory technique. Aleatoricism is the incorporation
of chance into the process of creation.

No previous experience is required.