Karmic Intensive (2 days)

Karmic Intensive (2 days)

Vortex Healing
Sun 11 Dec 2016

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_ Price: £130
_ Venue: Summerhall Yoga Studio

VortexHealing offers two distinct paths: a path for learning to do deep healings on the body and psyche, and an awakening path. The healing path has various levels of trainings, outlined below, and the awakening path has its own progression of levels as well. These 2 paths are not entirely separate, though, as both paths start with the same Core Group of healing classes, which prepare the student’s energy system and consciousness both for receiving deeper healing tools and for spiritual awakening.

In addition, the deeper healing tools require a certain freedom within the student’s energy system and consciousness in order to be given, and that freedom requires a certain degree of spiritual awakening. So, our most advanced healing classes are found within the post-awakening healing thread, and they will have prerequisites from within the awakening thread.

The classes are organized into 5 levels of pre-awakening classes and 2 ‘threads’ of post-awakening classes. At each of the pre-awakening levels, the first class listed (in the overview below) is the ‘anchor’ class for that level, and it is the sole pre-requisite for moving either to the next level or to other classes within that level.

The one exception is that at the second level, an Intensive (either a Karmic Intensive or an Earthshift Intensive) is also required to move to the next level. These 5 ‘anchor’ classes plus the Intensive form the Core Group of classes needed to enter the first awakening class, which is the doorway to the post-awakening threads of classes.