Legs 11

Legs 11

Tom Marshman
Sun 19 Aug 2012   -  Sun 26 Aug 2012
17.30 (1 hour)
"Winner of the first Embrace Arts disabled artist’s commission for Hatch, 2011"
"A lively, funny, engaging piece of theatre"
Bristol Culture
"Brilliant. Very funny, joyful, touching and inspiring"
Audience at a BAC scratch performance of Legs11
_ Price: £10.00 / £8.00
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Tom Marshman is mingling with fashionistas….but will his winning smile pull him through?

Like most men, Tom has an ambiguous relationship to his legs. So imagine his surprise when he was shortlisted to the Pretty Polly competition looking for the best legs in the country.

Tom has suffered from varicose veins for a number of years, causing discomfort, embarrassment, and a particular awareness of his legs. A newly found confidence encouraged Tom to delve into a world of celebrity, stockings, photoshoots, beauty pageants and gender misadventures.

In this intimate performance, Tom conveys a brave story of misfits and transformation, hospital visits and rejuvenation.

Over 700 people entered the Pretty Polly competition and using a lot of persuasion and a little bit of luck, Tom have got through to the final 11, and came 6th, which is no mean feat for a boy with varicose veins!

The show is a solo performance navigating through various autobiographical stories and songs, Tom uncovers a fragile and moving part of his personality and makes us reflect on the place of body image in our lives.