Mini Zoomers (Under 5s)

Mini Zoomers (Under 5s)

Wednesdays & Fridays
10:30 - 11:30 (1 hour)

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Advanced booking only.
_ Price: £5.50 (1 child & grown up) / 2 sessions for £9 / Siblings under 6 months go free / 10% sibling discount
_ Group Price: Discount also available for full term booking
_ Age Group: Under 5 years
_ Venue: The Zoom Club

Sensory Play and Action Art adventures for under 5’s and their grown ups. Every Wednesday and Friday we explore a new theme with a relaxed, free-play approach and child-led facilitation. Don’t dress to impress as things may get messy! Chill-out corner also provided.

March 14th & 16th – Wriggly Worms!

It’s our surprisingly messy spaghetti worms and creepy critters adventure. Perfect for developing fine motor pinching and picking skills!

March 21st & 23rd – Rainbow Iceberg Ahead!

Explore how colours change when mixed together and practice hammering, chipping and melting through our mini icebergs

March 28th & 30th – Stormy weather and Crazy Clouds

Catch a cloud and create a storm using sound and textures as we look at how wind and air works

April 2nd & 6th – Easter special: Dino Dig!

Super special session exploring fossils and footprints as we become punk paleontologists checking out real animal bones in our sandy dino dig.

April 11th & 13th – Super Massive Black Hole!

Dare to dip a toe into deep space in our sensory dark tent and visit other planets in our solar system as we become astronauts for the week!