“Mediterraneo: Live Tarantella and Flamenco, Stomping Rhythms from the South

Sat 01 Dec 2012
8pm till 1am
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_ Price: £5

Summerhall and The Badwills present Mediterraneo: a night of live music, dance, and entrancing stories woven in through the rhythms of tarantella and flamenco. With 15 musicians taking the stage, dance workshops and live visuals, the event promises to fuel your most remote dancing instincts.

Mediterraneo is the stomping of feet on a wooden floor. The clapping of hands and jingling of tambourines. Voices that sing of love and hate, hope and despair, joy and sorrow. Let the spirit of the tarantula bite. Let the tambourine dance you into and out of madness.

Pellizco Flamenco open the night to bring you right to the doorstep of Andalucia, Spain, with The Badwills following performing a furious and fascinating show of tarantella, pizzica and tammuriata from the southern corners of Italy.

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