NEHH & Braw Gigs present… Visible Cloaks + NOL

Thu 05 Oct 2017
20:00 - 23:00
Visible Cloaks

"Visible Cloaks specialize in blurring boundaries, as they collapse organic sounds into precisely machined new shapes"
8.7 - Pitchfork
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_ Price: £10
_ Age Group: 16+
_ Venue: Main Hall

Portland, Oregon-based duo of Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile are the open-source musical entity known as Visible Cloaks, whose debut album Reassemblage beams to the world via RVNG in February 2017.

Reassamblage finds Doran and Carlile incorporating an international array of virtual instruments to advance the idea of pan-globalism through digital simulation, with tones and colours cohering into a living, breathing pool of sensorial experience. With the “Fourth World” leanings of 80s Japanese ambient and pop (as explored by Spencer on his radiant ‘Fairlights, Mallets, and Bamboo‘ mixes) a crucial touchstone amidst a breadth of worldly musical influences, Visible Cloaks filter and form source material to become young again. Often the duo strip tonal elements of their specificity or randomize melodies so they become stirring and lucid. Essential patterns emerge, conscious experience heightens. In these moments, the musical language of Reassemblage finds unlimited resonance and presents a path to uninhabited realities.

Live, this becomes an inviting and immersive multi-sensual feast, with the pitch-perfect visual aesthetic of digital and installation artist Brenna Murphy (also responsible for the Reassamblage artwork and accompanying videos) extending the album’s exploration of global headspace into a visual, visceral reality.

Support will come from the strangely beguiling gibber glitch sound of Edinburgh’s NOL, with hints of trap & pointillist footwork production techniques along with analog synthscapes and time bending polyrhythmic abstractions.