Neu! Reekie!

Neu! Reekie!

Fri 26 Oct 2012
19:00 (22:15)
_ Price: £7
_ Venue: Main Hall

Neu! Reekie! is a mighty mixed medley of avant-garde animation, spoken word and music. After nearly two years tingling toes and ruffling feather Neu! Reekie! are now seen to be a key piece of Scotland’s cultural puzzle.

Brought to you by Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson, October offers one of their brightest line-ups to date.

John Hegley – the People’s Poet Laureate.

Douglas Dunn – one of the the pillars of Scottish Literature.

James Yorkston – hailed by John Peel as ‘the greatest songwriter of his generation’.

Craig Lithgow – a precocious home talent.

Plus a picnic of Halloween themed animations and our Raffle of the Absurd.

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