Neu! Reekie! Remain In Light #3

Neu! Reekie! Remain In Light #3

Fri 12 Apr 2019
18:30 - 22:30 (4h)
neu reekie
"Scotland's favourite avant-garde noisemakers...Neu! Reekie! dismantle the structures and snobberies dividing high and low art - art is for everyone"
The Skinny
"A wonderful world of cross-cultural verve"
The List
"A triumph"
Sunday Times
Standing only. Please contact venue with any access requirements.
_ Price: £12 / £10 (early bird)
_ Age Group: 16+ (under 18s accompanied)
_ Venue: The Dissection Room

REMAIN IN LIGHT #3 is the third in the new season of shows from Neu! Reekie! with:

  • WOODLEIGH RESEARCH FACILITY (ft Andrew Weatherall)
  • DENISE JOHNSON (A Certain Ratio / Primal Scream)
  • MORE TBC – including poets, dance and beyond

– plus Michael Pedersen & Kevin Williamson

REMAIN IN LIGHT is a new monthly showcase of experimental / avante-garde/ dissident / outward looking culture featuring an eclectic shapeshifting mix of poetry, music, spoken word, performance art, dance, visual art, science, film, animation & activism.

REMAIN IN LIGHT will be unashamedly internationalist & pro-European in outlook, inspired by the best in contemporary European culture.

The mysterious Woodleigh Research Facility can be found tucked away in a bunker in Tooting named Facility 4. There are no white coats to be seen but instead, a fully equipped recording studio, a plethora of musical instruments and a Podenco dog called Binky. Manned by producer, DJ and artist Andrew Weatherall and musician & producer Nina Walsh, together they collaborate and create soundtracks to film & poetry (amongst other things). It is also the headquarters of their contemporary folk label Moine Dubh.

Irvine Welsh has been involved in dance music for most of his life. As a DJ & promoter and of course the films of his novels (Trainspotting/Ecstacy etc) are peppered with iconic tunes and references to the drug fuelled, loved up glory of the 90’s rave scene. Who better then to take on co-writing a TV drama series charting the rise of electronic music since the late 80’s – his latest project. His most recent gigs were with legendary producer Arthur Baker & Paranoid London’s Quinn Whalley at Return to New York/The Ace Hotel, London and for DJ Magazine at Miami’s Winter Music Conference; which is no bad start for a relaunch of his music career. His penchant is for house, disco and for getting the dancefloor jumpin’ so where better to host him than on our eclectic roster of dance music legends and literary heroes.

Throughout the ’90s, Denise Johnson’s soulful vocals were featured on records by a who’s who of Madchester bands, so much so that her singing became an essential element of the genre’s sound. (from The Guardian):’ A new voice in Manchester in the late 1980s, Denise Johnson quickly became recognisable across many indie and dance tracks. This came after a brief but impressive apprenticeship: asked to sing lead for a group supporting US funk band Maze, she played Wembley only weeks after starting out. She sings gloriously on Primal Screams Dont Fight It Feel It from their 1991 classic Screamadelica, and on several tracks from their 1994 follow-up, Give Up But Dont Give Out. Also a regular performer with Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumners Electronic, she still tours today with Manchester post-punk legends A Certain Ratio. This show arrives as Denise releases her debut single: Im Not in Love an acoustic, vocal heartfelt version of a classic.’