#nofilter: Urine trouble!

Tue 09 Apr 2019
14:00 & 18:00 (3h)

Seated workshop. This venue is accessible by 29 steps.
_ Price: £15
_ Age Group: 12+
_ Venue: ASCUS Lab

How does the kidney filter our blood and what is needed for normal kidney function? What role do salts, sugars and other nutrients found on our blood play as they travel through the kidney, and what is actually going on when the filtering of the blood goes wrong and things that should stay in our body don’t!? Come along to ASCUS Lab to chat to local researchers from the University of Edinburgh about kidney health and the different disease states and get hands on with interactive experiments that show how responsive this complex filtration system is and how our urine helps us to build a picture of what’s going on inside! Chat about how factors such as diet, lifestyle and age can have an effect on the kidney’s function and try out some ‘real science’ for yourself as you get hands-on using colourful stains to make your own kidney slides!