Paper Preserve

Fri 20 Oct 2017
15:00 (1 Hour)

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_ Price: £3.78
_ Age Group: 5+
_ Venue: Upper Hope Park Church Gallery

Artist-led workshop by illustrator KATARZYNA BOGUCKA
Language: Polish and English
In Poland gardening and making preserve from seasonal products have become fashionable again. We fill jars with the most delicious tastes of summer, which make winter days more pleasant. Avid gardeners fill dozens of jars with goodies. In order not to get confused, it is good to mark the jars with hand-made labels.
At the workshops, every child will design labels for the most delicious set of preserve of their choice. Using coloured paper, scissors and imagination, we will make our own versions of treats hidden in jars.

Child ticket holders can only enter the festival with the parent/guardian who is then responsible for them throughout the event.
Parent/guardian don’t need a separate ticket for any of the workshops.