Paths of the Soul (PG) – film screening

Paths of the Soul (PG) – film screening

Sun 13 Oct 2019
17:00 - 18:45
"The views of Tibet are spectacular; you get the impression of traveling through an ancient world"
New York Times
Unreserved seating. Please contact venue with any access requirements.
_ Price: £7 / £5
_ Age Group: PG (under 18s accompanied)
_ Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

There’s never been a road movie quite like Paths of the Soul, an extraordinary chronicle of ordinary Tibetans undertaking a 1,200-mile pilgrimage to Lhasa. Much more than simply a marathon trek this act of Buddhist devotion requires participants to prostrate themselves every few yards while trucks and cars zoom past. Filmed in simple documentary fashion and performed with immaculate conviction by a non-professional cast this is a hypnotic journey into humanity and faith.

Cast Tsring Chodron, Tsewang Dolkar, Jiangcuo Seba

Director Zhang Yang I 115 mins I 2017 I China

(Tibetan dialogue with English subtitles)


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