Will Pickvance
Wed 11 Dec 2013   -  Sun 22 Dec 2013
20.00 - 21.00 (1 hour )
"Very funny, this man is the Will Pickvance of his generation"
Dylan Moran
"Brilliant pianist, charming host"
"A lot of fun, underpinned by a serious talent"
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_ Price: £10.00 / £7.00
_ Age Group: PG
_ Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Is pantomime like Marmite?

Would you risk seeing how it might be made palatable, perhaps even entertaining?

Z-listed celebrities with smutty innuendos and trashy pop covers have left pantomime in tatters. Pianist and entertainer Will Pickvance sets up the pantomime recovery centre and presents his manifesto for lifting the art form out of the doldrums.

With piano outbursts, songs, tantrums and original animations by Tim Vincent-Smith, ‘Pianomime’ is the long overdue antidote to today’s pantomime.