Skin Music: A music installation by Lauren Sarah Hayes

Skin Music: A music installation by Lauren Sarah Hayes

Mon 05 Nov 2012   -  Sat 24 Nov 2012
11.00 till 18:00
_ Price: Free, non ticketed
_ Age Group: Universal
_ Venue: Deans Office

Music can touch us by arousing the emotions or triggering a memory. Skin Music is a new work that explores how music also touches us physically, through vibrations in the air, which our ears perceive as sound, but which are felt, often unconsciously, by the entire body.

A chaise longue sits inviting in the middle of a room. Someone first sits on it; then lies down – music starts and the experience becomes all encompassing as the chair itself starts to vibrate and part of the performance is transmitted through the listener’s body directly from the wooden struts of the chair.

Lauren Sarah Hayes creates new musical instruments (often to allow people withsensory impairments to experience music in different non-auditory ways) and creates novel experiences for those lucky enough to experience her installations and performances.

From 5th November until 24th November in the Deans Office one such installation will be open for all to experience for themself.